Zhaoxin Shares focused on the charging lithium battery industry chain integration

Zhaoxin Shares focused on the charging lithium battery industry chain integration

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, there has been a significant increase in lithium salt products and downstream lithium-ion battery products in the past two years. It is a way to seize the development opportunities in the industry, on the basis of the original new energy solar photovoltaic power generation, to lithium Ion battery industry chain penetration, currently its new energy business includes new energy solar photovoltaic power generation, lithium salt products deep processing, salt lake lithium, energy storage and new energy automobile charging station and other services. Since the new energy industry is sensitive to policies, it is also effective to avoid a certain production link on the new energy industry chain due to policy changes, and the company’s performance fluctuation risk.

It is worth noting that Jigsin Shares said that the company acquired 80% of Shanghai Zhongzhong 80% in Shanghai, which has received the shareholders’ meeting. At present, the transaction transfer procedures are being handled. October 2017, the new shares were charged in Shanghai at 12.

5 billion cash. Shanghai Lithium 20% stake, after the completion of the equity acquisition, Shanghai Zhongqi will officially formally concurrently concluded. Lithium in Shanghai focuses on battery-grade carbonate, lithium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, and lithium hydroxide, and Tianqi lithium industry (002466, shares), front lithium industry (002460, shares) together is a national standard of lithium phosphate The paragraph, 2018-2019, the net profit is 60 million, 93.

75 million respectively.. Zhaoxin Shares acquired a lithium-electric material company in Qinghai Jintai (16.

7%) in 2017, and joint venture with the lithium industry in Zhou Feng (51%). The former has a mining exploration property of the total amount of 473km Sea Salt Lake in Qinghai. It is the main for centrifugal extraction method to refine the lithium chloride solution.

Production and sales of primary carbonate, have the technical and production power of salt lake lithium; latter positioning 7,000 tons Battery-grade carbonate production line and 10,000 tons of water-free lithium lithium production line, the product will be sold by 100% of the front. Qinghai Jintai, Zhaofang Lithium and Shanghai Zhongzhong is a lithium-ion battery industry chain upstream relationship, which can play a good industrial synergy, and Zhaixin Shares have realized industrial chains that are deeply processed by lithium electric materials..

Zhehang Securities pointed out that Zhaoxin Shares were buckled in the layout ring loop in the field of lithium-electric materials. The company’s current new energy business focused on lithium-electricity top retest. According to the agreement, Qinghai Jintai and Shanghai Zhongzheng 2018-2019 Commitment performance is 150 million, 250 million (2020 billion) and 0.

6 billion, 194 million. In addition, as a strategic investment, Zhaixin Shares also enjoy subsequent priority acquisition rights to Jintai potash, follow-up to continue M & A. In the industrial chain downstream, Zhaixin Shares also made a full layout, and the subsidiary Beijing Baili expands the sales of zinc bromic cell modules and systems, which is committed to become “light storage charges” in energy storage.

Service supplier; Zhaixin shares through the participation company Zhaofeng new energy, involved in new energy automobile charging station business, Zhaofeng new can focus on investment and operation of new energy automobile charging facilities, gradually forming intelligent micro-grid system, building core business , Technical and service leading charging facilities network system. Since it is not possible to reach a consistent, Zhaixin Shares recently ended the issuance of Yancheng Xingchuang and Hengchuang Rui can engage in new energy electric vehicle power lithium battery recycling, but it began to lower the lower reaches of lithium-ion batteries Integrated planning is very obvious. Mega, this acquisition will not affect the normal operation of the company.

In the future business, the company will combine the company’s development needs, and actively expand the company’s business layout, improve the company’s integration. Competitiveness. .

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