Weilai’s ‘car and electricity separation’ landing Li Bin: battery service fee will not be adjusted within 5 years

Weilai's 'car and electricity separation' landing Li Bin: battery service fee will not be adjusted within 5 years

“BAAS (ie Batteryasaservice) users do not buy batteries when they pay, so there is no need to take charge of the battery.. “Recently, Li Bin, the chairman of the car, said that Baas’s launch will greatly reduce the car purchase threshold, better balance the cost of car purchase and car costs.

. In BaaS mode, the user’s electric car purchase cost and use car cost will be lower than the petrol car with the same level..

On August 20, it is officially announced in the BAAS of the April 20.. It is understood that the BAAS is separated from the entire vehicle by separating the battery from the entire vehicle, supplying the battery separation, battery rental, and can be upgraded.

. It is reported that Baas users can choose the battery pack for different capacities according to the actual use requirements, pay the service fee on the monthly month..

According to the Baas charging standards developed by the aware car, choose Baas mode to purchase the full model of the flight, the price will be less than 70,000 yuan, and choose to rent 70KWH battery pack, users need to pay monthly service fee 980 Yuan and non-service worry-free users need to pay 80 yuan battery guarantee fees per month. This means that choosing BaaS users, the battery rental fees and battery security fees to pay each month will exceed 1060 yuan. 6 years later, the user spent the original car (including the battery) car purchase, but the last battery is not its own.

So, for many people, the propaas plan is not worth it.. “Baas is more for those who want to buy a car, but in a short period of time.

. “The relevant people who are responsible for the Niopower business explained that Baas can also solve the problem of fast and loss of electric vehicle batteries, which is guaranteed for later vehicles..

In Li Bin, it is important to focus on both aspects: On the Baas mode, users are only unrelated to the frame, the loss and depreciation of the battery, and the user does not need to worry about the battery loss and depreciation. The battery depreciation will not affect the value of the frame; on the other hand, the BAAS mode also solves the battery attenuation. The battery cannot be upgraded, the vehicle’s preservation rate changes is highly affected by the popularity of electric vehicles.

. About the cost of battery rental in Baas mode, it is said that the car is said that the battery service fee of 980 yuan per month is not maintained within 5 years..

“When we do price pricing, we think that it is more long, including the price, battery cost, etc.. “Li Bin said that the service fee of 980 yuan per month is a long-term pricing that is determined by all aspects, and the company will not easily adjust the price.

. But in the “flexible upgrade” business, there will be variables, such as the price of 70 yuan to 100 yuan will be flexible according to the supply and demand situation..

In addition to choosing a 70KWH battery package, it will also launch other capacity battery group leasing methods, and the car owner in Baas mode can switch different packages.. Data show that as of August 20, it has received more than 1,200 power-exchanged related patents, and 143 shift stations have been built nationwide.

It has completed more than 800,000 times for users to complete the power exchange service.. The reporter learned that the BAAS follow-up battery will be supplied by Wuhan Weiyi Battery Asset Co.

, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuhan We can). Qi Quanbao data shows that Wuhan Wenergy is established at August 18th, from the Jewa Automobile, CATL, Hubei Science and Technology Investment Group Co.

, Ltd. and Guitai Junan International Holdings Co., Ltd.

(hereinafter referred to as Guotai Junan International) jointly invested, registered capital is 800 million yuan, the above four shareholders have funded 200 million yuan, and each shareholding is 25%.. In fact, Wuhan Weon is a battery asset management company established based on “Electric Separation” model.

The BAAS business is its first business model.. At present, the important use of Wuhan is an important purpose from it to buy batteries, and commissioned to supply battery rental operations for users.

. “As the battery asset holder, Wuhan We can be a key ring that is averaged for BAAS to be averaged. “The relevant person in charge of the Niopower described above said.

It is worth noting that Wuhan We can be an independent company. “Wuhan Wenergy itself is independent, the management team will be recommended by the awareness and other shareholders, there is no shareholder dispatching concept. “Li Bin said.

Regarding the control of Wuhan, Li Bin told reporters that it will only be one of the partnerships of battery complaints, and will not be a controller.. In the future, the company’s shares will only have more companies.

. “At present, there have been some new shareholders will join, and they are walking related procedures..

Li Bin revealed. It is understood that Wuhan is not limited to serving it is a servant. “Future, it will supply asset services based on BAAS mode based on Different Brand Electric vehicles.

“One of the official people inside the car told reporters. (: Company for map).

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