What is the layout of speeding fuel power battery car commercial Medicer Germany?

What is the layout of speeding fuel power battery car commercial Medicer Germany?

As one of the new energy vehicle technology routes, hydrogen fuel power battery cars have triggered a global scale.. It is well known that in recent years, my country has made some progress in hydrogen fuel power batteries, then what is the results of the hydrogen fuel power batteries in the same period, the United States, Germany, Japan, and Korean? What new plans? At relevant meetings, relevant people from multiple countries have shared the above aspects.

The following is a key remittance, for the industry reference! (According to the live speech record Energy, although it has just become the world’s largest natural gas and oil producer, we are currently exporting to 35 countries, five continents, we have actually imported exporting countries in the past 60 years, but you can also see We are actually very concerned about the strategy of developing energy, renewable energy accounts for 11% of all our consumer energy, so that hydrogen is indeed an important part of the energy combination, we can use themselves in China. We can produce themselves, we can also use in multiple fields..

In addition, today I want to introduce you to the four key information. The first information is a very superior development of our US, the last time I came to my country to be a year ago, from that time until now, we The energy of more than 650 MW fuel power batteries has been transported globally, and 70,000 fuel power batteries are delivered globally, as well as the $ 2 billion fuel power battery, so we have a total of The energy of more than 100 MW a year is sold globally, most of which is applied in the transportation industry..

In the United States, we now have 5,600 commercial fuel power batteries, or they are either leased or sold out, this number is much more than any other country.. And at the same time, we now have more than 20,000 forklifts, all of the fuel power battery, like some important companies to use fuel power battery forklift.

There are more than 13 million hydrogen stations, which are important for the forklift industry. We now have two projects and fedex, they will constantly expand our mileage, and we have 350,000 fuel bus..

We have a lot of funds in many continents in the industry, about $ 180 million in fuel power battery infrastructure investment. Klausbonhoff, president of Germany, Germany, Hydrogens: We see that the industry is indeed with this technology, the first round, the second round, the third round, and now it has reached the fourth round of company joint ventures. Common investment, we are now accelerating the development of the market, and also protecting the technical leadership of Germany in this area.

It doesn’t mean that we are doing the best, but when talking to a hydrogen fuel power battery, When the infrastructure technology, when we talk about the vehicle dynamic system, we are indeed a leader.. Then now the government is still supporting, has reached the second stage, in addition to research and development, of course research and development in the value chain is very critical, and we are also supporting some activities launched in the market, such as hydrogen like transportation industry , Renewable energy to produce hydrogen these projects, and still have a static fuel power battery project.

From 2007 to 2016, this industry they are willing to spend 2 billion euros in these projects, and the government’s funding has reached 1.4 billion euros, which is very meaningful event..

We can actively promote the development of the hydrogen-fuel power battery market, then we can certainly take a closer look at the transportation industry, we have two guidance in funding, one is R & D, one is a market launched project. In terms of research and development, we are important to pay attention to vehicles, and there are electric stacks..

The electric stack of the hydrogen fuel power battery, and the total function is also a reduction in the large-scale production period, and the production of production. This is very important for our strategic planning, we hope to follow the pace of South Korea, Japan, my country..

Therefore, we feel that it is a very important point to our industry to maintain development.. We understand that many countries in Asia have active initiatives in this regard, then we see a lot of German car dealers, such as Mercedes-Benz, etc.

also cooperate with the government to launch the corresponding model.. R & D and market activation, this is very attached to the two pillars, which shows the fuel power battery car, its complementarity, then we have always emphasized that we have always emphasized that we are not only in terms of vehicles.

Also constantly improve. To help the popularity of hydrogen-powered battery cars, the government is also planning, and in Germany to improve the infrastructure of hydrogen, this is one of our business, under the framework of the EU, is also our mission. one.

In 2016, we have built 50 hydrogen supplements, hoping to have entered 100 in 2020, before 2025, to 400 hydrogen stations, this is the official data submitted by the EU Commission, then we Industry, once again, it is also a support for the government. It is widely established these infrastructure. Everyone understands the company to create a company to operate these hydrogenation stations, not light in Germany, but it is important to operate these hydrogen stations in Germany.

