Who offers Watma’s market ‘cake?

Who offers Watma's market 'cake?

According to my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association’s statistics, my country’s powered lithium-ion battery headresses reached 56.89GWH in 2018, up 56.88% year-on-year, the top 20 company installed 52.

23GWH, accounting for the annual installation 91.8% of the amount. From the type of battery material, the ternary battery is 30.

1gWh, accounting for 58.17%, which is 103.71% year-on-year; 22.

2 GWH of lithium iron phosphate ion battery, accounting for 39%, up 23.51% year-on-year; lyphylate ion battery 1.08 GWH, accounting for 1.

9%, a decrease of 26.7% year-on-year; 0.52GWH of a lithium titanate ion battery, accounting for 0.

91%, a year-on-year reduction of 8.99%. In 2018, the rise of new energy vehicles, the high-speed rising drive of new energy passengers.

Since the new energy passenger car on the energy density of the power lithium battery is high, the power lithium battery equipped with the new energy passenger car in 2018 is important for the three yuan battery, and the BYD, the statue of the lithium iron, 2018, 2018 The new energy passenger car launched has also started to carry a ternary battery.. Therefore, the fastest growth in 2018 is the ternary battery, and the lithium iron phosphate ion battery remains steadily.

. Compared with the lithium manganate ion battery and lithium-titanate ion battery in 2017, it also entered 2018. With the rapid increase in energy density of the ternary battery and lithium iron battery, energy density The disadvantage is gradually obvious, and it is negative.

. The first ten battery companies in the 2018 dynamic lithium battery installed are: CATL, BYD, Guoxuan Haoke, Lifan, Fu Can Technology, Bike Battery, Yip Lithium, National Energy Battery, China Aviation Lithium, Card Resources. The top ten power lithium battery companies totaled about 47.

06GWH, accounting for 83% of the overall market, and the industry concentration is further improved.. Related to the 2017 movement of the lithium battery installed capacity, in addition to Watma and the new energy of Hishang fell out of the top ten, the other eight companies remained unchanged.

In 2018, although the top ten companies in the power lithium battery have not changed, the industry shuffling pattern is still intense, the market share is further concentrated to the head company, and the small and medium-sized companies in technology and scale are facing larger market stress.. According to the statistics of my country’s Automotive Lithium Battery Innovation Alliance, 2018, my country’s powered lithium battery industry has a total of 93 dynamic lithium batteries (according to the group company) to achieve loading, which is 50% in 2017, and it is expected to return in 2019.

Will further reduce. Due to the sharp output of my country’s dynamic lithium battery industry in the first two years, the production utilization rate of major companies is generally low. In addition to CATL, BYD’s production utilization rate is still unparalleled, and many companies are only maintained at 15.

%about. In 2018, my country’s dynamic lithium battery production is about 200GWH, while the actual market demand is only 57GWH, and the production utilization rate is improved in 2019-2020, preventing low-end production repeated construction should be a very important job..

From the perspective of the market, the 2017 power lithium battery installed volume has ranked third battery company Watma, because of the break, 2018 is basically closed in the business. 7% of the vacant market share, instantly become a cake of other companies, this “big cake” is eaten, and see 2018 Top Ten Battle Battery Car Inventory. First name: CATL (123.

4GWH, a year-on-year increase 123.01%) As one of the biggest benefits companies in my country’s new energy vehicle development, CATL 2017 exceeded BYD, became a domestic power lithium battery “one brother”. In 2018, CATL further expanded the leading advantage, the installed capacity reached 23.

4GWH, and the market proportion was expanded to 41.19%..

In June 2018, CATL successfully landed in the A-share, and the stock price was rose all the way, the highest market value exceeded 160 billion yuan.. At present, CATL’s battery has become a high-quality resource for domestic new energy vehicle companies competing.

. In order to obtain a stable supply, SAIC, Guangqi and other vehicle companies have established joint ventures and CATL. In addition to domestic vehicle companies, CATL Waraday, March, the public group MEB project power lithium battery orders, May and Daimler signed contracts, entered the Daimler battery supply system.

In July 2018, CATL and the German Thuringia Government signed a investment agreement.. According to the contents of the agreement, CATL will set up a battery production base and intelligent manufacturing technology research and development center in the Federal Germany, Turin State, Germany.

. The products manufactured by the battery production base will be supported by BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, Jaguar Road Tiger, PSA and other car companies, and internationalization has also begun to accelerate..

