What is the binding force of the whitening of the power lithium battery without mandatory declaration

What is the binding force of the whitening of the power lithium battery without mandatory declaration

It is reported that the “Management Measures” is the next subsequent contract document (hereinafter referred to as “specification conditions”), which is applied by the company, and is designed to promote excellence.. Due to subsidizers, the white list will no longer hook the subsidy policy, in the national scientific and technological achievement transformation fund partner, the president of the company’s investment subsidiaries, which means that the supervision of the industry or will lack binding.

However, from another aspect, from the past, the “standardization conditions” of the company’s production scale have changed to the “Management Measures” that now re-investment and certification standards, fully reflecting the transformation of industry management ideas. As long as the industry consensus, scientific evaluation can also promote my country’s power lithium battery industry from past pursuit speed and extensive rise, stepping to the high-quality development of pursuit of benefits. White list light approval, supervision, lithium battery, the importance of new energy vehicles development How far can you go, ultimately depend on the power lithium battery?.

“In March 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the” Standardized Condition “, as of the last batch of catalogs released by 2016, a total of 57 companies entered the catalog.. It is understood that the implementation of “Standardized Conditions” has been recognized and attached importance to the industry, and the company has declared high, local governments, investment agencies, etc.

as an important assessment of projects, capital support, and the vehicle company also used them as zero The important reference indicators of the component supporting system basically form an industry atmosphere of industrial standardization development, effective results. Among them, in promoting the progress of the self-primary brand battery company, “normative conditions” play an extremely important support and encouragement. Relevant research data shows that in 2017, my country’s powered lithium battery shipments were 44.

5GWh, up 44.5% year-on-year, and the scale and shipments were maintained worldwide. The industrial ecological health development, the international competitive advantage is steadily improved.

. At the same time, my country’s powered lithium battery industry has entered a new stage of development. On the one hand, industrial structure, manufacturing process, technological innovation is still urgently needed; on the other hand, international vehicle and power lithium battery technology have risen Domestic power lithium battery companies have brought tremendous pressure, and the whole industry chain needs to be closely synergistic, jointly capture the key technical bottleneck of power lithium battery.

In order to promote the progress and maturity of the battery industry, industry standardization management is also one of the key content. At the end of last year, Xin Guobin pointed out that the focus of relevant management work in the future will be in the event of incident, no longer propose specific requirements for the company’s production conditions and capacity, my country’s automotive power lithium battery industry innovation alliance needs to do a good job of relevant work. “Administrative Measures” is incorporated in such a context.

Do not pay with the subsidy, the company declaration is not reduced, “standardized conditions” also emphasize the voluntary declaration, but the battery company’s active declaration is extremely high. Liu Zhengyao, Vice President of China CITI-Dang Nig New Energy Technology Co. Or whether the company is not entered in the catalog, will we lose the qualifications of market sales, we are uncertain.

“So in the subsidy policy until 2020 completely exited the top staples,” Management Measures “will no longer be linked to subsidizes policy, how is the enthusiasm of battery companies? A person in charge of the battery company who is unwilling to disclose Long-term commitment to automotive power lithium battery production, research and development, will still actively declare, especially before they have entered the “Specifications Condition” directory battery company. The person in charge told reporters that although the company’s integrity and compliance with national standards were added in the “Management Measures”, it also improved the standards and quantity of the R & D personnel, but there were most solid Battery companies carrying out research and development, it is not difficult to reach new or improved thresholds. Although they have not been included in the documentation, in fact, the company’s integrity and product coding filings have long been launched.

. However, as Fang Jianhua is worried, due to the binding of the lack of subsidy policy, from the competition level, the “Standard Condition” is converted to the “Management Measures”, or will further speed up foreign battery companies such as Samsung and LG. In my country, there is a greater pressure and challenge to independent brand batteries.

. In fact, in the previously announced “Road Motor Vehicle Product Information Notice”, you can see the figure of LG chemical battery products, and the number of new energy vehicles that use foreign batteries products will continue to add..

The person in charge said that this year’s self-battery company is not very good. The prices of upstream raw materials are still rising. Domestic subsidies will lead to low battery prices.

These are greatly compressed the profit margin of independent brand batteries. If they face Direct competition of foreign battery companies, some small and medium-sized self-primary brand battery companies will be difficult to continue. “Because foreign battery companies and domestic battery companies have scale, it is very likely to obtain orders in a comparative method when they enter the domestic market.

. This will cause huge impact on independent brand battery companies..

“The person in charge told reporters. The market is released by the Office of Fang Jianhua pointed out that in order to make the “management method” becomes the self-discipline platform of the power lithium battery industry, the supply of scientific reference is supplied to the company’s choice of supporting dynamic lithium battery products, in the industry, especially the power lithium Between the battery companies, and win the approved by the downstream vehicle company. In addition, the evaluation assessment of the power lithium battery company involves a wide range of hardware conditions (equipment, scale, capital) and software conditions (R & D capabilities, manufacturing capabilities, management level, supply chain strength), and product quality, operation Effect, etc.

, to be comprehensive, fair, real-time evaluation is not easy. Therefore, Fang Jianhua suggested that in order to ensure the scientific, reasonable and fairness of evaluation, more resources, such as testing agencies, new energy vehicle supervision platforms, and large new energy vehicle operations companies, jointly carrying out powered lithium batteries and hydrogen fuels together. Evaluation of the power battery industry self-discipline list.

For independent brand batteries, the above person in charge said that although it is no longer a subsidy policy to hook or will lead to “wolf”, the industry is released is a general trend, and the self-brand battery company still needs to work hard and accelerate the technology. Revolutionary breakthrough, such as accelerating the development process of lithium-electric upgrades, while achieving 350 watts per kilogram of the monomer, while the system is 260 watt-hour goals per kilogram, the research and development of new architectural batteries such as solid batteries will strive to keep up with the international lead. level.

In the near future, my country’s new energy auto market will usher in more foreign-owned products, and have a strong brand, such as Panasonic, Samsung and LG, such as Panasonic, Samsung and LG and other foreign batteries, which have a strong brand of brands. Production. “The impact of foreign brands is certain, we only prepare in advance, continuously improve the market competitiveness of products and the company, in order to ensure that it is firmly occupied in the domestic market.

. “The person in charge said. .

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