Zhuhai Guanyu Banguo IPO will fund more than 3.2 billion main voter charging lithium battery project

Zhuhai Guanyu Banguo IPO will fund more than 3.2 billion main voter charging lithium battery project

On the evening of June 17, the Shui Dynasty announced the results of the discussion of the Sub-Chuangban Committee, and the consumer lithium-ion battery company Zhuhai Guanyu Battery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Zhuhai Guanyu) first passed.

The Boardo Board IPO, Zhuhai Guanzi quit fundraising approximately 3.249 billion yuan, used to build a Zhuhai polymer lithium-ion battery production base construction project (2090 million yuan), Chongqing lithium-ion battery cell package production line project (402 million yuan ), R & D center upgrade construction project (407 million yuan) and supplementary liquidity (350 million yuan). Disclosure.

In the first quarter of this year, Zhuhai Guanyu achieved RMB 2.273 billion, an increase of 124.77% year-on-year; the net profit of return is 255.

5 million yuan, an increase of 759.28% year-on-year..

The company expects that the revenue of RMB 5.235 billion in the first half of this year is 86.63% -94.

15% year-on-year; the return of return is 524 million yuan to 565 million yuan, up 106.32% -122.49% year-on-year.

. The author noted that in terms of production, Zhuhai Guanyu has risen 125.30%, 159.

86% and 125.1% compared with the same period last year..

In order to accelerate the production construction, January 27 this year, the company’s soft bag polymer lithium-ion battery intelligent manufacturing project is based on the foundation. It is understood that Zhuhai Guanyu soft bag polymer lithium ion battery intelligent manufacturing project is expected to invest about 3.35 billion yuan, plan two joint construction.

According to the plan, after all put into production, it is expected that the production of lithium-ion battery production is 2.2 million / month, and the buckle lithium ion battery output is 5 million / month, and PACK production is 10 million / month..

In terms of consumer lithium-ion battery investment planning arrangements, Zhuhai Guanyu said that consumer lithium-ion batteries is the primary direction of the company’s future development. In recent years, market concentration has increased year by year, showing the trend of “strong persons”, including the company The minority head lithium-ion battery manufacturer, in the industry, occupies an important market share. In the future, the company will seize the market share while using its own advantages, further increase capital investment and enhance production to meet market demand.

. In terms of powerful lithium-ion battery investment planning arrangement, Zhuhai Guanyu said that the powerful lithium ion battery production is one of the company’s important strategic development directions. At present, customers have important Haojue, Cummins, and China Auto, important products for automobile start-stop systems Battery and electric motorcycle batteries, the overall yield yield is small, still in the starting stage.

A few days ago, Zhuhai Guanyu said when he replied in inquiries. In the continuous expansion of lithium-ion battery applications, the number of demand continues to increase, the company adheres to the development of existing main business, based on consumer battery, keep laptop battery The industry leadership, further improve the market share of mobile phone, and expand other applications in other applications, such as drone batteries, intelligent wearable equipment, etc..

In the power lithium battery market, from the current automotive start-stop battery, electric motorcycle battery and other business gradually extend to the pure electric vehicle battery and the energy storage battery, continuously expand the company’s powerful lithium battery business scale, improve market competitiveness, and strive to make the company Make a new level in five years. .

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