Zhengye Technology once again bidding CATL 1.38 billion order

Zhengye Technology once again bidding CATL 1.38 billion order

Recently, Zhengye Technology announced that CATL sent an order to the company to send an order to the company by sending an email design, and the company’s winning CATL equipment has not taxed by 138 million yuan.. “This time the bid is the lithium-e-x-light testing equipment, which is important to detect the power lithium-ion battery,” “Zhengye Technology-related personnel disclosed.

He also revealed that this order of about 138 million yuan is expected to be digestion in the first half of next year, it will positively impact on the company’s performance in 2021.. At the same time disclosure, January 2020, the company and CATL and its holding subsidiaries (Jiangsu Times New Energy Technology Co.

, Ltd., German New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

, Times FAW Power Lithium Battery Co., Ltd.) purchase order The tax amount is approximately 242 million yuan, accounting for 23.

17% of the company’s recent period.. “This 242 million yuan includes an order for about 138 million yuan just signed.

. However, in addition to the order of the new sign, more than 100 million orders before signing is basically digested in 2020, “said the person in charge of the above. Cooperation of Zhengye Technology and Power Lithium Battery Faucet CATL is inverse.

Data show that the three years from 2017 to 2019, the company’s sales amount to CATL and its holding subsidiaries is only 26.548 million yuan, 25.491 million yuan, 36.

59 million yuan, and the entire 2020, the company is digested from CATL The amount of orders will exceed 100 million yuan, the increase is obvious. “Now, whether it is foreign or domestic, lithium-head companies have more powerful to this equipment..

But I feel that this is only a stable stage. In the next two or three years, the situation should be a big better. “The person in charge said that the hard requirements of the dynamic lithium battery detection becomes more strict, the importance of the detection link is more prominent.

The equipment of this winning bid is important to prevent short circuits in the lithium-ion battery, which have very important significance for the security of lithium-ion batteries.. CATL 2019 year report showed that the company’s sales revenue of the power lithium battery system was 38.

884 billion yuan, up 57.38% from the previous year..

In 2019, the company’s output was gradually released, and sales of 40.25GWh were achieved, up 90% from the previous year..

Enterprise technology is important for PCB, lithium electricity, tablet display and other industries supply intelligent testing, automated production lines and intelligent manufacturing solutions and other products and services.. In the lithium-industry, Zhengye Technology is in the middle of the industrial chain, and it is important to supply X-ray non-destructive testing equipment to lithium-ion battery manufacturers to improve the safety of batteries.

. According to regular technology, the company and CATL, BYD batteries, billion latitude, Funeng Group, Great Wall, etc. have maintained stable cooperation.

According to the survey, Zhengye Technology Lithium X-ray testing equipment has more than 70% in the domestic market share.. In 2019, the revenue of orthodox technology lithium-electricity testing automation is 155 million yuan, accounting for about 14.

82% of total revenue.. In the same period, the gross profit margin of this product was 32.

34%, second only to the company’s PCB detection automation product.

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