What is the recent context of a continuous rechargeable lithium battery industry chain?

What is the recent context of a continuous rechargeable lithium battery industry chain?

In terms of dynamic lithium batteries, the Ministry of Science and Technology will focus on the new generation of lithium-ion battery materials, full solid state lithium or lithium-ion batteries, metal lithium-ion batteries, multivalent metals and reaction materials systems, lay the foundation for the future development. In the last trading day of the A shares before the double holiday, the blade battery energy density improvement plan made BYD share price rose 7.74%.

T close again, on October 1, it benefited from the replacement CATL battery, TSLA announced that China’s domestic model3 decreased to RMB 249,900, while the endless mileage effectively increased more than 20 kilometers.. Under the context of automotive motor speed, the recent continuous development trend of lithium-ion battery industry chains? The industry development enters the expressway “Next stage, where is the development opportunity of my country’s brand cars? I think it should be a new energy car, this is the new development direction.

“Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Xin Guobin, in the 2020 World New Energy Car Conference,. According to the introduction of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in recent years, my country’s new energy auto industry has achieved active progress, and has become an important force in the electric transformation of the global auto industry. The production and sales volume lasts for five years, and has more than 4.

5 million vehicles in the world. More than 50% of the world. Upstream and downstream of the industrial chain effectively, battery, motor, electric control, etc.

Innovation, and the results have. Product supply quality continues to improve, consumer recognition is increasing. According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, in the past decade, my country’s new energy vehicle technology has made remarkable progress.

Dynamic lithium battery monomer energy density is 2 times, close to 300WH / kg; drive motor weight is 3 times, exceeding 4.3 kW / kg; fuel power battery electric stack power density further increases to 4.2kw / L; graphite Double-polar plate strength reaches 12,000 hours.

Xin Guobin said that my country’s important automobile companies have basically established new energy vehicles are being developing a research and development system, and a batch of new energetic forces have injected new vitality for industrial development. Some multinational corporations in the international company have also increased the development of new energy vehicles. Strength, products developed based on newly designed pure electric drive platforms are getting more and more approved by consumers.

Although in 2020, my country’s new energy automobile industry encountered an epidemic, but the industrial recovery in recent months was very fast.. In August, my country’s pure electric vehicle sales volume was 77,000, up 127.

6% year-on-year, with sales of 88.1%, increased by 1.2 percentage points from the previous month, market share further expanded.

The rise of pure electric automotive types has enabled electric vehicle production companies in my country.. Not only the TSLA has harvested a large number of orders in our market, but only 11,542 in my country in August, and the new power of domestic carnivities has come out of the trough.

Spend continues to rise.. “Electric cars have entered a new rapid development channel, this important is driven by market, it is sustainable development.

“Senior Automobile Industry Analyst Messon Lin said. The picture shows the competition and opportunities of the BYD Han EV lithium-ion battery industry in the blade battery. Although the electric car market is warm, the competition is more intense, especially around the competition of the core of the most important component of the performance of electric vehicles.

. As an important ginsenger in the field of global dynamic lithium battery, my country’s representative company of the lithium-ion battery industry chain CATL and BYD are stepping up the technological innovation. As the largest power lithium battery listed company, CATL 201, early declaration, declares the new long life battery.

This battery adopts self-repairing long life technology, achieving 16-year long life or 2 million mileage, cost is less than 10% from existing batteries. According to relevant person in charge of the company, the core of CATL self-repairing long life battery technology is slowing down the capacity attenuation speed, that is, controls the active lithium consumption speed..

CATL-related experts said that the technology is generally used in three-membered materials and lithium iron phosphate materials, which already has the amount of production capacity, can alleviate the pain points of the user mileage attenuation, and greatly reduce the battery cost, improve the economics of electric vehicles related to the economics of the fuel car.. According to TSLA, the data released on October 1, CATL’s latest lithium iron phosphate ion battery energy density is 125Wh / kg, which is equipped with a Model3 battery life of the battery, which is slightly higher than the currently available standard battery life.

Model. In addition, the battery will also be used on domestic modely. BYD launched a widely focused blade battery in 2020.

Although it is also a lithium phosphate ion battery, the blade battery is highly energy density due to a unique internal structure, and it is more energy density in terms of battery life.. At the World New Energy Automobile Conference, Lu Zhizi, deputy director of BYD Shenzhen Development Center, revealed that the first generation of the first generation of the blade battery can reach 140Wh / kg this year, the volume energy density reaches 230Wh / L, estimated 2025 Realizing energy density can reach greater than 180WH / kg, volume energy density reaches 300Wh / L.

Lu Zhipe said that the key technological innovation of blade batteries is imported in material optimization, structural innovation, battery management, process methods, and complete vehicle integration. The number of components of battery system is reduced by 40%, and the volume utilization (VCTP) is 50%. Cost fell by 30%.

“Byadi dominate the phosphate, and the CATL’s main battlefield is the three yuan.. Nowadays, the market share of iron phosphate is rapidly rising, which is related to the government subsidy.

. “Messonlin analysis said that the development of lithium-ion battery technology is getting faster and faster, it is difficult to refer to the technical route is excellent. Meson Lin said that in the past few years, my country’s lithium-ion battery industry has achieved great progress, including energy density, cost reduction, etc.

. One of the current core challenges is the contradiction between battery high energy density and safety..

In Messonglin, these aspects are both challenges and opportunities.. Senior battery sector analyst Zhang Xiang also believes that my country’s lithium-ion battery industry will continue to improve.

At present, the electric vehicle for new forces, the electric vehicles, which are improved by improving the vehicle’s wind resistance coefficient, but in battery energy density. Further strengthen research on this battery key index. “Work hard to achieve more from 0 to 1 breakthrough.

Li Meng, deputy director of the Ministry of Science and Technology, disclosed at the 2020 World New Energy Automobile Conference, in terms of power lithium battery, the Ministry of Science and Technology will focus on the next-generation lithium-ion battery system, full solid state lithium or lithium-ion battery, metal lithium ion battery, more Valetery metal and reaction materials, etc., lay the foundation for the future development of the industry. .

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