Weilai’s 100kWh battery method announced, with a maximum NEDC range of 615 kilometers

Weilai's 100kWh battery method announced, with a maximum NEDC range of 615 kilometers

On November 6th, the 100KWH battery system and battery upgrade is officially announced, and 100KWH batteries will be reserved online at 10 am on November 7th.. It has always been committed to the R & D and innovation of battery technology.

. The 100KWH battery system on this line has more than 300 patents, using CTP (CELLTOPACK) technology, energy density increased by 37%. After carrying 100KWH batteries, the NEDC endless mileage is up to 615 kilometers.

. 100KWH battery excellent performance, originating from four highlights: no heat spreading safety design brings better thermal out-of control management capabilities; highly integrated design, manufacturing assembly simplifies 40%, spatial utilization is 19.8%; Temperature control improves battery performance and extend battery life; end cloud fusion BMS can adjust parameters according to working conditions, improve the performance performance of the battery under full working conditions.

. From November 7th, it is a model that it is necessary to carry a 100KWH battery..

Existing 70KWH battery users can choose to upgrade to 100KWH batteries in a flexible upgrade or permanent buyout. In the flexible upgrade method, the 70KWH battery users upgrade the 100KWH battery in the month, pay 880 yuan per month; flexible upgrade of 100KWh batteries, pay 7980 yuan per year. Flexible upgrading batteries on a month and year-on-year, is an innovative initiative to fully meet the travel needs of users under different scenarios.

. The price of 70KWHBaAs battery rental service has been announced. Choose a car purchase user in BaaS mode, no need to purchase a battery, can rent different capacity batteries according to actual use requirements, pay the service fee on a monthly basis.

BAAS mode purchase 70KWh battery model, the price of the price is 70,000 yuan, the monthly battery rental service fee is 980 yuan; Baas mode purchase 100KWH battery model, the price is 128,000 yuan, monthly battery rental service fee 1480 yuan. Up to now, it has been in the national layout 158-seat power station, accumulating the user to supply more than 11.8 million power-exchanged services.

. 100KWH batteries combined with the propan for electricity station, super charging, etc., you can make it more convenient to travel.

It is the breakthrough innovation of the technology and commercial model, which is the breakthrough innovation of technology and business model, which is a breakthrough innovation of technology and business model.. This publication of the battery upgrade method will benefit all users, and further enhance the competitiveness of the service experience.

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