In 2018, the CATL market share further improved, which was undoubtedly to Watma’s first big cake.. An important reason for Watma break is that the quality of the power lithium battery is not too close, so that there is a new energy commercial vehicle that is equipped with Watma batteries, many of the 30,000 kilometers of operation mileage requirements, can’t get subsidies.

The whole vehicle has learned a lesson, and you must use the boot to take a subsidy battery, so CATL and BYD have become the first choice, but BYD batteries are not enough, so the big “cake” was successfully eaten into mouth.. Second: BYD (20.

09GWH, 102.09GWH, year-on-year) 2017. August 2018, BYD and Chongqing Daishan District Government signed an investment cooperation agreement on the year of 200GWH industry project.

Prior to this, the Qinghai Xining Battery Factory was put into production at the end of June this year, and the planned production is 24GWH.. In addition, BYD is still planning in Xi’an, which is expected to reach 60GWH by 2020.

. BYD is surpassed by CATL in 2017, and the key is that BYD’s power lithium battery is still in self-producing sales..

By a company’s demand for powered lithium batteries, BYD has also said that BYD will supply batteries in BYD.. In order to vote, 2018, BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu has also said that the media is planned to split BYD battery business, independent financing.

The rise of the lithium battery in 2018 is important from the ternary battery, and the BYD of the main phosphate ion battery, the power lithium battery installed volume has also achieved 102.43% of the rise in 2018, regardless of a good answer. In 2019-2020, with the survey of high-energy density, the price of lithium lithium iron phosphate will highlight, Byday, BYD still has the opportunity to reward “head to make a chair”.

Third place: Guoxuan high-tech (3.07GWh, a year-on-year increase of 49.8%), in 2018, due to the exploration of the exploration of the previous year, Guoxuan high-tech becoming a third place.

Guoxuan Gaoke’s original power lithium battery is important with new energy passenger cars, 30,000 kilometers of operation mileage requirements, plus 2017 new energy passenger car subsidies, Shengxuan Haoke 2017 dynamic lithium battery shipments increased only 9 .93%. After 2017, Guoxuan’s high-tech quickly adjusted strategies, quickly penetrating the new energy passenger car market, in order to successfully open the passenger car three-yuan battery market, Guoxuan high-tech and Beiqi new energy, Zhongtai, Chery and other new energy multiplies Car companies have reached a cooperation, and the weights of new energy passenger cars are continuously added through joint venture plants, cross-shares.

. In 2018, new energy subsidies further resort, and the cost-effective advantage of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries gradually appeared..

In October, Hefei Guoxuan and Jianghuai Automolics Hefei Guoxuan and Jianghuai Automolics jointly promote the marketization of new energy vehicles in the Shandong Province.. In the next few years, the advantages of Guoxuan’s high-tech in the lithium iron phosphate may also further play the utility.

Fourth: Life’s Battery (2.05GWH, a year-on-year increase of 91.66%) As the old soldier in the battery industry, Li Shen enters the dynamic lithium battery area has always been a bit soil, the strategy has been swinging.

To do a consumption battery, the days have been very good, and later started to supply battery for low-speed electric vehicles, electric bicycles, electric three-wheeled supply, market performance, and only in the new energy vehicle power lithium battery market is delayed to open the situation. In 2018, Li Shen finally entered the list of power lithium battery suppliers of Changan new energy, and supported the main model of Changan new energy. This is officially set on the windmill of new energy vehicles.

In 2018, the power lithium battery installed volume increased by 91.66%, not only did not continue to fall, but also rushed into the top five..

The fifth place: Fu Can Technology (1.9GWh, the same year increased by 95.73%) Fu Can Technology has been obscurity in the early years, until the “thigh” of Beiqi Group.

Above we mentioned that because BYD’s battery is not right, the new energy car companies in China are robbed CATL’s batteries.. However, the process of robbing the car is also slowly discovering that the initiative is slowly inclined to the supplier, so many companies began to support their battery suppliers.

. Fu Can Technology just caught up with this kind of opportunity, 2016, Fu Can Technology and Beiqi Group reached a strategic cooperation, built an annual output of 8GWH batteries and battery pack production power. And the Beiqi Group signed a five-year million group battery strategic procurement agreement, providing power lithium battery support for the whole model of Beiqi new energy, and rushed into the power lithium battery installed capacity before 2017.

. In 2018, Fu Can Technology has signed a powerful lithium battery project of 20GWH production in Zhenjiang..

