What new progress is made by power lithium battery safety issues?

What new progress is made by power lithium battery safety issues?

During the development of the power car, it also promoted the new demand for power lithium batteries. However, the safety of power lithium battery has always been the most concerned question, because in reality, there are still a lot of dangerous things, then What new progress is there in the safety problem of power lithium battery? One of Wuhan is self-burning next to the road; On May 16th, in the Shanghai Jiading District, there is another underground garage, and another military ES8 self-ignition; May 4th, Hangzhou 8 electric cars accidentally fire, burn Only the left; March 6, 12th, 16th, the Beiqi Weiwang electric log train using the three-yuan lithium-ion battery lasts for three days, it is spontaneous when charging ..

. Recently, new energy vehicles have frequent accidents, once again I causing the public to question the safety of new energy vehicles, and the power lithium battery as the “heart” of electric cars, its importance is self-evident. “The most fundamental problem of power lithium battery is the contradiction between performance and security.

“The Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chen Qingquan, who was held in China, was questioned in China’s 2019 my country Automotive Ecological Design International Forum: How to develop in the future, in order to become a safe battery recognized by the public? High performance and high security difficulties” now “now power lithium The most important problem of the battery is safe, the prospect of the dynamic lithium battery industry has vast, provided that the security issue must be solved. “The academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said, according to the data supplied by the General Administration of Market Supervision, there have been more than 80 electric vehicles in fire accidents, and the safety issues of electric vehicles have not been ignored..

“According to statistics, in the 2018 new energy vehicle accident, 129% of charging, 14% of the standing, and 10% of the water injection caused.. “Ouyang Ming high expressed, in order to find an answer to the safety hazard of electric vehicle, its team has studied the battery of important electric car brands at home and abroad, and found that the battery varies after the fast charge 300-500 times.

. “Usually the thermal out-of-control temperature of the new battery is about 215 degrees, while excessive use of fast charge-free battery thermal out-of-control critical points will drop to 107 degrees..

“In this regard, Wang Zihe, Director of the Dynamic Lithium Battery Laboratory of Northern Vehicle Research Institute, said. Wang Zi Dong said, his team has also done related experiments, discovering batteries produced by the same batch, placing and installing in the car, resulting in complete different results. “The battery used in the car is more likely to have problems, and the battery is placed without fire.

The difference between the two is whether it is useful and charging.. “The reporter learned that except for the use of the battery is easy to trigger security issues, it is also one of the important reasons for triggering battery security issues.

. “The performance of the power lithium battery includes energy density, km density, circular life, and cost, these four aspects are not only difficult to all, it is easy and safe to conflict, that is, the company has chosen high performance, it is impossible to take into account safety..

For example, the currently hot ternary battery, its safety is not as good as the lithium iron phosphate ion battery. “My Academician Chen Qingquan Chen Qingquan. The semiconductor chip brings dawn “Want to reduce the thermal out-of-control of the fast charge, you must accurately control the fast charge technology, to establish an output power MAP map or model according to multiple factors such as different temperatures, charge conditions, attenuation.

“Assistant Meng Xiangfeng, chairman of CATL, said that the safety of hot control is essential for the safety of the battery.. In addition, the development safer battery technology route is also one of the important initiatives for security security.

. “Future high-nickel-three-lithium, etc., high-energy density batteries should not be the focus of development, and the full solid state battery is still unclear.

. So I think that the future should be based on the lithium iron phosphate ion battery as the main force, and the cost performance is improved on this basis..

“The academician Yang Yusheng, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the lithium iron phosphate ion battery has high safety, long life, and the three major advantages of shortage of shortcomings, is a more ideal power lithium battery technology route.. “Lithium phosphate ion battery does not need rare metals such as nickel, cobalt, plus the current micro-nano-carbon cladding technology, can make up for problems with high conductivity, in tiny electric vehicles and Second generation increased vehicle is completely applicable.

“For fast charge, Yang Yusheng believes that it is necessary to develop new batteries. “The graphite negative of the current use can be discharged, but it is not fast; the lithium titanate ion battery can achieve rapid charge, but the price is high, so we have to develop new batteries..

“Yang Yusheng believes that if you want to get high security, cheap fast charge battery, the key is the use of new materials, and the research and development of the project has been developed.. “At present, we have mastered a breakthrough technique, which can solve the contradiction between power lithium battery high performance and high security by using manufacturing semiconductors, but currently cannot achieve industrialization.

. “Chen Qingquan revealed that although there is currently no more information on this technology due to confidential reasons,” but as long as the semiconductor chip can be used, the safety, high performance and industrialization of dynamic lithium battery can be used at the same time..

“In short, the technology of new energy vehicles should be constantly improved, and there are various problems in life. We can make everyone confidence in the content, and we will solve various problems in the future.

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