Which three mountains have you need to pass by the power lithium battery recycling?

Which three mountains have you need to pass by the power lithium battery recycling?

A few days ago, the State Council officially announced the “Measures for the Administration of Trailoconius” (hereinafter referred to as “Measures”) and will be implemented in June.. Among them, “five major assemblies” of the scrapped machine is allowed, including engine, direction machine, transmission, front and rear bridge, frame.

The “Measures” is important for traditional fuel vehicles recycling, and new energy vehicles will be developed separately.. Today, the new energy car market is hot and sales continuously.

Many consumers are also concerned about the recovery of new energy vehicles.. Some analysts pointed out that there are currently two focus issues in new energy vehicles.

First, the battery recovery of pure electric vehicles, if the battery is not effective, and the environment is contaminated.. Second, the residual value of new energy vehicles is too low, resulting in large economic losses to the owner.

If these two issues, if they cannot be effectively resolved, they will hinder the healthy development of new energy auto markets.. It can be seen that the dynamic lithium battery recovery has huge impact on the new energy automobile industry, but after the reporter visited the investigation, it was found that the development of the current battery recovery industry did not present the applied optimism.

. 1 Terminal Recycling Market is still in the use of many factors such as policy, market demand, the main factories, batteries, materials companies, third-party recycling companies, cross-border companies, etc. have flooded into the battery recycling field.

. Among them, the host factory of important responsibility main body of the battery recovery work, its battery recovery will have an important impact on the rhythm and process of the entire battery recovery industry..

The reporter learned that in the main factory battery recovery work, relying on its terminal sales channel construction reclaim network is an important recycling mode. The reporter found after visiting the battery recovery of many mainstream pure electric car brand dealers, in the terminal market, the battery recovery work of the main plant is still very slow. At present, the host factory is still only responsible for the battery within the pure electric vehicle warranty period, and the problem will be repaired or replaced.

. However, the warranty period has not yet been introduced to delegate the opinion, and some host plants are supplied to repayment battery services..

That is to say, most host plants have not yet made clear layouts for pure electric vehicle battery recovery work.. In the visiting market, the reporter learned that most of the mainstream brands of pure electric vehicles said that their agents did not have a clear treatment of the battery, as the terminal sales market of the main factory battery, battery recycling Work has not started.

The reporter learned that only Beiqi new energy dealer said that this brand vehicle can be in the form of a replacement form (three electricity) 8 years / 150,000 kilometers, battery attenuation does not exceed 20%. Repurchase. At the same time, consumers can pass the “New Plan” service launched by the main factory, paying the cost of 3% of the car, while meeting the car for 3 years without more than 60,000 kilometers or 4 years without more than 70,000 Kilometers, the main plant can repurchase old cars by 50% of the car at the time of purchase.

However, there is no mention of the power lithium battery recovery.. In the second-hand car market, the new energy vehicle is in a relatively weak state.

. A used car salesman said to the reporter: “We rarely collect pure electric cars, nor do not accept, but only like TSLA, there may be profit, the price of self-brand pure electric cars is cheap, battery decay is not It is better to judge, basically there is no profit, 20,000 yuan to buy a car, opened less than 80,000 yuan for a year, if you can’t sell it in half a year, no one is willing to do pure electric car business. Su Hui, executive deputy chairman of the Tangible Auto Market Branch of my country’s Automobile Flow Association, said that the new energy used car market is now relatively poor, not to increase the support of support or to invest in large amounts of funds.

. As time goes by, the promotion of technology, the quality of raw materials is continuously improved, the new energy used car residual value will slowly improve. “The fuel truck also experienced the time of hundreds of years before going to this situation, the development of new energy vehicles also take time.

Su Hui said. 2 costs and profits are difficult to balance the relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission. At present, my country’s pure electric vehicle power storage battery in China is still relatively small.

The relevant recycling system has not been established, and the recycling technology craft is not mature. Mandatory management. About battery recovery, host mills and battery companies have their own views.

“Within the warranty period, we have contractual agreement in the warranty period. If you have problems need to be repaired or replaced, but the warranty period, it is important to flow to the secondary use, and users also feel that they are sold to recyculations..

At present, there are not many vehicles that we recycled. We are studying, how to pric, how to pricing, how to settle with battery suppliers..

“One main plant inside people said this. One battery company insiders said that the company is most concerned about how to improve the energy density of battery products. As for the battery recovery, there is not much attention, and important reasons are too small, even 40,000 tons a year, about an industry It is also relatively small, the recycling industry has not been made, and the recycling is difficult to make money, the company will not invest this field.

. Another person in charge of the battery company said that battery recovery is an industry with technical and fund thresholds. It is necessary to invest in a lot of investment, but the current policy only encourages the company to recycle, and there is no clear incentive policy.

. Consumers handle pure electric car batteries and expect to be able to get reasonable returns, which allows companies that want to get involved in battery recycling..

However, there is also a battery company to start the layout of battery recycling. According to public information, BYD, China Aviation Lithium Electric, CATL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

(CATL) has started the ladder of the dynamic lithium battery.. There are also some companies engaged in energy storage services, such as Zhongxingpai, Zhongtian Bank, etc.

. It is not difficult to see that it is a company, most of the company or a large group of companies, which is a large company or a large group of companies. It does not expect from this business.

. To have more companies involved, build the industrial chain of power lithium battery recycling as soon as possible. 3 New energy car recycling should steadily stabilize from the first new energy car to put into use now 5, 6 years, according to the 5 years of passenger cars, the first purchase of pure electric car battery ushered in the retirement Small peak.

It is predicted that by 2020, my country’s pure electric vehicle battery accumulated waste will reach 120,000 to 170,000 tons. If these waste batteries are improper, it will cause considerable environmental pollution..

The reporter learned from Beiqi new energy, Beiqi Xin Energy has now set up Beiqi new energy certification of Beiqi new energy certification, with a total of more than 40, and commissioned a third-party company to organize dynamic lithium batteries after all battery recovery. Harmless treatment. At present, the proportion of recovery of lithium-ion batteries in my country is about 10%, and the United States has exceeded 90%.

. With the implementation of the “Interim Measures for the Administration of New Energy Automobile Power Battery Recycling, the company will have more and more in battery recycling, there will be more host plants with the same main machine factory as Beiqi new energy, and the scale will also be increasing Greater. According to relevant institutions, my country’s battery recovery will reach 10.

7 billion yuan in 2020, about the main factory, battery recovery will be a favorable map of new blue sea.. Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Conference, said that the battery recycling industry has not yet to standardize, although the standard is good, but in the current situation, you can only add more burden.

. “Battery recycling will gradually improve and improve with the development of new energy auto markets, can not eat into fat, no one can say no future, only one step is steadily upgraded. “Cui Dongshu said.


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