Weilong Lon Ronghua: 2025 management battery scale reached 100GWH

Weilong Lon Ronghua: 2025 management battery scale reached 100GWH

Tencent News “First-line” Li Siyi somewhat, “The Electrical Separation” mode solves the worried mileage of electric car users, but how huge battery assets manage? It is officially launched the Baas (Batteryasaservice) solution in August 2020.. Prior to this, it was an exploitation of approximately five years in the electricity separation and battery rental aspects, and in October 2020, the battery asset operation company Wuhan Weiyuan Battery Asset Co.

, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “We can” Other investors also include Ningde Times, Guotai Junan International and Hubei Science and Technology Investment Group. In August this year, Wenergy announced a hundreds of millions of B round financing.

. In addition to the old shareholders, Guotai Junan International and Sky Capital, there are new investors such as paradise Silicon Valley, Xiamen International Trade, Changjiang Optical Valley New Energy Fund..

B round fund is important for BAAS battery rental services, as well as the development of battery technology related innovation projects. Lu Ronghua, General Manager, in recent days, said in the Dialogue of Tencent News, the past year, it has had tens of thousands of users in the past year, and the size of the battery asset is over 3GWH..

We can be expected to reach 100GWH battery scale in 2025. This includes not only the battery of the aware brand model, but also other brands..

The following is the full text of Tencent News “First-line” and Lu Ronghua, “First-line”: From Johnson responsible for battery projects to self-ending portals around Wei to ecological company can start business, what is the opportunity? A: Today, I have seen Baas, I am earliest from the beginning of the birth of the car, the battery is leased, and it is a five-year time to formally launch Baa.. I joined for this part in 2016.

Initially our way is to use some financial institutions directly to carry out this part of the business. After we try about two or three years, we found this road to walk until August 2020. Launched Baas.

In the entire process of launching Baas, we found that it is necessary to set up a battery-owned battery asset company. Therefore, as a very important partner, we also introduced other strategic investors, I will naturally have new character of. Although I am responsible for the two companies, it is not the same, and it is not the same as the asset operation, and our mission is to efficiently carry out battery management, making it greater asset value.

. “First-line”: Why is the way to carry out business through financial institutions? A: The relevant equity investment agency is more willing to try new things, the agency tends to be conservative. At that time, there was no such mode on the market, so the institution has a lot of concerns on the business.

. By 2020, we adjust their ideas and simply set up an organization to hold and manage battery assets, and then to unify the facilities to obtain funds..

“First-line”: What difficulties have been encountered in battery asset management? How is overcome? A: This thing itself is “before you have no ancient people”, so you have to overcome the challenge.. For example: policy-level countries should have supportive models for electricity separation and exchange, business-level pricing models, and perceptions of user strategies.

When it was aware of the air electricity separation, there was no previous related experience to be referred to, it must be completely designed from beginning to end.. The root cause of the ability to overcome these difficulties is that we believe that our logic is right: First, the electric vehicle is developing to the moment, there is a contradiction between this battery life and vehicle life, to accelerate the promotion of electric vehicles, must cancel the user’s related batteries Certises and anxiety.

We strip the battery from property rights, which has a large promotion of users to buy electric vehicles.. Second, the electricity separation and commissioning of electricity, we will manage these huge battery assets as agency, bringing two advantages than a single user holding battery assets, and many assets can be more funds than monomers.

Users get lower funds to have this battery, on the other hand, more technically and more technically and improved. “First-line”: related traditional cars, electric vehicles as new things in recent years have gradually been accepted by users. The electric vehicle’s battery is equivalent to the traditional car engine, accounting for a high proportion in the value of the vehicle itself, and the battery assets are peeled off, and if the user does not think that the thing does not value? A: Many users may have this concern at the beginning.

They feel that the most important or most expensive part of the property is not their own, but more and more people have begun to accept this model, the reason is that the purpose of purchasing a car is Feel a series of experiences brought by vehicles, battery in the user’s perception, including residual value, battery decay, can purchase higher capacity battery complicated issues, can be solved by renting. This better user experience, I believe that it will become more and more popular in the market..

“First-line”: Take the exemption from the current exemption, the previously announced data is approximately 60% of the new users who will take the form of rental batteries. How can this physical volume be supported as a company? A: This will return to the BAAS final problem. The market for compensation importance applications can be divided into three: The first is the consumption of the C-terminal, such as the proposal station in the country, there are currently 604 power plants (as of November 5); The second is the area of ​​the taxi network, the third is the heavy truck field.

. The difficulty of these three areas is in turn, the private car sector is difficult than the network is difficult, and the webmark area is difficult than the heavy card, so the popularity of the C-terminal is relatively slow, but at the same time C-terminal Is the biggest market in the electric vehicle market. The development of an electric car will approximate 3 years, if the main plant will change from now to the C-terminal, it is about 3 years.

. Therefore, in the past three years, there will be more and more C-terminal users to use electric shock, then the asset company will manage battery assets..

In the future, the power-saving mode will definitely more than half of the C-terminal users.. “First-line”: Each household factory wants to have its own battery specifications, how to seek a unified standard in specifications? A: New energy vehicle accounted for the sales penetration rate of my country’s auto market just broke through 17% (from September data from the Len Lys), this industry has just begun.

From the perspective of stocks, the proportion of existing automotive protection is smaller. When the standardization must be that the product reaches a certain scale, the sales penetration rate will begin to break through 17%, I think it is just a better opportunity..

Maybe each company is different, but standardization is a big trend. Understand from the perspective of the industry, standardization can make the cost of the supply chain be lower, and the efficiency of recovery becomes higher..

With the development of the industry, everyone will pay more attention to this link, we will also do some pre-preview and layout in advance.. Because we have to see from the long run, the battery assets are under the meta, and the item will pay attention to it from birth to the end to the overall process of regeneration.

. With regard to how to unify, there are 92 #, 95 #, 98 # different models, and future batteries are likely to shrink from more than 100 specifications from the city of 2020, although we are Not the main plant is not a battery manufacturer, but we will stand in a third party’s angle to promote this matter..

“First-line”: Shareholders, the shareholders of the We can include Wei Si, Ningde Times, Guotai Junan International, local national income, this portfolio is what is considered? A: Each shareholder has a specific strategic significance, one or more parts of the full cycle of battery assets.. From the upstream battery asset, to the market operation and user experience, to the downstream of the ladder, and the various partners are involved.

. “First-line”: From August 2020 to now, what achievements have been achieved at the business level? A: This period, we successfully introduced a strategic investor, improving the corporate governance, built its own team around data intelligence, battery technology and financial dimensions. In this way, we have certain product development capabilities and asset operations.

Ability, while continuously introducing funds to hold and manage battery assets. So far, the size of battery assets we manage has exceeded 3GWH. “First-line”: What is the expectation of the development scale of the privilege in the next few years? A: We hope that by the end of 2025, the scale of assets can exceed 100GWH, serve multiple brands.

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