Yinlong New Energy: To find lithium titanate in the most suitable application scenario

Yinlong New Energy: To find lithium titanate in the most suitable application scenario

The best time is just starting.. The development of renewable energy industry is an important pillar of promoting energy green development.

2017 is a rapid development of my country’s renewable energy development and a year of rapid advancement of global energy reform.. Data show that by the end of 2017, my country’s hydropower installed has reached 340 million kilowatts.

The wind power loader reached 164 million kilowatts, and the photovoltaic power generation reached 130 million kilowatts, and the renewable energy power generation accounted for 26% of all power generation.. It can be seen that my country’s renewable energy power generation has achieved long-term development.

The energy storage and renewable energy is better than a pair of “twin brothers”, then the energy storage is the industry, some analyzes, 10% -15% of the power industry. In 2050, the renewable energy reaches 80%, how does not accommodate this goal? If the renewable energy is uncontrollable energy, how does 80% implement? The industry believes that the market price mechanism is the key to the development of energy storage, then what policies, reflect the value of grid stability. Chen Haisheng, deputy director of the Institute of Engineering, Institute of Engineering, Institute of Engineering, Department of Technology, believes that “Chen Haisheng, the Director of the Minister of Industry and Technology,” believes that “the development of the institutional mechanism is confident, and the development of the energy storage technology itself must be confident.

“. “Yes, any company does not have confidence in the industry, how do you do it? Today, this company to everyone – Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd.

(hereinafter referred to as” Yinlong New Energy “) Can market cultivation for ten years, in this decade, what happened to Yinlong new energy? How does energy storage technology develop? The energy storage technology is from the US Olyton Yinlong’s new energy, which has been reserves the international market.. Yinlong’s new energy storage technology is derived from the US Ot.

(hereinafter referred to as “Ot.”), Olykit Tit Tit Tit Tit Tit Titan is on the energy storage, in December 2007, Otit Tititan has sold two Taiwan 1MW frequency adjustment system, officially put into commercial operation in 2009, successfully verified the potential to apply battery technology to grid; 2013-2016 O’奥 先 自 自 自 能 能 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 向 向 向 向 向 向Lithium titanate ion battery energy storage system, a total of 4 mW / 1MWH, during this period, Destas deliver 1MW / 250KWH titanate FM system, and put into operation in 2014; in the same year, it sold to TSK Set 2MW / 397KWH energy storage system, in 2015. It is not difficult to find that the above exemplary items, the scale is not very large, all of the single set of system 1 MW to 2 MW.

The ability to exhibit Olytitanium and Yinlong’s new energy through these items. At the same time, it also ushered in many challenges: First, how to make the energy storage system economy; secondly, the system of titanium titanium titanate is 20-25 years, the earliest distance is now 9 years, How to prove that the customer really has such a long life? Therefore, the project also develops analog platform software from the relevant experience of design to delivery, the thermal management system, and the superior technical strength of hot management in thermal management. Titanium The safety, life, reliability and comprehensive performance of satellite energy storage system play a crucial purpose.

. According to the Northern Polar Power Network, in order to achieve the best temperature state, the 24V / 70AH module has a thermal heat sheet between the two cells, in order to further improve heat dissipation performance, 36V module reduces the 48V module The number of electrical cores has also added a thickness of the internal thermal conductive aluminum sheet to improve the thermal conductivity..

“About the international market, we have been separated from the international market for a while, but we have been reserves, with the delivery of the project, Yinlong New Energy has completed the acquisition of US Ot. from 2010-2012, this year has been 100% complete Holding US Olykito, now Yinlong’s new energy puts important energy on electric cars, and the profit rises very fast..

At the same time, we return to the international energy storage market.. “Senior Sales Director Li Wei said.

ALTI-ESS container energy storage system improves operational efficiency to reduce carbon emissions on the past storage international summit and exhibition 2018, Yinlong new energy is ready, carrying the Alti-ESS container energy storage system heavy attack. Advanced energy storage technology is gratitude and promoting grid reforms, making the grid more efficiently respond to changes in power generation, electricity and policies. According to the Arctic Star Power Network, the Alti-ESS container energy storage system is cleaner, more energy efficient, running efficient, power grid stability management system, is a versatile, intelligent, power-scalable energy management platform.

. Based on the advanced titanate technology, Alti-ESS is fluctuated by the power grid, in millisecond frequency fluctuations, thereby improving the utilization of equipment and yield, increasing operational efficiency, and reduces carbon emissions..

It is understood that Alti-ESS has more than 8 years of commercial operation FM related experience in the United States. After the installation is complete, the test is tested at the end of the first year and the second year, the battery performance is verified that the battery performance is in line with the expected life of more than 25 years..

Although other lithium-ion battery technology in the market may reach the same charge and discharge rate, it lacks long life cycle required to supply economical solutions.. Only the magnification of 6C is reached between the extended life cycle of the Olyet Tititan.

. The new generation of multiple advantages ALTI-ESS energy storage system is less costly, energy increases by 2.5 times lower cost in the same standard 40-foot sea container.

. “Due to high storage costs, we have to find some application scenarios suitable for the application scenarios suitable for lithium titanate, and have some high power, safety, and life demands are relatively high, so that it can be embodied..

“Li Wei said,” Kema is an independent consulting company supplied to test and verification for the power grid and energy field. This company verified the high-grade titanate ion battery of Ot. technology, rapid reaction and more than 90% round-trip efficiency.

Energy storage system. “Over the years, Yinlong’s new energy is dedicated to the improvement of the energy density of lithium titanate. By focusing on R & D and technology, the fourth-generation high-energy density of the company has improved, compared to several generations of products, life, capacity, maximum power, stability, internal resistance, etc.

. For short plates with low energy density, Li Wei said: “We have not gone to don’t have a ginseng, but the future will consider the high-energy electrochemical energy storage in the future. Do it, play the high power of lithium titanate at the front end fast response, the storage of high energy batteries in the back can also develop this solution.

We have confidence that today, the domestic and foreign markets will be fully available in two years.. “Adhere to innovation-driven development, continuously improve product and service, Yinlong new energy will continue to work in the energy storage area, make greater contributions to my country’s new energy cause development.


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