Yinlong continues to increase titanate charging lithium battery technology innovation

Yinlong continues to increase titanate charging lithium battery technology innovation

Wei Yinjing, Chairman of Yinlong New Energy, on April 18, published “Battery Safety and Battery Modeling” Seminar The theme speech “. In 2016, the entire lithium-industrial industry continued to fluctuate in national policies, but the overall maintenance trend. Affected by the rise of the new energy vehicle market and the national policy, the dynamic lithium battery sector has set off an unprecedented production expansion wave, and continued to 2017, which also directly pulled the rapid rise of the lithium battery market.

. Attack five to one: Yinlong selection reverse Thinking Wei Silkang said in the speech, the development of lithium-ion batteries, from a single pursuit of high-energy density to the current balance between energy density, safety and operational efficiency, although the national subsidy policy Density, but the industry has experienced a trend from high energy density, although some lithium-ion batteries have high energy density, but they can’t make up for safe, life, high temperature, and charging time. “Secondary use”.

The safety of the power lithium battery will depend on the material itself and manufacturing process, and the high safety of the lithium titanate ion battery effectively solves the problem of safety hazards from new energy battery promotion applications.. Yinlong has developed and innovative by the development of lithium titanate technology through nearly ten years, and is committed to the research and development and innovation of lithium titanate technology.

With Yinlong Titanium battery for 6 minutes fast charge, water resistance (-50 ¡ã C – + + + + 60 ¡ã C), 30 years of cycle life, no fire does not explode high safety, high efficiency five major advantages. Through continuous development, the fourth generation high-energy density titanate is 40% lower than the third generation cost, and the energy density is increased by 60%..

While catching the industry bottleneck, this technology advantage is suitable for new energy vehicles, energy storage, airport fever and more areas.. And get a recognition of well-known public transport companies, including Beijing bus, has been more than 40 in operation cities.

When mentioned in the past, when the US Olytitani selected titanate, Wei Yinnang used the football match to make an image metaphor.. He said that if you enter six balls are championships, you must advance 5 balls to ensure the chance of success.

About the power lithium battery, you must have the life and cost-effective demand for traditional cars competition, in terms of polarity performance With hot and cold demand across the South and South hemisphere, charging time is to compete or flat, safe performance is better than traditional oil and internal combustion engines.. To this end, Yinlong chose a reverse thinking technology route, continued to attack the last “ball” on the basis of advanced “five balls” – energy density.

Wei Yinzang said that there is still not much product that is safe, high-low temperature, cycle life, charging time, and lithium titanate.. He also said that the energy density of the fifth-generation titanate ion battery next year will surpass the lithium phosphate ion battery, the original five major advantages continue to remain unchanged, and have mass production conditions.

Big prospects: Yinlong Ti is innovative and extraordinary, Yinlong’s innovative business model is also based on the long life of Yinlong Titanium, which is highly temperature, high safety, fast charge, and industrialization. To this end, silver The innovative business model of “0 yuan purchase, ten-year lease, ten-year warranty, vehicle replacement, four-party win-win”, do not invest too much funds, realize the government, bus, car enterprise, and financial four-party win-win. Yinlong will continue to enhance service level, so that the market is more assured, let customers be more peace of mind.

. Throughout the current development of new energy industries, the technical level of the power lithium battery is the key to the development of new energy vehicles, its cost, technology, manufacturing, etc., determines the cost, renewal mileage, performance, comfort of the new energy vehicle.

. Therefore, my country’s new energy mutual car company must be survived in the post-subsidy era, we must develop a top and skilled effort in the technology of the power lithium battery..

In order to overcome the shortage of new energy automobiles, Yinlong has successfully developed a total of titanium hydrodynamic assemblies in 2016, combined with lithium titanate battery power density and high energy density of lithium-fuel power cells. Advantage, supply new ideas and new countermeasures for the continuation mileage problem of the new energy car. In order to make consumers more rest assured, use new energy vehicles, develop high security, fast charge, long life battery technology is also an inevitable trend, with technical progress and in-depth study of lithium ion battery materials, lithium titanate encountered The problem will also be solved, market value and application prospect will also be more broa.

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