Who is more reliable? ‘Cobalt “power lithium battery battle

Who is more reliable? 'Cobalt

Who is “cobalt grandmother”? Maybe many people have a lot of people. At the end of 2018, the elements “cobalt” on the earth, the price has soared to 600,000 yuan / ton. At 2016, the price of cobalt only 120,000 yuan / ton.

Until today, cobalt is still maintained at 240,000 yuan / ton.. The price cobalt makes the car batteries cost huge, “cobalt grandmother” is circulating in the industry.

. For “cobalt”, each major power lithium battery company has a trick, the cobalt content is also 59%, gradually reduced to 7%. However, honeycomb energy technology Co.

, Ltd. believes that this is not enough, only the cobalt content is reduced to 0%, and it is the final outline of the battery..

On May 18th, the company’s independent dynamic lithium battery supplier, self-cultivation of the new force of lithium-electric power, launched “thin piece-free battery”, wants to set off a “cobalt” battle in the power lithium battery industry. ■ What is the power lithium battery to “go to cobalt”? 20 years ago, the journal once announced related papers and explored future prospects of cobalt battery..

Who once thought that the power lithium battery “cobalt” will become a consensus after 20 years.. So why do you want to “go to cobalt”? For the majority of consumers, the power lithium battery “to cobalt” may not have a concept.

If you tell you that all this originated from the scarce of cobalt metal, it is very well understood.. As the saying goes, things are rare, more uncomfortable, this scarce will also be normal.

Cobalt elements symbol Co is a glossy steel gray metal, and the texture is hard.. It is a pity that the content of cobalt elements is very low on earth.

. A set of data shows that cobalt metal abundance is only 0.0025%, and the reserves of global terrestrial cobalt are about 7.

1 million tons, and the distribution area is also concentrated, and 52% cobalt reserves are in Congo (Gold).. That is, it is not rich in cobalt elements, and it is also important to distribute countries with turmoil in political situations.

Cobalt price is a necessity.. In addition, behind the strong interests, hidden blood and sin.

There is media report that the Congo (Jin) a large number of cobalt mine miners illegally uses children’s labor, and the children are bullied, and life is often threatened.. The mobile phone battery we use, the power lithium battery, maybe behind, the life and dignity of the African children trampled.

. The status of cobalt in the dynamic lithium battery is very important. We understand that the power lithium battery is important to two technical routes for three-dimensional lithium and lithium iron phosphate.

Among them, the three-yuan lithium ion battery represented by NCM (positive electrode material is nickel-wateng manganese).. The latest data shows that this year’s 1-April, the domestic NCM ternary lithium-ion battery installed capacity ratio is 72.

87%. In the positive material of the power lithium battery, the cobalt metal cost is 30%; a TSLA electric vehicle contains 13.68 kg of cobalt-containing metal.

. After calculating, if it is not considered the cobalt element recovered by the battery, 2026 cobalt metal will be very short..

This is not difficult to understand, Tslaceo Elon Mask is called to reduce the ratio of cobalt in the battery.. Wang Zi, a deputy secretary-general of my country’s Automobile Power Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, said that when the electric vehicle development continues to continuing the lithium-ion battery technology route, there are many problems such as thermal failure, internal short circuit.

. And at the same time, resources are also getting temporary, cobalt prices rose from 80,000 / ton to up to 600,000 / ton, so everyone is working hard to “go to cobalt”..

“CD” is still “cobalt”, and the entire industry has been studied for many years.. Just as Li Xiaoping, Vice President of Nandu Power Lithium Ion Battery Technology Research Institute, it is important to remove cobalt elements to consider the cost angle.

. The price of cobalt metal is high, occupying a large part of the cost of battery positive material..

In addition, in theory, cobalt elements are not removed in the battery.. In short, the cost is the purpose, “going to cobalt” is just the process.

. ■ Two power lithium batteries “to cobalt” method “cobalt” is also not a powerful lithium battery industry..

Yang Hong, general manager of Honeycomb Energy, pointed out that in order to break the limited resource limit, scientists reduce the effort of cobalt elements in battery materials never stopped. The cobalt-containing ratio, from 59% of the earlier cobaltate, to the currently used NCM523 battery 12%, and then 7% in the next generation NCM811, the cobalt content is still low. The industry is divided into two directions in the industry: the first is a traditional lithium iron phosphate ion battery method.

. The second is the method of cobalt battery material. BYD “Blade Battery” Cobalt-free battery path in lithium iron, in terms of safety and battery life.

