Whether the dispute recycling can be a ‘Puppet issue?

Whether the dispute recycling can be a 'Puppet issue?

According to the data, the total amount of powerful lithium battery in 2016 is approximately 25.25 billion watts. The total amount of the renewal is less than 10,000 tons, nearly 84% of the scrapped battery is still retained in the car company.

. A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Renewable Resources” (“Guidance”. Among them, the new energy power lithium battery recycling is included in major pilot demonstration projects.

. According to the reference demonstration of new energy power lithium battery recycling, focusing on the development of new energy vehicles such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, and choosing a number of cities to carry out new energy vehicle power storage batteries recycling pilot demonstration. It is understood that this is a pilot work for the first time for the recycling of power lithium batteries, and this work will be the same as the new energy vehicle promotion, gradually facing the whole country.

. At present, power lithium battery recycling is important to rely on car companies, battery production companies or third parties..

The real situation is that due to the technical rules of the corresponding recycling and the corresponding economic problems have not yet been resolved, the practice recycling project is fashionable.. Battery recycling is a “pseudo-answer” for the debate of power lithium battery recycling related issues, has already become a topic of older.

Now, new energy vehicles are gradually entering the recycling this stage.. However, compared to a lot of actual needs, the power lithium battery that really incorporates recycling project is ignored.

. According to the data, the total amount of powerful lithium battery in 2016 is approximately 25.25 billion watts.

The total amount of the renewal is less than 10,000 tons, nearly 84% of the scrapped battery is still retained in the car company.. Under normal circumstances, driving new energy vehicles should face the problem of electrification for 5 years, regarding high-frequency usage models such as taxi, bus, etc.

, the demand for electric exchange is more urgent. Previously, my country’s Automotive Technology Research Center has predicted that by 2020, my country’s electric vehicle power lithium battery accumulated scrap volume will reach 120,000 to 170,000 tons..

However, in the face of such a huge recycling market, my country’s powered lithium battery recycling project is a fight. “Guidance Opinions” indicates that power lithium battery recycling should establish a traceability management system through information on information such as Internet, large data, and support the establishment of a strong sense of uniform, economically good recycling model, and carry out step utilization and reuse. Technical research, product development and demonstration application.

However, in fact, power lithium battery recycling is considerable technical requirements. At present, the relevant standards for power recovery are not unified, and most power lithium battery production companies can have a powerful lithium battery recovery, dismantling and re-use qualification..

Overall, the technical short board is the problem that cannot be ignored.. If the technology does not meet the standard, then directly lead to a thorough “pseudo-theme” related to power lithium battery recycling.

. The retired battery has no profit last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Development and Reform Commission jointly announced the “Electric Automotive Power Battery Recycling Technology Policy”, the first time, the responsible subject. It can be roughly understood: Who is responsible, who pollutes who govern?.

This means that power production companies and automakers have an indelible responsibility on the problem of dynamic lithium battery recovery.. However, the powerful lithium battery recycling project is a hot salad, and both parties are afraid.

. If you want to achieve the recycling of power lithium batteries, you must be aware of an economic account..

It is understood that after the recycling of the power lithium battery, a series of inspection procedures is to determine the residual rate of the product. Can you determine whether to recover or reuse. With regard to the power lithium battery company, they believe that the recovery cost should be responsible for the car enterprise due to the power lithium battery has been sold to the car.

. However, the vehicle enterprise believes that the battery has been consumed, even if it recovered, both parties should jointly bear this fee..

For this issue, both parties have been in the dispute stage.. In addition, how to judge the foreground of retired batteries, the same problem.

Since the retired power lithium battery residual rate is different, some batteries may enter the scrap phase, enter the recovery tank, after dismantling, etc., finally extract the available metal elements, as the raw material for battery production. Some retired batteries can enter the reuse stage, but there is a difference due to the efficiency of the usage, which causes a small trouble to recover pricing.

. It can be seen that the necessity of establishing a value assessment system for retired batteries. More importantly, the economic benefits of the retired battery of the current recycling use are not obvious.

Previously, Dr. Wang Yue Li, CATL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

, said to “New Energy Auto News”, this is important to be retired The battery market has less capacity, and the cost consumed by the retired battery is huge.. Due to the complexity of the dynamic lithium battery ladder, it is not more complicated, not all power lithium batteries can be recycled and reused.

. “Once there is a mistake in the intermediate link, destroy the battery deconstruction, there is no reusable value..

“And the costs of this aspect should also consider it.. Battery recycling uses the cost of recycling of the second-hand car market retirement battery, and it is more difficult to make the threshold for related qualifications.

. In this, the use of cars must be indispensable..

At present, it is understood that there are only a few car companies such as Beiqi, BYD, Qi Chen, TSLA, and its purpose is to conduct a recycling channel for power lithium batteries.. However, the flow of vehicles exchanged is not as beautiful as the number of vehicles exchanged.

. For example, Northern Automobile New Energy For replacement vehicles, a portion of the vehicle will be used in the factory area, and the vehicle is low, and the power lithium battery is further processed. It is rarely moving to the dismantling and utilization.

. BYD is testing the recycled vehicle, more is to enter the second-hand car market..

In fact, the current new energy car is not petted in the second-hand car market.. “New Energy Auto News” visited the second-hand car market, except for TSLA, almost no other new energy models.

The reason why the new energy used car is so cold, the reason still needs to be attributed to the performance of the power lithium battery, need to face recycling. With the longer driving time, the degree of depreciation will be higher, directly causing consumers, do not ask. However, there are also car companies to show that the dynamic lithium battery will be handed over to third-party recycling institutions.

. They have a good return to retired batteries with technical advantages and related experiences..

According to “New Energy Automobile News”, the current market has a lot of resources in the market, and the products have different products in each dynamic lithium battery company, there is no effective detection for all power lithium batteries. Way. Brought a certain difficulty to the test process.

With regard to the power lithium battery industry, although the recycling project has many complexities, the current state has developed corresponding development planning and promoting the development of this market.. As more and more batteries are about to retire, how to continue their use in the next life cycle, then the urgency of the market is facing.

This makes it possible to accelerate the establishment of a dynamic lithium battery recycling system and become a key element of this year’s dynamic lithium battery development.

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