Yulong Shares 300 million layout new three-dimensional graphene charging lithium battery emerge

Yulong Shares 300 million layout new three-dimensional graphene charging lithium battery emerge

Recently, Yulong Shares announced the “Notice for Ning Xia Hanshi Shuehan Induction Material Technology Co., Ltd.”, the announcement shows that the company will add RMB 300 million to Ningxia Hanshi Methanylene Industrial Technology Co.

, Ltd.. This time, this time, capital increases, is important to speed up the development of new business, driving production and release of production lines in Ningxia Hanqi Lithium-ion battery graphene three-yuan positive material and conductive slurry project.

. There is no longer, according to graphene information, Zhejiang Ethylene Nam Technology Co., Ltd.

has a total investment of 160 million yuan of graphene lithium-ion batteries three-yuan positive material construction project construction project, which covers an area of ​​40 acres, with an overall construction area of ​​30,000 square meters.. After the completion of the project, the production capacity of the annual output of 6000t / a graphene lithium-ion battery is produced.

. He Shikang, the head of the project, said that the battery positive material is the core technology of pure electric vehicle batteries..

At the end of March this year, according to Yinchuan Daily, it was located in Baoshu Road and Hong Tu South Street in Western District, Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone. Production workshop of three yuan positive material. It is reported that the graphene energy industrialization project in Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone, plans to invest 8.

5 billion yuan, implement 50,000 tons of graphene modified three-yuan materials and 10,000 tons of graphene conductive paste projects, etc. 5 After the project, after the project is completed, the basic industrial chain of graphene energy storage materials can be formed in Yinchuan City, and the annual output value is 15 billion yuan..

On the market, the graphene battery suddenly started hot, and major manufacturers also focus on developing graphene as new technologies.. So what is the graphite battery? The graphene battery is a new battery, which develops a new battery, using lithium ions, and the characteristics of lithium ions travel a large number of moving in the graphene surface and electrodes.

. In fact, whether it is about new energy cars or energy storage, battery technology plays a vital role, the battery industry has developed from the original lead-acid battery all the way to today’s lithium-ion battery, after the traditional lithium ion battery is later Cobalt lithium ion battery, until now battery high nickelization. The development of battery technology has promoted the product iteration of various terminals.

. The Papers of the National Nano Science Center and the Advanced Materials Laboratory of Materials Science and Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, “Glosene material for lithium ion batteries” paper , Excellent performance and various potential applications are hot spots in the current material science field. Glosene nanomaterials are a very attractive lithium-ion battery electrode material, especially for high energy density and high power density batteries.

. Nowadays, the national policy leads to high energy densities, graphene materials are undoubtedly a good choice..

Not long ago, the US MIT has successfully developed the flexible photovoltaic battery board with graphene nanometer layer with graphene, which can greatly reduce the cost of manufacturing transparent deformable solar cells. This battery is likely to be in the night vision, camera Application in equidistant digital devices. In addition, the successful development of the graphene super battery also solves the problem of the capacity of new energy vehicle batteries and long charging time, and has accelerated the development of new energy battery industries.

. This series of research results have a road in the application of graphene in the new energy battery industry..

The discovery of new materials, one of the entire powered lithium battery market, and some opposition is also partially opposed in major manufacturers and investors.. OakridgenationAllaborative and Vorbeck (famous graphite industrial manufacturers) have disclosed graphene research results, they believe that as nanomaterial graphene, the repetitability of work is often very poor, the technology and practical goals are very serious This phenomenon has been widely used in some people in the scientific research industry, as well as the disease of the industry.

. At the same time, due to the complexity of cost and process, some scholars believe that the graphene battery may only exist in the laboratory, the popularity of commercialization is still more difficult.

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