Where is the battery recycling?

Where is the battery recycling?

Car battery, angels turn to evil, jungly evil. Does it sound high? In fact, the reason is very simple, my country has begun to enter the new energy car era to now have 11 years, and it is expected that in the 2020 movement battery will enter the scale of retirement..

If there are more than 50% of the waste power storage batteries enter the ladder, then there will be nearly 100,000 tons of waste batteries to be handled.. In the face of our “quick” development of electric cars, is our downstream recycling industry really ready? Waste battery recycling, September 1 will make new policies, tremendous changes directly affect the interests of dealers.

The amount of car battery scrap will usher in “small peak” – the market size exceeds 5.3 billion yuan, and by 2020, these two numbers will reach 200,000 tons and 10.1 billion yuan respectively.

. Following the hundred billion market big cakes, but the formal battery loop recycling company that felt huge psychological gaps in the battery recovery market was not a few; and the formation of the “small workshop” business in some batteries In full swing. The same market, survival situation, ice fire two days, reflect the operation of the battery recycling market.

“The battery has been scrapped, at least half flow into the black city, and is illegally dismantled”. This not only disrupted the market competition, but more serious is to bring irreversible pollution and destruction to the social environment..

As the country launches battery recovery pilot in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hunan and other regions, more and more companies entering the battery recovery industry, including new energy car companies, battery suppliers, independent battery recycling companies, etc. Causes the shunt of recycling battery channels. The revision of the “Solid Waste Polish Environmental Prevention and Control Law of the People’s Republic of China will be officially implemented on September 1, 2020.

The new “solid waste law” will have a huge impact on the recycling market of waste batteries.. Under such a mixed war, the battery legal recycling company will face the shuffle.

In fact, the most reasonable recycling channels should be completed or dominated by battery manufacturers, thinking that they have advanced battery technology, and more convenient to extract new batteries from the waste battery, especially Precious metal. The topic of the recycling and processing of waste batteries has been put forward, but the focus is still on the market in the market, maybe the subsidy is canceled, the licensed welfare is not, can relieve the number of batteries. How to deal with this battery that is about to usher in recycling, you can’t let people feel relieved in this current situation.

. Now the simplest domestic garbage treatment has not been supported, like the recycling of waste batteries, such as high-tech content and responsibility institutions are more phoenix..

The state proposes that mandatory standards are only the first step. How to make a profit of the implementation agency is the driving force to support them, it is impossible to always expect national financial subsidies..

Effective recovery of waste batteries is the second step, both battery production companies and vehicle production companies have a responsibility to track every battery, where did they do in their life cycle?. The third step is to deal with waste batteries. It is absolutely not allowed to operate in the private workshop, and the part of the recyclable use should be recycled.

The rest of the waste is more properly placed, otherwise it will really destroy our future generation environment.. There are more than 30 companies with waste-powered lithium battery recovery qualifications.

Are they ready to welcome the first peak of retirement of waste power storage? Previously, “Can’t refused” entry, chaotic market environment, “gully vertical and horizontal” recycling channels will truly ushered in historic changes from September 1 this year. .

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