Why did the Western power lithium battery faucet have grabbed the Qinghai ‘lithium’?

Why did the Western power lithium battery faucet have grabbed the Qinghai 'lithium'?

Since 2017, due to subsidy policy adjustment, the whole vehicle company has a comprehensive use of multiple factors such as the prices of the appeal and the prices of raw materials, the performance of the power lithium battery company performance collectively shrinks. The reason for the decline in profits, many listed companies also give rough the same answer in their 2017 report..

In 2017, the company has shown that the company has declined in the first half of the year. Because the raw materials of the product are subject to price fluctuations from the upper reaches; multifluoro is mentioned in the 2017 report to the national industrial policy adjustment, first quarter The total sales volume of new energy vehicles has declined is also one of the reasons why they have shrunk..

It is understood that the price of September 27, 60%, and 4.35V specifications have risen to 391 yuan / kg..

In the face of a large decrease in subsidies, the vehicle company price cuts and multi-pinch hits of the price increase of the upstream raw materials, what should the power lithium battery company? The author analyzes that the extension of the industry chain, controls the upper reaches of the stable and high quality, breakthrough production and raw material limit, Enhance the core competitive advantage, become the new energy vehicle and power lithium battery industry chain company to expand the scale, the improvement of the proposal, winning the market, master the right to speak. In the “Card War” that is gradually fierce lithium-eM, “Qinghai Lithium” is increasingly becoming a new exhaustion of the lithium industry, the leading company represented by BYD, CATL, etc., very eye-catching.

Then, “Qinghai Lithium” becomes “Xiangyi”? How is the results of the company? Therefore, how the power lithium battery industry will form? “Qinghai Lithium” scenery is located in my country West, Xiong The Northeast of the World House Ridge Tibetan Plateau is part of the “World Ridge” Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The mountains are towering, the terrain is diverse, the river is vertical, lake chess. Kunlun Mountain is transacted in the middle, Tang Gu Lei Mountain is standing in the south, and the Qilian Mountain stands in the north.

. Qinghai is the birthplace of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, and the Yellow River..

The gods of nature not only give Qinghai bright vast stunning scenery and magical treasures, but also in “Qingshan green water is Jinshan Yinshan”, energy saving and emission reduction, green environmental protection is increasingly becoming the main melody of the era of economic development, “Qinghai Lithium” Become a resource base from the development of new energy auto industry. This is “green” to pay tribute to “green”, or nature to develop green new energy to protect the earth home, or to make a baptism and redemption of my country’s new energy revolution. And “Qinghai Lithium” in the lithium-industrial airport, is scattered with gem-like light, adding a dazzling flame to the golden era of new energy auto industry.

. As the “base”, near-water mainland, the near-water building is unique, and the advantage of the development of lithium industry in Qinghai..

Data indicates that Qinghai Salt Lake resources are rich. There are 2 large salts and lakes in Qinghai Province, with 6 large salt lakes of 10-10 billion tons; preliminary proven more than 24 million tons of lithium chloride in salt lake, accounting for more than 90% of the country’s proven reserves, and has been explored Ming lithium resources account for 1/3 of the world’s salt lake resource reserves, accounting for the first place in the national lithium resource reserves; in addition to lithium resources, Qinghai also has rich cleaning energy such as photovoltaic and wind energy..

Relying on the resource advantage, Qinghai has gradually formed a “Salt Lake Li Lithium-Positive Active Material-Electrolyte-Diagram-Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing-New Energy Automotive Industry and Supporting”, the lithium-electric industry chain aggregation effect has been initially Scale, and effective. Qinghai Xining (National) Economic and Technological Development Zone Nanchuan Industrial Park: gathered a lithium-electric industry with positive material, diaphragm, power and energy storage battery, electric vehicle as the core; Dongchuan Industrial Park, Ganhe Industrial Park: Gathering positive material Precurable body, electrolyte, copper foil, aluminum foil, mainly lithium electrical supporting industry. Zhang Xiaolong, mayor of Xining City, Qinghai Province, in recent days, “Damei Qinghai, invited lithium” 2017 Qinghai-Shenzhen Lithium Industry Docking Communications Conference, Qinghai Xining Development Lithium Industry has a unique four advantages.

First, there is a location advantage, Xining is located in my country’s geometric centers, and the gate of the Qinghai Tibetan Plateau. According to the Silk Road, it is a hub city that connects “all the way” and the Yangtze River economy. It is a bridgehead, which is open to west; the second is that the cost advantage, rich in water energy in Qinghai, low power generation, is one of the cheapest regions of the national electricity price.

According to estimates, compared with the mainland, production of air conditioning and dehumidification equipment can save 25% -30%, saving electricity bills per day; three is the market advantage, Qinghai is building two hydropower complementary and photovoltaic light The main tens of thousands of kW-scale renewable energy delivery bases, and the promotion of new energy vehicles, the lithium-industrial industry, especially the energy storage battery, the market is huge; the fourth is the advantage of industrial support, the current Qinghai Xining (country Level) Economic and Technological Development Zone has absorbed positive, negative electrode, diaphragm, copper foil and new energy vehicle enterprises to enter. It can be said that the double trust of the congenital resources and a good policy makes the Qinghai lithium battery have developed rapidly. At present, the salt lake lithium lithium carbonate-electron-calibration-positive and negative material-lithium-ion battery industry chain, positive and negative material , Battery (battery) and related supporting industries realize scale production.

