Zhuhai Guanyu Jiji 4 billion yuan to build an annual 10GWH charging lithium battery project

Zhuhai Guanyu Jiji 4 billion yuan to build an annual 10GWH charging lithium battery project

In November 18, Zhuhai Guanyu (688772) throw a 4 billion yuan to build a year of 10GWH lithium ion power lithium battery project plan. According to reports, with the continuous expansion of the company’s operating scale and the increasing market demand, in order to better grasp the market opportunities of the power lithium battery, further enhance the company’s market competitiveness, enhance the company’s influence and comprehensive competition in the new energy industry. Force, the company wholly-owned subsidiary Zhejiang Guanyu plans to build a new lithium-ion power lithium battery project in Haiyan County, Jiaxian County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province (planned 10GWH lithium-ion power lithium battery), total investment is not more than 4 billion Yuan (where the fixed asset investment is about 35 billion yuan), the source of funds is self-contained or self-discipline.

The estimated construction period is 36 months (2022 – 2025). According to the announcement, Zhejiang Guanyu has signed the Project Investment Agreement on the Management Committee of the Haiyan County People’s Government on November 18th, and the Hailbu Economic Development Zone Administration; the investment matters are not related to related transactions and major asset restructuring matters..

“This investment is in line with the company’s development strategy, which is conducive to expanding the company’s dynamic lithium battery business, enhancing the company’s influence and comprehensive competitiveness in the new energy industry, and has a positive impact on the company’s future development.. This investment is expected to start construction in 2022, and there is no significant impact on the company’s financial situation.

. “Zhuhai Guanyu said. Prospective disclosure, Zhuhai Guanyu Important products are polymer soft bag lithium-ion batteries, which can be divided into consumer lithium-ion batteries and dynamic lithium ion batteries according to the downstream application.

The company’s consumer lithium-ion battery products include cells and packs, applications cover laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart wear equipment, consumer drones, etc.. Company power-based lithium-ion battery products include cells, modules and packs, important applications in automotive start-stop systems and electric motorcycles.

From the perspective of business structure, 2018 to 2020, the proportion of the sales revenue of the company’s consumption lithium-ion battery is 99.78%, 99.85%, 99.

84%, respectively.. In the same period, the company’s dynamic lithium-ion battery was in the development and trial production stage, has not yet formed a large number of mass production, accounting for 0.

22%, 0.15%, 0.16%, respectively, the ratio of the main business income, respectively.

. Moreover, the company’s powerful lithium battery business is important by wholly-owned subsidiary crown dynamic lithium batteries. Since the establishment of the Guanyu Power Lithium Battery 2019, 2019 and 2020 net profit are -8846 million yuan and -12628.

58 yuan.. In this regard, Zhuhai Guanyu explained that the power lithium battery industry is a heavy asset, the capital-intensive technology manufacturing industry, the early assets and research and development investment demand are large, but the transformation of R & D results and the market development have a big uncertainty.

. In addition, the powerful lithium battery industry is fierce, if the company cannot obtain competitive advantage through product performance, technical strength, etc., will lead to the risk of continuing loss of the company’s future motivational lithium battery business.

. According to the reporter, Zhuhai Guanyu landed in Bochuo, on October 15 this year, has just been a month. This company IPO raised 3.

249 billion yuan, intended to invest in Zhuhai polymer lithium-ion battery production base construction project, Chongqing lithium-ion battery cell package production line project, R & D center upgrade construction project, etc.. Talking about the future development strategy, Zhuhai Guanyu said in the prospectus that in the field of lithium-ion battery applications, the number of demand continues to grow, the company adheres to the development of existing main business, based on the consumer battery field, keeping notebooks The industry’s leading position, further improve the market share of mobile phone, and expand other applications in other applications, such as drone batteries, intelligent wearable equipment, etc.

. “In the power lithium battery market, from the current automobile start-stop battery, electric motorcycle battery and other business gradually extend to the pure electric vehicle battery and the energy storage battery, continuous expand the company’s dynamic lithium battery business scale, improve market competitiveness, and strive to make The company has a new level in five years..

Zhuhai Guanyu said. .

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