Watema high drop power lithium battery giants who are ‘black swan’

Watema high drop power lithium battery giants who are 'black swan'

The rapid development of new energy vehicles is stimulating the reshuffle of the power lithium battery industry. While Watma, the third largest battery company in China, the situation of the factory, the factory, but the industry’s rookie CATL (70.880, 2.

07, 3.01%) success IPO, opened the road of BMW Gaze German builders. Between the two, BYD (46.

030, 0.45, 0.99%) blew the horn of the position of the king.

If CATL is because the lead in standing the technical height of three yuan lithium electricity, and multiplying the policies, the top of the policies, then, this qualifying station has not ended. With the thorough exiting of domestic new energy battery subsidies, Japan and South Korea battery companies have opened a new round of layout in China, and lock “solid state” to new technical directions..

“Potential alternative, subversive technology or will appear, the probability of the birth of ‘black swan’ is large. “The Secretary-General and Chief Expert of my country Electric Motors, Zhang Yongwei, is a forward-looking think, directly, the uncertainty of the future development of the dynamic lithium battery industry..

1/3 The company is out of June 28, a post-affected industry in the official notice of the Watma Office: “In order to solve the impact of the professional development caused by the company’s orders, the difficulty of funds, the company’s high-level strategy research Decided: From July 1, 2018, all employees were on holiday six months, and the wages were paid according to regulations, and five insurances were purchased.. “July 4th, Watma Diki Rare Wo (2.

380, -0.06, -2.46%) Re-issued the announcement, and it is proposed to perform some of Watma’s partial assets, and the book coverage The value of about 70 million to 800 million yuan, according to the 2 to 30 fold of the book value, the amount of the achievement is expected to not exceed 150 million.

Close the door, clearance sale, this will appear in the fast-selling industry, now repeat in the old battery giant Watma, and Watma is not an example. From the official announcement of the data, the three-year power lithium battery support company has been sharply reduced by 1/3, from about 150 in 2015 to 100 yuan in 2017..

There is also a statistical statistics that in 2017, there is only about 80, including new 8.. It is especially worthy of concern that from the current situation, the industry head effect is highlighted, and the market share of the top five power lithium battery companies in the installed volume has been raised from 61% in 2017 to the current 71%, which means that more than 70 remaining.

The company is spelling 30% of the share, and the survival situation can be seen.. In Zhang Yongwei, there is no doubt that low-end production is undoubtedly the main cause of phase-out acceleration.

. Data show that from 2013 to 2017, the output of the powerful lithium battery industry has reached 228GWH. In 2017, the industry only digested 37GWH.

. On the side, the quality production of the leader is welcomed, the yield is tight, the other side is the digestion of backward production into a problem..

“In the current domestic auto industry chain, the battery development is the most leading, there are still many short boards in other aspects.. However, with the increase in production, there have also been a problem with investment.

. The so-called investment blur is a large number of investments around some solid technology, and some low-end areas are accumulated. It is easy to manufacture some production without actual competitiveness.

These production may end up into industrial innovation, so yield is not It must be the biggest advantage, but there is no production of production, it is a double-edged sword.. “Zhang Yongwei said to the reporter.

In the power lithium battery industry, it is said that low-end production and quality production have to be said to two professional nouns: lithium iron phosphate ion batteries and ternary lithium ion batteries.. Watma is a lithium iron phosphate ion battery, so I always adhere to the lithium iron ion battery for several years.

. However, with the development of the power lithium battery industry, the lithium iron phosphate ion battery with relatively small energy density is gradually eliminated by the market..

The most deadly hit is 2017, my country’s new energy (5.260, -0.0.

0.38) car subsidy policy adjustment, increased support for high-energy density dynamic lithium batteries, greatly changed my country’s powertrain battery market pattern. With high energy density, the three-yuan battery is favored by the market, and the price of lithium iron phosphate and ion battery is again shrinking.

. At present, the construction rate of Shenzhen battery cell production line is only 4%, and the electric metal wire production line in other regions; the construction rate of Shenzhen PACK production line is 24%, Shu Cheng (Lu’an) Pack production line is 9%, other regions Pack production line downtime. The Rilevo Funds reported that the business income was 1117 million yuan in a quarter of this year, a reduction of 59.

83 billion yuan in the same period last year; the net profit belonging to the owner of the parent company is -319 billion yuan, which is next year 25.4 billion yuan to reduce 225.86%.

Waiting for “Black Swan” but developed in the country, it is not worry-free.. The hand of the policy helped the CATL on top, and Japan South China Battery Co.

, Ltd. is excluded from the battery directory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology..

However, as my country’s new energy car subsidy entered the last two years, since the beginning of April, the three major batteries, including Samsung, LG, SKI, broke the silence, high-profile investment in my country.. Panasonic battery has been connected in Jiangsu, my country in 2017; LG has established a new energy material company in Zhejiang in May this year; SKI also announced that it will invest 86.

4 billion won to restart in 2016 in Hua joint funds, used to produce battery materials. “With the future competition, all companies are impossible to dominate the market..

“The founder of my country’s battery network is predicted in the Qingishi,” the top 20 dynamic lithium battery companies will be in the next three or five years.. “It is predicted that the current situation of the powerful lithium battery market will continue, and the next Japanese and Korean battery providers will shock to local batteries such as CATL and BYD.

It is especially worried about the industry, and it is in high valuation CATL, or will be atrophy in two years later.. “Many business from CATL comes from New Products, which may not exist two years later, which is obviously risky.

. “The person in charge of a car. What is worth paying is that when the three-yuan lithium-ion battery is still hot, the mainstream technology of the next generation of batteries has emerged.

. Japan New Energy Industry Technology Comprehensive Development Agency has announced that the development of core technology of Toyota and Panasonic and other companies will establish core technology before 2022. From 2030, it will drop the cost of battery packs per kilowatt.

To 1/3 of the lithium ion battery, shorten the fast charging time to 1/3, 10 minutes. This new project will raise Japan to promote research and development, and strive to take the hegemony of the battery industry..

Volkswagen recently announced that it plans to establish a solid-state battery production line 2025. Volkswagen predicts that the solid-state battery capacity is twice as much as the capacity of the existing lithium-ion battery, and the current E-Golf’s battery life is now raised from the current 186 mi (NEDC) to 466 miles..

“Global dynamic lithium battery competition is increasingly fierce, my country’s company will gradually expand from the domestic market, and Japan and South Korea will also further develop to my country, my country will become the main battlefield competition of dynamic lithium batteries, Although European and American companies Lost in this round of competition, but it is already a potential powerful competitor in the next stage of competition.. “my country Electric Motor 100 People Chairman Chen Qingtai said.

With the technical-oriented power lithium battery industry, the magic of “strong persons” in other industries. Watma has also stood over highlands, CATL has also paired, eliminated and promoted, is the topic that every company must always face in the future.

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