When it is the safety of electric cars’ safety, ‘solid’

When it is the safety of electric cars' safety, 'solid'

Recently, “TSLA Electric Cars will be fired? Is it safe?” Automobile industry. Behind this trigger the user’s accident on the new energy vehicle trust crisis, not only the surface is so simple, and the more critical “guided fire” is a strategy choice for car companies on dynamic lithium battery technology..

According to incomplete statistics, in 2018, there were more than 40 self-ignition accidents in my country.. The mainstream method of electric vehicle battery is now divided into two major camps, distinguishing between battery positive material: One is a lithium phosphate ion battery – limited energy density, relatively high, but has lower price, longer cycle service life and resistance High temperature and more secure; the other is a three-dimensional lithium-ion battery with high energy density and advanced technology, but safety is not as stable.

. Recently, my country’s Science Research Institute announced that the nano-pilot special “full solid-state battery” project taken by the hospital has passed the acceptance, and this technology will further promote the scale of domestic full solid lithium-ion batteries..

This news came out, once again pushing the attention of the solid battery in the “climax”. Solid state battery is a battery using a solid electrode and a solid electrolyte. Its solid electrolyte is not flammable, no corrosion, no volatilization, no leakage liquid, high temperature performance, higher safety, solid-state battery will greatly reduce the probability of self-ignition of electric vehicles.

Under the current ternary lithium-ion battery system, the combination of high nickel ternary positive, silicon carbon negative electrode and electrolyte will reach performance limit (energy density limit 350Wh / kg), still unable to completely meet the power lithium battery Requirements for security, energy density and cost. Solid State Battery is more secure in addition to energy density (expected 500WH / kg)..

The full solid-state lithium-ion battery is based on solid material non-volatile, no corrosion, no volatilization, no leakage problem, so more advantages in preventing heat loss. Today, solid state battery technology is becoming a worldwide competitive hotspot. More and more domestic and foreign companies and research institutions will focus on all solid-state lithium-ion batteries, including Toyota, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mass and other companies.

. Volkswagen announced plans to develop battery life 1000km solid state battery. Toyota is based on battery technology.

. From Prius Ni-Nickel Hydrogen Battery to Mirai Fuel Power Battery, Toyota is the industry to apply new energy technology to vehicle enterprises..

In the Solid State Battery, according to relevant news, Toyota’s funds invested in related batteries prior to 2030 may exceed $ 13 billion, which is expected to complete the R & D work of solid-state batteries in 2022, and plans to achieve mass production in 2030.. Domestic company in the company includes CATL, National Stars (份), Jiangsu Qingtao Energy, Hui Neng, China Aviation Lithium Electric, etc.

. In addition, such as the lithium lithium, BYD, and 103, etc., also announced the layout of solid-state battery, but most companies are still in the “theoretical research and development” stage.

. Previously, in the beginning of this year, the sky has exhibited the first solid state battery electric vehicle ME7 in China..

According to the Sky Chairman and CEO Zhang Hai Liang revealed that the sky-stated solid battery will be produced and loaded in 2021. At that time, the horizon or the first host factory adopted by the physical battery technology in my country, and the skyline ME7 will also become the first new energy vehicle in China as a source of power..

At present, the safety issues of new energy automotive batteries have attached importance, and it has also become one of the core issues that restrict its marketing. If you can’t solve battery safety problems, new energy vehicles do not have future. Although the current solid-state battery is still in the R & D promotion stage, it is facing the challenges of technical problems, manufacturing costs, mass production, etc.

, but solid-state batteries are considered to be the most likely alternative for existing liquid lithium-ion batteries.. Whether the overall new energy industry can fully turn to solid state batteries, but also depends on the technical advancement and market promotion of the solid state battery itself.

. Once the solid battery is truly promoted, the safety of the electric car will also be fundamentally solved, thus becoming the most ideal alternatives of existing fuel vehicles.

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