At the same time, Fu Can Technology has also entered Daimler’s battery supplier system in 2018. May completed the financing of C round $ 1 billion, and plans to build in Europe..

Different Soft lithium batteries produced by Fu Can Technology, currently being favored by many companies. In 2019, as long as Northern Automobile’s new energy sales increased, Fu Can Technology is still expected to keep in the top five queues..

Sixth: The Bike battery (1.74GWH, a year-on-year increase 5.17%) As the first company that enters the lithium-ion battery industry, the Bike battery has been very popular in the consumer battery.

. Although the Bike Battery is compared with BYD, the two technical routes are not very different, BYD is dominate the phosphate ion battery..

In 2017, Bike began to force the power lithium battery sector, successively and Zigai, FAW, Chery, Jianghuai public, etc.. Since TSLA is used in the 18650, 21700 model cylindrical battery, the Bike’s cylindrical battery has also been favored by a lot of new potentials, Xiaopeng, singing, and clouds and other models have been equipped with Bike’s powertrain.

Battery. In 2018, new energy vehicles with new power vehicles began delivery, but because they had not been taken, the number of Thai, the top of the Bike battery installed, led to a decline in the sales of the Bike battery 2018. The amount of increase dropped to 5.

17%. In 2019, with a large number of new models of car new forces began delivery, and the new models such as Zhongtai, Jianghuai, the Bike battery may returned to the high-speed rise track..

Seventh place: Yip Lithium (1.27GWH, a year-on-year increase of 56.gWh) Yip Lithium can serve as a listed company, from 2015, enter the dynamic lithium battery area, with this investment of 5 billion yuan in power storage.

In Guangdong Huizhou, Hubei Jingmen has multiple production bases, current production is around 9GWH, important products are cylindrical batteries and square shell batteries. Yixi lithium can currently support the vehicle company is important to Nanjing Jinlong, Luzhou, Shanxi New Energy Automobile and other companies, is important for new energy commercial vehicle companies..

In 2018, the new energy commercial vehicle is generally, and the Yi Lithium can also enter the new energy passenger car field.. Eighth: National energy battery (0.

8GWH, increased year-on-0.26% year-on-year) Beijing national energy battery was established in November 2011, in Zhengzhou, Haining, Fuyang, Nanchang and other places have production bases, currently 3.3 GWH.

As an important company, the company, the national energy battery is important to the Dongfeng Automobile, Chery Business Car, FAW Liberation, Guangtong Auto and other companies supply power lithium battery. In 2018, the growth rate of national energy cells was negatively rising, if it could not be made in the field of new energy passenger cars, the future may still face huge pressure..

Ninth Name: AVC (0.72GWh, the loader volume increased by 40.61%) China AV is a battery company that is a collection of controlling shares by listed companies.

It is currently owned by Henan Luoyang and Jiangsu Jintan two production bases. There is a production of about 5GWh, the product is based on a square aluminum shell, an aluminum-plastic composite film battery, and the material system includes lithium iron phosphate and a ternary material..

Anti-China is important for Dongfeng Auto, Jianghuai Automobile and other companies, supply power lithium battery supporting, 2018 began to use Changan Automobile main models to operate pure tram-type power lithium battery. Changan Yi’s good market performance, driving the rapid rise of China Aviation lithium electricity lithium battery installed, if China’s lithium battery can obtain the test of the number of passes, and then further growth space. Tenth: Carnescene energy (0.

63 gWh, a year-on-year increase of 158.2%) Shanghai card, new energy, was established in 2010, introduced three-yuan laminated soft bag dynamic lithium-ion battery technology, current Shanghai base, Nanchang Base, Liuzhou Base has been built and completed investment, except Jiangsu base, and has also established Japanese Branch..

Important shareholders include Shenzhen Ke Lu Electronics, SM, Suzhou Zhengli Saviwei New Energy, Zhejiang Wanfeng Owei, etc.. At present, Qiqi Xin Energy main attack passenger vehicle power lithium battery market, important to SAIC, Wuli, Jiangling New Energy, Post Motors, etc.

Supply Power Lithium Battery. In 2018, due to the sales of SAIC’s new energy models in the new energy models of Jianghuai new energy, the mass production car of the new forces of the car has also begun to deliver, and the card-nephew energy will rush forward..

However, the power lithium battery installed capacity of card-never and 11-15 companies will open the gap. Can you continue to stay in the top ten queues in 2019, but also look for new explosive models. .

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