Zhejiang 28-year-old beauty school domain scientific research results: energy density increases for three or four times the charging lithium battery

Zhejiang 28-year-old beauty school domain scientific research results: energy density increases for three or four times the charging lithium battery

On March 16, Zhejiang University official WeChat public number issued a document, the research results of Lu Yingying team of the school’s returned female researcher can make smartphones for three or four days without charging. From Zhejiang University, Lu Yingying graduated from the Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering College, Zhejiang University, graduated from Zhejiang University Chemical Engineering and Biological Engineering College. June 2014 won a doctoral degree in Cornelluniversity; Cornell University and Stanforduniversity (Stanforduniversity) are engaged in postdoctoral research in energy materials.

. After the “Youth” was selected in 2015, he was full of work in Zhejiang University in August 2015. He is now a special researcher in Zhejiang University.

. Her research direction in foreign countries includes: multi-function ionic liquid; inorganic organic nanostructure hybrid; lithium-ion battery and other energy chemical materials; lithium ion battery safety problem; high energy high power energy storage device. Its representative papers are important to “NatureMare”, “Journalization”, “Application Chemistry” (Application Chemistry “(Application Chemistry” (Application Chemistry “, etc.

. In 2015, Lu Yingying returned to Zhejiang University from the United States..

On February 11, 2015, the Net publiced ​​the eleventh batch of “” list of young talents, including 41 “85”, and Lu Yingying, who was born on June 30, 1988, is the youngest one. Position. Why did you choose to return to China after completing your studies? Lu Yingying said: “The reason is very simple, because I am a Chinese, I do researching in China is a good thing.

. Only come back, there is no other. Born here, grow here, here is my home, my root.

A country is strong and unsatistic, can you walk forward, everyone must do our own. What I can do for the country is to come back to do a good job in research, let our country have developed in the new energy field..

“The relevant departments of Zhejiang University revealed that after returning to China, Lu Yingying has been scientifically researching scientific research in Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University, leading 14 teams to lead the energy chemical materials such as lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion battery safety issues, high energy high power Energy storage device, etc.. At present, the team has studied the energy density of three or four times the metal lithium-ion battery.

The technology in this battery laboratory stage has matured, and the scale industrialization should have one according to time. At present, they are doing this effort..

This means that the smartphone to be charged now in use, if you use the batteries they develop, you can use three to four days.. At the same time, the charging speed of the battery will be several times faster than now.

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