Xin Xue: By 2023, LG chemical dynamic lithium battery production will reach 250GWH

Xin Xue: By 2023, LG chemical dynamic lithium battery production will reach 250GWH

“At present, the total production of LG chemical dynamic lithium batteries is 130GWH. In 2023, the yield, including cylindrical batteries, will be expanded to 250GWH”, and Hakcheolshin, the Global Chief Executive Officer. He also predicted that the new energy car market mainly based on pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will rise from 4.

8 million vehicles in 2020 to 1.68 million in 2025, and my country is expected to maintain the forefront in the global electric motor market. Market share.

On this basis, he said that car companies and battery companies will continue to seek cooperation opportunities in our market.. About the long-term development trend of the dynamic lithium battery industry, Xin Xueyi believes that with the rapid rise of the dynamic lithium battery, the power lithium battery products and technical trends will also change.

Among them, in terms of materials, the industry is actively developing advanced positive material materials to achieve better energy density and safer availability.. At the same time, the integration of the module can not only create larger spaces, but also use effective cooling devices to maintain the best use environment of the battery, in order to meet the consumer’s charging time less than 15 minutes.

Demand, the development of silicon-based positive electrode materials will become critical, including using high conductive materials. Finally, reduce battery production costs is still important factors to meet customer needs..

From the perspective of sustainable development, the cobalt-free battery is also a feasible manner, and the improved module / battery pack structure will effectively reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.. In the field of power lithium battery, many companies are actively promoting the development of innovative next-generation batteries, preparing for the rear lithium ion era.

. At this stage, battery innovation is important in full solid state, and the full solid state battery is expected to achieve higher safety compared to existing liquid electrolyte batteries..

At the same time, there are also many companies to develop lithium sulfur batteries, lithium sulfur batteries, can achieve higher energy density and lighter weight, LG chemistry believes that lithium sulfur battery technology will be a feasible solution in the field of travel.. From the perspective of LG chemistry, according to Xin Xue, the Chinese long strategy of LG chemical dynamic lithium batteries is important.

First, LG chemistry will accelerate the research and development of high security, long-lasting, fast charging, long life, and drive Expansion and popularization of electric vehicle market. Second, LG chemistry will continue to improve the service capabilities that meet customer needs by improving the production efficiency of the global production base. In order to keep up with the era of digital transformation mode, LG chemistry will create an automated, digital and self-optimized intelligent factory through artificial intelligence.

. Third, LG chemistry will continue to strengthen research and development capabilities, develop differentiated materials and products, and next-generation innovation batteries. .

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