The trick-war leader rushed to the fact that there will be a lithium resource in Qinghai and in the future, it will become the value depression of the upper reaches of the lithium industry expansion industry chain, and about the new energy automotive industry chain company (including the Main Factory and Parts Company), The historical opportunity of Nuggets “Qinghai Lithium” is coming. To this end, CATL, BYD, etc., for this, my country’s lithium-tap company, prospect layout, first rushing the beach, has formed a certain scale of demonstration effect, can not exaggerate, with many companies, in the western part The vast ancestors have risen on the hot soil of “National Heavy Stem”, which will also be deeply influenced and changed the future pattern of my country’s powered lithium battery industry and even new energy auto industries.

. As a new energy vehicle global sales champion, BYD’s industrial chain, from the mineral resources upstream of the front end, until the manufacturing and operation of the whole vehicle, and finally go to the battery recycling, forming a “upstream lithium mine resources – lithium electric raw materials – Power Lithium Battery – New Energy Vehicle – Battery Recycling “. On October 24, 2016, BYD announced that the announcement of the Qinghai Salt Lake shares, excellent investment jointly funded the 200 million yuan investment upstream raw material carbonate project, and the construction annual production of 30,000 tons of lithium carbonate project.

At the same time, Qinghai Salt Lake Shares also committed the transfer of 51.42% of the Qinghai Salt Lake Buddha Blue Bai Lithium Lithium in the hands to the joint venture. By the end of 2017, the total output is 40,000 tons.

. On October 29, 2016, Qinghai BYD annual output 10GWH power lithium-ion battery project, annual production of 20,000 tons of power lithium battery materials production and recycling project started in Xining. According to BYD CTO Liu Weiping, the first phase of the 10GWH power lithium-ion battery project in Qinghai is expected to be put into production in the second half of 2017.

The project can produce lithium iron phosphate and ternary batteries, actual production and product proportions will be produced according to market demand.. In November 2016, BYD’s annual output of 6,000 tons of hexafluorophosphate is settled in Qinghai Xining.

. The project is BYD’s supporting project of 10GWH lithium-ion batteries in Qinghai, a total of three constructions, with a total investment of 100 million yuan..

He Long, Vice President of BYD, said recently, BYD Xining Base laid the foundation at the end of 2016, it is expected to build a room at the end of 2017, June 2018 officially put into production. Compared to BYD’s full-industry chain mode, focusing on CATL shots in lithium-ion batteries earlier, and larger. As early as 2012, CATL set up a new energy in Qinghai era in Xining, and plans to invest 7.

5 billion yuan, build an annual output of 5GWH power lithium-ion batteries, energy storage lithium-ion battery project base, planned 10 years to complete. In January 2014, the first production line of the first phase of the project was officially put into production..

And at the same time, with the support of the Qinghai Provincial Government, Qinghai Ning has established a light storage power station in Golmud: 50 MW light, with the construction of 15 MW, 18 MW energy storage system. At present, the light storage power station has grid. Huang Shilin, vice chairman of CATL, said: CATL starts in Qinghai layout dynamic lithium batteries and storage batteries from 2012, it is worth value here.

. CATL more inclined the development of the future market, hoping to promote the cooperation of the industrial chain through platform-based development. Because technological advances are not a company can do well, we must cooperate with companies, equipment, crafts.

. At present, Qinghai Lithium Industry Park is in need to make large scale, industrial chain company sets the respective strengths and builds a closed-loop whole industry chain to reduce production costs..

In addition to the two giants opened by the two giants, many companies have also all the way to the west, become the tide of Nuggets.. Peking University first-line positive material + diaphragm project, Nord Share wholly-owned holding subsidiary Qinghai Nord New Materials Co.

, Ltd. invests 2.4 billion yuan “annual output of 40,000 tons of power lithium battery electrolytic copper foil project”, Zeahua Electronics 1.

5 billion Wa Taxie grapel lithium power project, Qinghai Aoyang total investment of 500 million “20,000 tons / year lithium-negative negative material project”, Huatai Automobile Group total investment 5 billion yuan annual production 5GWH lithium-ion battery and 50,000 mixed new energy automobile production Base projects, etc. have also been settled in Xining, Qinghai. Some experts pointed out: Industrial Chain Company and the two world’s largest leading companies are accompanied, the future is unlimited; the advantages of Qinghai resources are obvious, “can be created” mining lithium – lithium – lithium – recovery lithium – cycle treatment lithium “complete industrial chain, Then speed up the development of the terminal, focusing on the Nanchuan Industrial Park, output power lithium battery, energy storage battery, vehicle, etc.

. In summary, the author believes that my country has served a huge market space for the independent company, but it also attracted the zero-distance fight of multinational giants, whether my country’s self-employed car enterprises have arrived. International crocodile, my country’s new energy automobile industry can really rise and affect the world, to cooperate with the entire industrial chain company, seek common development.

After all, the era of singing alone has passed, and the competition will be a strong and sustainable development.. The benign ecotrial circles surrounding “lithium”, the “depression effect”, is also formed to be formed.

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