Where is the ‘Jiangshan’ in the charging lithium battery?

Where is the 'Jiangshan' in the charging lithium battery?

In recent years, the lithium-ion battery has already launched a lot of “Jiangshan”, and the application in our lives is more extensive.. According to the application field, the lithium-ion battery can be roughly divided into three types: consumption, power type, energy storage type.

Lithium-ion batteries are applied to the consumer sector to be traced back to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery developed by Sony, Japan in 1990. Subsequent lithium-ion batteries for commercialization, popularization into everyday life of everyone..

Now the lithium-ion battery on the market is a secondary battery, which can be repeatedly charged, widely used in mobile phones, laptops, Bluetooth headphones, etc., such consumer lithium-ion battery cycle life does not need to be too good, generally used for 2, 3 years It will be replaced, but because it is a portable product, it is necessary to make a thin development, so there is a high size of the battery..

Before 2015, the consumer lithium-ion battery occupies an absolute dominance in the market.. However, with the hair of electric cars, by 2016, the power lithium battery quickly occupies the market, the proportion exceeds the consumer lithium ion battery.

. The power-type lithium-ion battery is important for transportation tools. In addition to electric bicycles, electric vehicles and electric bus, it is also used for forklifts, airport tractors, etc.

. Because of powerful power, the discharge power of such batteries is large, the energy is high, and the capacity is also very large..

Battery system is complex, we must thicken diaphragm, foil and housing to protect the internal environment of the battery, prevent a big accident due to short circuits.. It can be seen that the power-type lithium-ion battery about technology is very high, and countries have invested a large capital for technology research and development.

. The battery and the top are different, and the first two categories are basically directly sure to people, while the use of energy storage lithium-ion batteries is more complex..

It is equivalent to the “middleman” of the electricity, and does not make a difference, it is not preferentially stored in the power grid, and it can also store the electricity from wind energy, water energy, solar energy, can be used in the family, or the entire area.. It also balances the power grid load, even when the grid crashes, it can be said to be “RedQueen” in the Biochemical Crisis.

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