Zhengtai hand in hand Spanish company to open a graphene battery

Zhengtai hand in hand Spanish company to open a graphene battery

The application of graphene is triggeting a material revolution. The battery made of graphene material is not only greatly improved than the lithium ion battery, and the weight and volume are also greatly reduced, and the charging time is greatly shortened..

If you use it on TSLA electric car, life is expected to extend from more than 1,400 kilometers more than 400 kilometers …

this dream is becoming a reality. The weight is reduced by 80%, the volume is reduced by 67%, charging is only a few minutes, the energy density is greatly improved, the capacity is 4 times the lithium-ion battery, and the charging is only a few minutes..

Recently, Zhengtai Group and the world-renowned graphene company-Spain Grabt held graphene technology applications (my country) announcement in Hangzhou, Grabt’s chairman Martin said, Grabt’s graphene material, has been applied, no one Machine, battery, coating, fiber, motorcycle, motorboat, cement and other fields. According to Martin, the capacity of the stone-chipbon battery is 4 times that of the lithium-ion battery, the weight is reduced by 80%, and the volume decreases by 67%. The charging time is shortened from the past few hours to a few minutes, and because of the adoption of memory effect technology, use Life is also longer than lithium-ion battery.

“If the use of our graphene battery, TSLA’s battery life is expected to extend from the current 442 km to 1128 km.. Martin said.

Graphie is a two-dimensional crystal material having only one layer of atom thick, as a new storage battery material, with unique advantages and huge potential in supercapacitors, lithium ion batteries, and solar cells.. The layout graphene field Zhengtai improved the electricity industry chain this year, Zhengtai Group funded 18 million euros (about 126 million yuan) acquired Grabat10% equity, formal and grabat to become partners.

. “Zhengtai is a well-known company and photovoltaic new energy leader, which has been formed, lost, changed, equipped with electricity industry, which has been formed..

“Zhengtai Group Chairman Nanyue said. The energy storage battery technology is a key technique that breaks through the large-scale development and utilization of new energy, and is also an important part of the smart grid..

The graphene battery solves this problem.. The energy storage battery technology is applied to the power system, and the backbone line can be reduced, increasing power generation efficiency and maintaining the stability of the grid.

. In the consumption side, the roof photovoltaic power generation, plus energy storage, will realize the micro-network self-operation in the sending electricity, many families can do their own self-sufficiency. Zhengtai Group’s next energy storage product development plan, including household energy storage, commercial energy storage and large energy storage.

In fact, the Zhengtai is in the field of graphene.. In 2014, Zhengtai captured the application business opportunities in graphene in time, acquired Shanghai New Pool Energy, and established a joint laboratory in Shanghai’s micro-system in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, developed downstream applications with leading graphene powder materials.

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