Yixin Feng: Push the mold cutting automation process to help the dynamic lithium battery company ‘high quality

Yixin Feng: Push the mold cutting automation process to help the dynamic lithium battery company 'high quality

The demand for power lithium battery market is improved, and the demand for related equipment is also high, and the lithium battery industry has become a blue sea.. At the time of the emergence of new energy vehicles, the price decline, the subsidy resurgence causes the power lithium battery company “high quality and drop” to become increasingly highlighted.

After long-term practice, equipment innovation is an effective way to “improve the problem” in power lithium batteries, which is not only reflected in production efficiency, but also reflects equipment automation, intelligent production, and production line.. When it comes to innovation, as the Guangdong Yixin Feng Intelligent Equipment Co.

, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yixin Feng”), the Chairman of the Chairman of the Technical Personnel. He said that the company has insisted on technological innovation from the beginning of its establishment.

Guide, and this guide is 9 years. Yixin Feng (stock code: 839073) was established in 2009, is committed to intelligent equipment R & D, production, sales, service as one. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the independent research and development and innovation, the technical level and product quality is in the domestic leading level, and a number of products have received relevant patents and certification certificates, and has obtained the national high-tech company, Guangdong Engineering Research Center and other qualifications.

title. “Core Technology + Professional After-sales” to create a lithium-ion battery package equipment leadership brand under the big background of power lithium battery intelligence manufacturing, the innovation of lithium battery is different, and it is experiencing a new round of upgrading..

From the description of the die-cutting link, the laser die cutter has become the mainstream trend of battery production applications.. Including CATL, BYD, Guoxuan Haoke, Zhongtian Technology, etc.

. From the perspective of safety production, the die cutting machine is a key process in the power battery production..

In the die cut and laminated process, the burrs and dusts can easily cause the battery to short the battery, so the control of the polar burr dust is particularly important, and the equipment is strive for the equipment.. With the multi-year technological precipitation in the mold cutting area, Yixinfeng completed cut from the first wooden cutter mold to the hardware mold, and then the change in laser cutting.

“Yixinfeng hardware molds can be very good to control burrs, dust, etc., and the efficiency of dreading is high, the mainstream of technology in recent years, is also adopted by domestic mainstream battery manufacturers..

And laser cutting, the company has been technically a huge breakthrough, has been mature on the market.. “Wu Songyan revealed that the model cut product performance of Yixinfeng research is better than the shoulder, but the price only accounts for one third.

. J350D-B high-speed hardware molding machine (continuous coating process) J500D-Al laser production machine (multi-pole) – Volume to the volume, the company’s main product J500D-A multi-pointer hardware mold, J350D-B continuous Coating hard mold, J350D-C clearance coated hardware mold, J500D-Al laser production machine (multi-pole ear), D300F-AD-single high-speed laminated machine, D300F-C molding machine, J705F-A High-speed segmentation machine, etc..

Thanks to the leading technical advantages and professional service levels, more than 200 sets of shipments in 2017, customers include CATL, Guo Can, Micro-Hong, Guangyu, Li, Yan, Peng Hui, Fos Special mainstream battery company. Yixinfeng can get the trust and praise of domestic first-class customers. In addition to the product’s own technical advantages, it is also beneficial to Yixin Feng’s quality customer service.

. “The company is divided into pre-sales service, sales service, after-sales service at customer service level. “Wu Songyan bluntly, pre-sales will target the customer’s supply method and the standardization and customization of the production line, the sales will send professional technicians to operate training in the customer, after the sale, if we have problems, we can reach the site for three hours.

“Constantly entering + based in innovation” to create an efficient, smart lithium-e-equipment as a deep tillage in the field of die-cutting machines, currently has a group of professional and technical talents, 10% of R & D investment exceeding the domestic company, more than 30 people, have Get a number of patents. Not only that, but the company has a deep understandable in the field of laminating equipment with your own understanding of the battery process..

“From the perspective of lamination and winding process, the winding and technology of the winding are more advantageous, but the future market is definitely dominated by laminates.. “Why choose a laminated device area, Wu Songyan’s motivation, aiming at the future market of laminated equipment, Yixinfeng has launched a mold cut laminated machine.

Mode-cut laminated machine (D300F-C) It is understood that Yixin Feng’s self-developed mold cutting machine can realize the finish and negative tabs first, and will be positive. The negative electrode monolithic sheet and the diaphragm perform “Z” shaped laminated, for the pole-side glue, and then transferred to the next process by the blanket manipulator..

In terms of performance, the double upper volume is satisfied, the maximum diameter of the coil can reach 600mm and automatic change, using a patented servo mount mechanism, the fastest speed can reach 60 m / min, pull material accuracy ± 0.2mm. At the same time, the integrated device uses a patented scissors-cutting mechanism, no powder, whisper (≤12 μ, calculated by a polar edge).

Another device can be adjusted by servo drive according to the size of the sized cutter position, and improve the width accuracy of the pole sheet.. Have the communication function of the MES system, to achieve the binding of the pole material and equipment, easy MES system management.

Finally, Wu Songkai said that in the industry, the biggest feelings are too fast, “It is the one-person model of manual operation. Now it is now fully automated connection, in the MES system Under the intervention, under the full-scale information tracking, the intelligentization of the future lithium battery industry will be more perfect..

“(Yixin Feng CIBF Exhibition Booth No. 6T017).

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