Who will the ultimate goal of ternary, hydrogen or lithium oxygen, and power lithium battery?

Who will the ultimate goal of ternary, hydrogen or lithium oxygen, and power lithium battery?

During the development of my country’s new energy vehicle industry, the dynamic lithium battery industry development route has always been controversial.. At present, there is a highly respected lithium-ion battery, and many people in the industry believe that this area also presents ceiling.

. In today’s development of lithium-ion batteries, many companies or research institutions are also exploring new direction of development of batteries, such as fuel power batteries and solid batteries..

From now on, these two batteries have their own obvious advantages, of course, the existing short boards are also a lot.. So, against the dynamic lithium battery development route, the industry people launched a debate: Who is the final battery? Power lithium battery energy density and cost balance point appear in 2020 to analyze the status of dynamic lithium battery must be considered R & D and use, in this, the company and research institutions are not the same.

As a leading company, CATL and research institutions have different research and development of lithium-ion batteries, CATL pay more attention to the perspective of engineering.. CATL Vice President, Chief Scientist Wu Kai Introduction, Battery Company conducts research and development pay attention to two factors, one is the energy density; the second is the cost balance design.

These two curves and economics’s supply and demand curves are similar, forming a balance point in a location.. The time node of this balance point is 2020, the energy density reaches 300Wh / kg, the price is 1 yuan / WH.

Under this balance point, the battery of the ternary / graphite system will become an epidemic trend, with the energy density increase, silicon-based negative system, solid state battery, etc.. my country’s current research and development of dynamic lithium batteries is important for energy density, cost, life expectancy.

In consideration of safety, useful environment, the system is designed to guide the key to boot battery design.. Under the balance point, high nickel is an important means of improving energy density.

. “CATL will be deeply cultivated in the high-nickel application direction, long-term, will strengthen the development of solid lithium metal battery. Wu Kai said.

In addition, big data monitoring also illustrates the status quo of my country’s new energy vehicle power lithium battery. Wang Zhenpo, a professor of Beijing Institute of Technology, introduced the operation of the powerful lithium battery big data platform. He said that my country has formed an electric vehicle safe operation country, local government, vehicle company three-level supervision technology system, and the national platform has been connected to more than 900,000 products, nearly 500,000 vehicles online, driving 12 million kilometers, 120,000 times to charge.

From the perspective of monitoring data, security becomes the primary problem of power lithium batteries. In 2010 ~ 2016, 67% of the power lithium battery fire accidents are from the power lithium battery, and the fire caused by charging accounts for 14%. Other reasons account for 19 %.

The vehicle company turned to the left battery company from the lithium iron battery to the three yuan system, the energy density has increased significantly, but the bottleneck problem is still not solved.. The fuel power battery and solid battery are considered to be the future development direction.

In order to seize future system, my country has a relatively representative phenomenon: Many vehicle companies are biased toward fuel power batteries, power lithium batteries are biased toward solid state batteries. The Great Wall Motor is slower in electric car research and development, but it is aimed at the fuel power battery, the Great Wall Motor announces that the first fuel power battery model is launched in 2022..

BYD was a leader of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries. With the development of technology iteration, BYD also put into the development of fuel power batteries..

Not long, BYD and US Hybrid Corporation have cooperated to develop hydrogen fuel power battery bikes.. The passenger car will serve the Danielk.

inouye International Airport, Honolulu (Honolululululu).. Geely Automobile is also actively investing in the research and development of fuel power cells, currently forming pure electricity, mixing, hydrogen fuel power cells, instead of four routes of fuel.

Of course, due to the prospect of the fuel power battery is not clear, Geely puts more in the fuel power battery.. SAIC Group is the first company engaged in fuel-powered battery car research and development, the fuel power battery car of SAIC TC Tats has officially launched.

And the whole vehicle is keduked, fuel power battery formation is, which most of the power lithium battery company is in research and development of solid-state batteries.. Wu Kai told reporters that CATL put a lot of resources on the solid state battery.

. Previously, Liao Zhenbo, Vice President of the Bick Group also told reporters that the Bike had layout the gel-stated battery, that is, a commonly known semi-solid battery, and forms a full solid state battery research and development team..

According to reporters, my country’s powerful lithium battery ranking is involved in the research and development of solid-state batteries, Zhizhen, Guoxuan, Micro-macro, etc. have established R & D teams and related layouts..

And my country’s situation is the same, foreign vehicle companies do not select fuel power batteries while. Volkswagen Japan President and CEO Zhuang Si Mao said that future fuel power battery vehicles may have a difficult footway outside Japan, it is difficult to obtain bright future in a global scale..

Volkswagen also expressed the research and development of a solid-state battery that was more than 1,000 kilometers, and will be produced in 2025. On June 13, Ford car said that Ford and Daimler are gradually closing a joint venture company for car fuel power cell technology..

Both parties represent the development of fuel power cell technology internally, obviously the fuel power battery vehicle research and development of both parties. R & D developed the world’s first quantitative fuel power battery car, and did not put the treasure in the fuel power battery. At present, it is also actively carrying out solid-state battery development.

. Not long ago, Toyota high-level personnel adjustments seem to also indicate that Toyota will focus from fuel power cells to pure electric and solid state batteries..

The final battery debates flourifically, the company and the battery company have disagreement on future batteries, and the debate on fuel power batteries and solid batteries in the market will come out of time.. Especially recently Li Keqiang, after Japan visited Toyota Plant, it seems that the fuel power battery will make more attention.

. Some people even think that “” will enter the hydrogen era “. However, the academician of my country’s engineering, Chen Liquan does not agree that hydrogen is the end of automobile energy.

. He said that the fuel power battery is important to rely on hydrogen chemistry, and there are many types of solid-state batteries. Common polymeric solid batteries have polyethylene oxide (PEO), polycyclopropane (PPO), polyacrylonitrile (PAN) , Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), etc.

These polymer solid state batteries are important to lithium oxygen chemical reactions.. The theoretical energy density of hydrogen is 3525 wH / kg, lithium oxygen is 5217Wh / kg, and there is a large gap between the two.

. “Hydrogen-oxygen battery can only be called a battery, and the lithium oxygen battery is a battery..

It can also be seen from the comparison of atomic quantities. Lithium is 7 times, and the volumetric energy density of lithium oxygen battery is also good in the hydrogen oxygen battery. From the use environment, the limiting factor of the hydrogen oxygen battery is more than the lithium oxygen battery.

. Chen Liquan said. At the meeting, many experts showed views on the fuel power battery and solid state batteries of the industry, and some experts said that he had visited several car companies to see them more attention to solid batteries.

Cause, Japanese people believe that the commercial road of fuel power batteries is longer than solid state batteries.. Regarding the final dispute between the fuel power battery and the solid-state battery, the general expert group of my country’s 863 new energy vehicles, the leader of the professional expert group, Tsinghua University Professor Ouyang Ming said: “I don’t agree to hydrogen is the ultimate energy and hydrogen fuel power.

The battery car is the final environmental protection car. “However,. He believes that the industry should pay more attention to hydrogen energy technology, that is, the front end of hydrogen fuel, such as manufacturing, transportation, storage, compression, etc.

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