Zhao Baoxing: Power Lithium Battery Development To “awards and punishment”

Zhao Baoxing: Power Lithium Battery Development To

On July 25, Zhao Baoxing, deputy general manager of Qi Shen Power Lithium Battery System Co., Ltd., believes: “From the market pattern, the power lithium battery industry still presents a clear head effect, strong strong Scenario.

Although the policy subsidy has a certain slope, the country has still not changed the maintenance of the entire industry, and the battery industry is still in the early Yangchao stage.. “Zhao Baoxing believes that due to policies, due to policies, the power lithium battery is transferred to certain fields, such as passenger cars, etc.

, such as passenger vehicles, etc., the power lithium battery, which is mounted from the three-dimensional ion battery, etc., the lithium iron phosphate, etc.

; Battery manufacturers put forward higher requirements. This shift trend is presented from the first half of 2019, and it will be more obvious after 2020 or in 2021..

For the future development of the power lithium battery, Zhao Baoxing believes that the after-sales service to improve the new energy car is a top priority, to strengthen the timeliness of maintenance, and pay attention to consumer’s popularization education. “There are some troubles in the development of the power lithium battery industry. For example, the state stipulates that the A car factory must match the B vendor’s battery.

This state does not seem to change, which will affect the user’s experience.. “Zhao Baoxing believes that the power lithium battery market should be further open.

Zhao Baoxing believes that the development of the dynamic lithium battery industry should “award and punishment”: “From last year to this year, there have been a lot of new energy vehicles’ safety hazard events.. We found that the safety penalty of new energy vehicles is not very specific, and the strength is not very large, and the future related policies will be introduced.

. “The future of power lithium batteries, Zhao Baoxing believes that the prospects can be period:” After the policy is stable, the new round of investment boom will come again..

The development of intelligent manufacturing and smart production lines will bring more safe and consistent products.. “.

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