The blade battery utilizes the shape characteristics of the battery pack longitudinal utilization, alleviate the limitations of the lithium iron energy density of the phosphate energy, plus the non-die technology, the number of PACK-level reducing the number of connectors, also reduces cost, not losing into an innovation. BYD blade battery method energy density increases by 50%, the cost is 30%, BYD Han’s life can reach millions of kilometers. CATL launched CTP (CellTopack) technology, the battery pack structure is optimized by province.

This technology has an advantage over the fusion of the vehicle. Data show that the volume utilization rate of CATLCTP battery pack increases by 15% to 20%, and the number of parts is reduced by 40%, and the production efficiency is 50%..

This is also a cobalt battery method for another lithium iron phosphate route.. “The cobalt-free material of the honeycomb is real, and the cobalt element is removed in the nickel manganese cobalt trimeterials.

. “The honeycomb energy is considered to be a new type of non-cobalt material battery to count as a real” cobalt battery method “..

Recently, TSLA official also revealed the same point of view: “Please pay attention to April (may postpone until June) TSLA battery announcement, non-cobalt, does not mean, lithium iron phosphate. “According to the honeycomb energy, the new sheet-free” cobalt-free battery “they published the three pain points, through single crystal non-cobalt material, laminated battery design technology, matrix PACK design technology, and car regulation AI manufacturing Board, you can achieve a mileage of the whole vehicle, up to 880 km, more than 15 years of 10 million kilometers, and more secure and reliable. ■ “Cobalt Battery” still needs a follow-up story, how is the cobalt battery of the honeycomb energy? This is there in it briefing and questioned.

However, it is generally believed that the power lithium battery “less cobalt” or even “cobalt” has indeed become the direction of research and development.. However, “going to cobalt” is not a simple thing.

. According to industry experts, nickel-cobalt-containing lithium-ion battery ternary system, nickel can improve material activity and energy density; cobalt is important for stabilizing the layered structure, reduce cationic mixing, increase discharge capacity; manganese Responsible for stability during battery charge and discharge. “From the data displayed by the honeycomb energy-free battery display, it is indeed possible.

Dr. Gao Pengran, deputy director of Shenzhen Xionghu Stock Exchange, pointed out that cationic doping techniques, single crystal technology, nano-network coating technology, single crystal technology, nano-network coating technology, battery safety, battery life, and high voltage Material cycle performance has promoting use. Yang Hongxin interpretation, cationic doping techniques are cation doped to crystalline using and oxidative bonds.

. Honeycomb energy is a more powerful element with two chemical bonds to replace cobalt, doped into the material..

By strengthening the steady oxy-oxy-oxy-oxy-oxy-oxy-oxy-oxy-oxy-oxy-oxy-oxy-oxy-nickel mix, improve material stability, and stabilize at 4.3-4.35V voltage, energy density is 40% higher than lithium iron phosphate.

Lee Xiaoping believes that there is no big innovation from the perspective of materialless batteries.. Wall-free battery to be solved, fast charge problem, and battery structure stability problem.

In addition, appropriate and other materials are required to use. If the honeycomb energy is well solved in these aspects, it can eventually be recognized by the vehicle company and consumers..

There are also industry insiders that the ternary batteries have developed from NCM111, NCM523, and the NCM622, NCM811, has made great progress.. Cobalt elements have the stability of the ternary battery, which will reduce the cobalt content to about 5%.

. Panasonic, TSLA even declared that the current cobalt content of the ternary battery can be reduced to 3%, but it has not been reduced to 0% so far..

Cobalt elements are still difficult to alternative, absolutely “cobalt” battery technology is not mature enough. Returning, return to the power lithium battery “to cobalt” original intention, it is the ultimate purpose. At the announcement, the honeycomb energy is not announced the final cost of the cobalt battery method.

. It is true that “cobalt battery” is no longer subject to the limitations of cobalt metal resources and cobalt prices, but how much will the cost of research and development? Will it be indirect to consumers in the future? We are not known, and this is also the problem of the industry..

Editor’s summary: According to the plan, in 2025, my country’s new energy car new car sales account for 25%.. It is also predicted that the market penetration rate of new energy vehicles in 2035 will reach 50%.

. The company has no cobalt battery, which is forward-looking in the strategy, will make the power lithium battery no longer be subject to cobalt elements..

In theory, the three-dimensional dynamic lithium battery is not established, and the extent to which the ordinary ternary battery can be used.. Two-cobalt batteries announced by honeycomb energy, all completed SOP in the second half of 2021.

So, what exactly can achieve a lot of cost reductions, how will we continue to pay attention?. .

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