500W portable outdoor power LiFePO4 Battery(Black)

Model: GRD-500W
AC output: 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz(pure wave)
AC continuous output power: 500W
OEM: Optional colors and customized brands
Bluetooth connection
FM radio
Audio playback
PD port
USB ports
DC ports
universal ports
The searchlight
11Color:black, red, yellow



Shenzhen Geerady New Energy Co., Ltd(Referred to: Geerady ) is a high-tech enterprise, focus on new energy storage, energy conversion and energy management system research and development, design, production and sales. As a professional green new energy system leading integrated supplier, Geerady committed to providing customers with safe and reliable integrated system products, such as lithium-ion battery energy storage systems, energy storage and conversion systems.Geerady cooperation with the well-known universities through the formation of a strong R & D team, led by one of the company’s founder, electrochemical expert PhD. Tan Zuxian,and a number of doctors and masters in this fields, having more than 2 years experience in lithium ion battery materials, battery technology, battery management system and energy control technology, and in charge of the national major projects. At present through independent R&D, Geerady already got the proprietary technology and patents, in the field of lithium ion battery module, energy storage system, energy storage and transformation management system , applied for 15 patents, leading technology in the same industry domestically.

Geerady passed the ISO9001:ISO14000 environmental management system certification, and Geerady products passed the IEC, UN38.3, RoHS, CE, UL and other certification.Geerady products are mainly used in solar lighting energy storage, home energy storage, power plant distributed energy storage, communication backup power and other new energy applications, and also widely used in the electric bicycle/scooter,electric motorcycle,electric low speed vehicles, and etc.Geerady adhering to the business philosophy of “technology to promote social progress, and harmony for full happiness”, and taking “Geerady forward, integrity first” as code of conduct, people-oriented and technology formost, striving to become the leading innovative new green energy enterprise.

Q1: Does Geerady support door to door shipping? drop ship ?

A1: Yes. Normally if battery unit weight is below 30kg, we can delivery it to the destination address via Air Express. If battery unit weight is above 30kg, we delivery it via sea shipping. If you want to us to help you to make custom clearance, we would like to do that. We support drop ship.

Q2.: Can we do series and parallel connection by ourselves?

A2.: Yes, the battery support max. 10 units parallel connection. But, we should pay attention to below tips:

a.: Connect the same spec. battery pack. Please don’t mix them.

b.: The voltage difference of the connection batteries should be 50mV below.

c.: Please don’t do series and parallel connection at the same time.

d. If we don’t obey the tips, It may cause battery damaged or shorten the battery lifespan.

Q3.: How can I resell lithium batteries well in my market ?

A3.: Do market research, set your focus application field,learn more knowledge about lithium battery. build your own brand. We can work together with you to explode the market.

Q4.: Why Geerady guys ask me so many questions? I just want to know the price !!

A4.: Sorry for annoying you. But the discharge current, voltage etc. Information is very important for us to produce the correct battery for you. If we produce the battery which can not achieve the real application discharge current, size etc. That will put both of us in a very embarrassing and lose-lose condition. We also have price list, but it is only for your reference. We should confirm the discharge current etc. Information before we produce your orders.

Q5. Does Geerady battery include BMS? Can we use it for vehicle?

A5: Yes, our battery pack include BMS, you can use it for low speed vehicles.And make sure the discharge current can meet the application request (please refer to Q4) . If you want to use standard vehicle, please inform us, we need to adopt more complex design BMS and different technology solution.

Q6. What is your warranty?

A6: Our standard warranty is 2 years. Our battery lifespan can be used for at least 8 years for normal 1 cycles per day. We have a complete warranty policy documents, please feel free to contact us to get it.


Your inquiries or questions are welcome, we will reply you quickly !


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