. So now we have 52 hydrogen stations. We also launched the app, then look at the future, these blue dots are all popularized to 100 hydrogen stations, and they have reached such a figures before 2020.

At that time we will also From the south of Germany to the north, the east to the west, where you can see the Hydrogen station, one starting this is a company’s joint venture, and I saw the government’s positive driving of the private company, the infrastructure is constantly Perfect. Japan’s new energy industry technology comprehensive development agency (NEDO) Hydrogen energy division researcher Eijiohira: In order to promote hydrogen energy development, the Japanese government has introduced hydrogen national strategy, setting up a 2050 vision, is 50 years of hydrogen development Choose, this is a basic strategy, I hope that by hydrogen can have substantially replaced oil and gas and traditional fossil fuels before 2050, and we are more mid-term goals like 2030, for example, our hydrogen The amount reaches 300,000 tons, then the cost reaches 3 USD and one kilogram, etc. These indicators.

We have just heard of some international cooperation in hydrogen energy development. In fact, Japan also holds a full-length meeting in hydrogen energy, which is the meeting that has just ended yesterday, and we have many countries have many regions. International organizations, as well as global multinational companies to participate in this meeting, then in this conference process, the conference representative explored the hydrogen, everyone’s vision hoping to build hydrogen to create a more sustainable society.

. This conference has reached a consensus, which is to promote cooperation between the international, we must unity, standard unity, standards in regulations, and promote the sharing of information between countries and countries, including joint research and development, especially Hydrogen safety and infrastructure supply chain, while strengthening publicity education, while including some improvement potential for carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutions, hydrogen alternatives can bring. We have launched an Ene-FARM to make power generation and heat, and then the entire conversion efficiency has reached more than 90%, and our project is also constantly expanding in the past years, and then this project is also a lot of collection.

family. This is the development of Hydrogenstones. We are still a little backward in the United States.

Now you have a total of 2,700 fuel power battery vehicles on our road. This map is fully demonstrated with hydrogenated infrastructure network. The distribution of Japan has reached 150 tons last year.

In 2017, it is very important to promote hydrogen energy in Hydrogen, and a company is definitely can’t be done, so we see that the vehicle is still There are energy companies, etc. also form alliances, to promote the Hydrogen station in Japan, you can see these companies’ logo, of course, the project objective of this network is to reduce the cost of hydrogenation, expand hydrogen Fuel accessibility. Look at what activities do you have to promote hydrogen? This is a funding situation of Japan’s related activities related to hydrogen energy, and the total funding of the total funding is about $ 260 million this year, and then 40% is important to support subsidizes hydrogenation station, 15% R & D through METIS.

The 3 billion yen is important to support the use of a hydrogen fuel vehicle and there are also many funds for promoting static fuel power batteries.. This is a very clear goal of our R & D market.

Of course, our hydrogen stop is very important, but in 2025, our goal is that the hydrogenation cost of the hydrogen station can fall half.. In the future, improve the durability of technical materials, R & D is also very important.

Of course, our importance in this regard is the company’s efforts, our government is also supporting a lot of institutions and organizations, in this regard.. Then we are now in this commercial car, about 50,000 hours from the previous 5,000 hours of life, such as this is an indicator, and we have 2040-22050, in fact, Comprehensive indicator requirements, some goals, this is the standard set for our research and development.

This technology regarding the PEFC of the transportation industry is the first is the endless mileage. We have a target of more than 1,000 kilometers. The power density of the electric stack is 9 kilowatts per liter.

This is 3 times the current level, then there are other Technical indicators, of course, this is a very huge challenge, we don’t know how to achieve this goal, we welcome everyone to carry out this development in the future.. There is also how to improve the demand for hydrogen, we now also hope to develop the application of hydrogen turbine, and one is to improve the supply chain of large-scale hydrogen, and how to improve between electricity to gas System technology? Improve electrolysis technology, etc.

