Why is the charging lithium battery is the mainstream power selection of new energy vehicles?

Why is the charging lithium battery is the mainstream power selection of new energy vehicles?

Lithium-ion battery is a secondary battery (rechargeable battery), which is important to work back and forth between the lithium ions in the positive and negative poles.. During the charge and discharge process, the lithium ions are round-trip and delineed between two electrodes.

. Compared to other battery systems such as lead-acid batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, the lithium ion battery has high energy density, high operating voltage, self-discharge, no memory effect, long cycle life, fast charging, light weight, small size, no pollution Other advantages. Since the 1990s, Sony, NECMOLIENERGY (Canada) Ltd.

After the industrialization of lithium-ion batteries of different positive electrode materials, the lithium-ion battery has been widely used in consumer electronics, new energy vehicles and energy storage areas.. After more than 20 years of application development, the lithium-ion battery and the large-scale use of new energy vehicles in recent years, the technology is mature, and the industrial support is comprehensive, and the cost of promoting new energy vehicles has continuously treated the fuel truck, thus becoming the mainstream of new energy vehicles.

Power choice. Lithium-ion power lithium battery as the most critical core component of new energy vehicles, directly affects the performance of new energy vehicles, including new energy vehicles, safety, service life, charging time and high and low temperature adaptability, etc. New energy automotive cost, the cost is around 40% of the cost of the vehicle.

Break through the energy density of the power lithium battery, improve the life, improve the safety performance, extend the service life, shorten the charging time, optimize the low temperature performance, reduce battery cost, etc. It is the new energy vehicle to replace the traditional fuel vehicle, improve the penetration, and the policies drive to consumption Key factors of driver. Benefits from the rapid development of the world’s new energy automotive industry since 2014, the demand for power lithium battery has risen rapidly.

. According to disclosed data, the shipments of global lithium-ion batteries in 2018 reached 188.8GWH, consumption lithium-ion batteries, power lithium batteries, and storage-saving lithium-ion batteries were 68.

3GWh, 107.0GWH and 13, respectively. .

5GWH. In 2018, my country’s lithium-ion battery shipments reached 102.0GWH, consumption-type lithium-ion batteries, power lithium batteries and energy storage-type lithium-ion batteries were 31.

8 g of, 65.0GWH and 5.2GWH, lithium power Battery’s proportion of exceeding consumption lithium-ion battery.

According to EVTANK data, my country’s lithium-ion battery shipments reached 131.6GWh, consumption-type lithium-ion batteries, power lithium battery and energy storage-type lithium ion batteries in 2019 were 46.5 g of, 76.

5 gWh and 8. 6GWH. .

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