What is the price of cobalt? What is the amount of cobalt demand in the future?

What is the price of cobalt? What is the amount of cobalt demand in the future?

Cobalt is an important strategic metal, is an excellent alloy and battery material, widely used in battery materials and alloy manufacturing.. Recently, cobalt prices continue to rise, touch the industry’s nerves.

. Source of data: Ante Technology Source: Source: US Geological Survey China National Federation Securities Research Institute’s price increase from my country’s non-ferrous metal network data, February 22, metal cobalt’s reference price per ton of 377,000 yuan, It was 4 months ago, that is, on October 22, 2016, the price of metal cobalt was about 220,000 yuan per ton, over 70%. Only in February this year, the price of metal cobalt on February is 295,000 yuan per ton.

It has risen by about 25% this month.. Multi-party message sources show that the maximum cobalt suppliers of 3 domestic domestic cobalt suppliers in Huayou Cobalt Industry, Green Mei and Jinchuan Group have a cobalt product, and some cobalt products are suspended.

. In the securities market, the stocks related listed companies in the cobalt industry have risen sharply. For example, Huayou Cobalt Industry is announced that the company has continued to pay more than 20% of the price increase in the monthly closing price.

In 2008 – In 2016, cobalt’s price has been more stable, why is there an explosive rise in the industry? In the industry, the most direct and most fundamental reason for cobalt price soaring is the outbreak of the three-dimensional ion battery.. In recent years, the ternary batteries have become one of the important applications of cobalt.

. Although the amount of cobalt from the single cell is not large, with the introduction of the national new energy car subsidy, the three-yuan battery is favored due to energy density advantages, and a large number of power lithium batteries will focus on the production of three-yuan battery..

“In 2016, more than 80% of the cobalt demand from the battery are from the field of battery.. Especially since the fourth quarter of last year, the demand for three-yuan battery is concentrated.

. Current new energy passenger cars and special vehicles turn to the three-yuan battery are already trend, and the ratio of ternary batteries will increase the demand for cobalt long-term..

“National Association’s Securities Analyst Masson told reporters. Cobalt prices or continuously high recent stock prices are high in addition to commodity trading speculation, and important causes is that the fundamental exhibition of cobalt supply and demand is high..

It is necessary to focus on cobalt prices and expand production may be fundamental.. However, cobalt’s yield is not big, “” Yield is not said “.

“The problem of lack of cobalt resources in my country, rather than processing. Masson blunt. According to the 2014 data in the US Geological Survey, the global amount of cobalt resources is 25 million tons, reserves 7.

2 million tons, and the reserves are highly concentrated in Congo (Gold), Australia and Cuba.. This 3 countries accounted for 70% of the world’s total reserves.

. And my country’s reserves are only 80,000 tons, accounting for 1.1% of the global reserves.

. Masson further said that nearly 90% of the cobalt raw materials in my country comes from the Congo, but the Congo Political Bureau is unstable. This political risk will bring great impact on the supply of cobalt.

. “At the same time, cobalt ore is accompanied by accompanying ore, and copper pendant, if only the price of cobalt is not enough to offset the cost of exploitation, but with the rise of copper, the impulse of cobalt development is also present..

Personally consider the impact of the Congo Political Agency’s impact on cobalt supply more. If the political situation continues to turmoil, the price increase in the future of cobalt is still difficult to predict. “He frank.

10% of cobalt account for 10% of the cost of ternary batteries It is expected that the demand for cobalt in the future in the future will maintain a composite increase rate of 11.7%, and the cobalt in 2017 will have the first time 2000 tons of supply and demand gap. After that, the gap will gradually expand And cobalt prices will continue to rise.

Cobalt prices have high impact on ternary batteries, and the key is to see the cost of cobalt in ternary batteries.. Ma Song calculated a bill for the reporter.

1KWH battery is 2.34 kg of positive material, 2.34 kg of cobalt content is 12% -15%, that is, 0.

32-0.35 kg of cobalt, with the price of cobalt 370 yuan / kg, then cobalt cost is 118- 130 yuan, now the cost of the 1KWH ternary battery is about 1200 yuan, and the cost of cobalt accounts for about 10%..

And cobalt accounts for approximately 6% in terms of three yuan before the price increase. With the decline in new energy car subsidies, it also reduces costs while improving battery energy density while improving battery energy density..

Under the high momentum of cobalt, how can the ternary batteries break around, is there a replacement of cobalt with higher cost? “Cobalt still has no alternative. “In Masson,” can only reduce the amount of cobalt. With the upgrade of the battery, the amount of nickel-cobalt manganese in the ternary battery will be lowered.

Now the mainstream ternary battery nickel-cobalt manganese ratio is 5: 2: 3, and will gradually increase the ratio of nickel, reduce the amount of cobalt. The proportion reaches 6: 2: 2: 2 or 8: 1: 1. “Pushing cobalt recycling in recent years, the state’s emphasis on new energy power lithium battery recycling is continuously added, and the power lithium battery recovery market is constantly developing.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Recycling Resources Industry”, proposed to carry out new energy-powered lithium battery recycling demonstration work. “Recycling cobalt is an important way. my country’s cobalt mine is only 0.

02%, and only 40,000 tons of proven can be reduced; 60% -70% of cobalt is used for battery production, and my country’s cobalt is seriously relying on import, if you can be from retired batteries Effective recovery of cobalt in the extent to a large extent, my country’s rare metal resources. “Professor Tsinghua University, Vice President of Jiangxi University of Technology said in an interview with reporters. In addition, as an important strategic metal element, cobalt has a wide range of applications in hardness alloys, high temperature alloys and other industries.

“With the development of my country, especially the manufacturing of large aircraft, the demand for cobalt will also have a large increase in the demand for the production of large aircraft.. Therefore, it is an inevitable initiative to make recycling.

. Xu Shengming believes. However, in Masson, the current cobalt recycling is not economical, and the recovery is still small, “but with the rise of cobalt rises, recycling is getting more and more valuable, the market will grow up.

. “.

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