, it is also our focus, and one has just said that it is a hydrogen gas turbine. Now, how is our challenge to control the temper, reach low nitrogen oxide emissions, now we are also developing new The nozzle, the new burner to cooperate with the good combustion of hydrogen, this is the first project in the world, which is a turbine using hydrogen gas to carry out the electric cogeneration, this total dress capacity is 1 MW, the whole The system is 100% hydrogen driven. This is our efforts for hydrogen supply chain optimization, such as the transportation of long-distance hydrogen, we can transport through long-distance liquefied hydrogen, through vessel, can also transfer hydrogen hydrogens.

This is our electricity to the gas, solar energy can supply a large number of hydrogen, which can support the use of thousands of hydrogen fuel power battery vehicles.. Then through this hopes in 2020, we also expected the Olympic supply hydrogen supply energy to Tokyo.

. Jeahangshin, Director of South Korea, Hydrogen Period: In last year, South Korea’s hydrogen fuel power battery production is a total of 19,000 tons, then there are many of them include the processing of refining, and some other methods, exterior Cycle reaches 250,000 tons. In addition, we have also established 15 hydrogenation stations, 9 of which come from private sectors, and some other planned this year, this year, the construction of 15 hydrogen stations at the end of the year, so we currently go to eight this year.

Month, there are 422 fuel-powered batteries, and in addition, there will be a fuel power battery bus from Seoul next year.. In addition, we can also use other fields.

In next year, we will invest more applications. We currently have 47 fuel power battery power stations, and its energy is 380 megawatts..

We also have some other projects, including some display, some hydrogen shipping projects have started this year, and we will have some corresponding display projects next year.. Let’s take a look at the current situation of Korean fuel power cells, corresponding policies, in 2007, South Korea established a hydrogen fuel association, and we have also begun to build some planning to continue promoting, and the implementation of hydrogen economy is also more interesting, that is, electric The car is constantly changing, then this, this hydrogen economy will be pushed, and we have established some industrial goals, 15,000 fuel power batteries, more than 300 Hydrogen stations planned to be established in 2022, which is planning and planning on fuel power battery industries.

This is the strong support and commitment of the Korean government.. In 2017, the Korean government has also recommended that the hydrogen product has been launched and popularized.

About our hydrogen generation and use establishing the corresponding standards, this year we also announced some strategies about innovation, and in Korea Inside the economy, hydrogen economy is also an important field of investment strategy, to increase innovation and rise, and additionally, hydrogen production is also hydrogen transport, and the like.. The Korean government also hopes to be able to launch a transformation, hoping to establish such an energy transformation with environmentally friendly, including energy security, and the future industry can become more smooth, to promote the economy of hydrogen.

This is also a short-term plan, so that it is until this year, the government planning is to establish a framework for such agencies. For example, we will establish some of the long-term road maps, and our hydrogen economy legislation, also established Got up. Of course, there is also a basic planning of the country.

In addition, the government hopes to support 726 hydrogen fuel vehicles, and 10 HRS development, the establishment of HRS, and next year. South Korea’s government will build 20 fuel bus, and will be newly deployed for 2,000 hydrogen fuel vehicles..

In a medium long term, the government will make some efforts to improve the technology. It is important to promote environmental protection technology, such as a large number of production of hydrogen-fuel power cells, in the transportation industry, government tried to go Ensure a cooperative network, to give us the country to supply hydrogen in a reasonable price, then develop some highly efficient transportation techniques and demonstration projects, combined with hydrogen, the government will also improve the hydrogenation device, Then optimize the development of this hydrogen-fuel power battery car, promoted to the use of railway, vessels, buildings, electricity, etc., the use of fuel power batteries.

Then some key projects, the government hopes to promote demonstration projects, research and development demonstration projects, it is important to focus on original technologies, including green, and low-carbon hydrogen production, including the aqueous bases and some efficient technology development , Liquefaction like hydrogen like methane. At the same time, the government has also established a long-term plan. Next year, the government will also conduct feasibility research on long-term planning, trying to establish a more complete, hydrogen industry infrastructure in China.

. Tell the establishment of hydrogen base, government planning to establish a base of hydrogen production, 30 production bases. It is important to establish such a production base to establish such a production base.

In 2019, three such bases were established, investing more than 20 billion won, and the government will also establish a more complete ecosystem, and then expand in the city. Technical demonstration operation. .

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