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Zhongwei Shares EtOAc EtOAc EtOAc EtOAc

Fin Federation (Chengdu, Reporter Xiong Jian Nan Internship reporter Xiao Yazhen), benefiting from the rapid development of new energy vehicles, Zhongwei Shares (300919.sz) want to re-expand the industrial chain, upstream and foreign companies, 417 million US dollars to add code layout Indonesia Red Soil nickel mine smelting industry; downstream and Korean companies reach strategic cooperation, layout lithium-ion battery recycling industry. Takawa Yingfu positive material expert Ji Zewei said to Fin Federation, “as the industry’s three-yuan front drive leader, follow-up precursor materials development to high nickel, especially important for nickel resources.

And layout nickel mine, lithium-ion battery will be conducive to its control of raw materials. “It is reported that high ice nickel is the manufacture of high-purity sulfate raw materials, high purity sulfate is an indispensable core material for three-yuan precursor..

According to the statistics of my country’s Nonferrous Metal Industry Association, domestic ternary precursors increased from 79,000 metal tons in 2018, up to 129,000 metal tons in 2020, up 28%. Ji Zewei further analyzed: “From a new energy vehicle power lithium-ion battery from the downstream end, the phosphate has a dominant position in a short period of time, but the three-dimensional lithium ion battery is not large, and it has high energy Performance advantages, future costs inevitably take low-cobalt high-nickel batteries, follow-up of some of the high-end / commercial models, the demand for high nickel ternary batteries will increase. At the same time, the three-dimensional ion battery recycling is high, and the current lithium-electric recycling industry is recycling for three-dimensional lithium ion battery.

. “The reporter noticed that in April this year, Zhongwei Shares have passed the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Zhongwei Hong Kong new energy investment of $ 243 million, and reached a joint venture agreement with RigquezainternationalPte.LTD to establish Indonesian new energy, and developed red soil nickel.

Metallurgic refining year high ice nickel-containing nickel metal 30,000 tons of project, and Zhongwei Hong Kong new energy held 70% of the joint venture company. At the same time, the company will adjust the output of the original first phase of the project to 20,000 tons..

At November 10, the company announced again that the total investment increased to $ 660 million, and the original project output was increased from 30,000 tons to 60,000 tons.. It is also worth noting that as a partner’s RigQueza and its related parties have more than 530,000 hectares of Nickel mine resources in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

. For other related issues related to the company’s capital increasing nickel and layout lithium-electric recovery, Fin Federation, reporters have issued an interview letter to the company, but as of the paper, I have not received the company’s response..

However, Ji Zewei explained to the reporter that “domestic cobalt and nickel resources are mainly imported, cooperate with foreign nickel mines, so that the raw materials can be controlled by themselves, and relatively stable. “It is worth mentioning that Indonesia is one of the most abundant countries in the nickel mine in the world, accounting for more than 10% of the nickel mine stores in the world..

Under the influence of Indonesian Nickel Mine Resources overlay its nickel ore export ban, many companies in China invest in nickel industries in the Indonesian layout, including the front lithium industry (002460.SZ), Yip Lithium (300014.SZ), Greenmeli ( 002340.

SZ), Qingshan Industrial, Huayou Cobalt Industry (603799.sh), etc..

Among them, Huayou International Cobalt Industry, China Huaxiao International Cobalt Industry and Yixi Lithium can wholly-owned subsidiaries, Yipa Asia, Yongrui, Glaucous and Lindo jointly jointly established Huayin Nickel Cobalt, the total investment of project construction is approximately 2080 million Dollar, yield is about 120,000 tons of nickel metal. According to the market trend of three-yuan precursor materials in the fourth quarter, Ji Zewei said that “the three-yuan precursor price is expected to maintain a stable trend. At present, the market supply and demand is stable, and this year’s demand is not strong due to lithium phosphate, demand is not strong.

. And the price of nickel sulfate in the upstream raw material should still be in a high oscillation state..


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