War and Peace of Car Enterprises and Battery Factory

War and Peace of Car Enterprises and Battery Factory

The “fraudulent” behavior is important as three aspects, which are inconsistent, product and “Notice”, which are not produced, the product and “Notice”, and the application subsidy after the battery is disassembled.. At present, my country’s new energy vehicle promotion application has achieved remarkable, and the industry has developed rapidly.

At the same time, as a emerging industry, some phased problems will occur in the development process. If the individual company should fight the policy “shock”, there is “fraud” attempt, etc..

For the “defraud” problem, in January 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Finance issued the provincial self-examination, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued to the media reports have “lie” suspicion. Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui Province, self-examination, and will be specially verified by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, and Ministry of Finance..

In February 2016, the Ministry of Finance has conducted a deep inspection of 25 provinces and cities, 90 companies.. The General Office of the State Council issued a document requesting 26 new energy vehicles to promote the application province and cities to conduct a comprehensive self-study, and shall be taken by the General Office of the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Public Security and other departments.

The industry institutions form five inspection groups, at the end of March 2016, to 15 provinces and cities such as Hebei, Shanghai in the end of March 2016.. In this paper, in conjunction with the relevant situation of participating and verification and supervision, in-depth analysis of the problems existing in new energy vehicles and “deception” behavior.

Problems in new energy automotive promotion applications: In 2015, my country’s new energy automobile promotion application process accelerates, and the industries have developed rapidly, but the rapid development can not prevent growth “troubles”.. Such as the company’s false production, registration registration, application subsidies, the product does not meet the consistency requirements, the actual operation of the vehicle is low, the business model innovation also has a mixed bead, which affects the healthy development of my country’s new energy auto industry.

. (1) False and pass the certificate, some vehicles have not been produced from 2009, the state and the local support support the development of new energy auto industry, introduced a series of encouragement policies, encourages production and use new energy vehicles, but in some models Subsidy policies have some flaws due to national complement and land. Take 6 ~ 8m pure electric passenger cars as an example, according to the national 2013-2015 policy, subsidy standard is 300,000 yuan / vehicle, most new energy car demonstration promotion cities local subsidy standards and national 1: 1 supporting, ie A 6-8 mg pchionary electric passenger car can get up to 600,000 yuan subsidies, close or exceeded the vehicle production cost, resulting in over-vehicle subsidies.

In March 2016, CCTV reported that the new energy vehicle “fraudulent” investigation, unveiled the first company in Suzhou, Suzhou, Jiangsu, Suzhou (hereinafter referred to as “Jim West” “). Jimxi is “Road Motor Vehicle Production Company and Product Notice” (hereinafter referred to as “Notice”) vehicle production company, is a modified commercial vehicle production company. The company was established in August 2013.

In March 2015, the company began to produce new energy vehicles, and the products were important for new energy light passenger cars and vans for 6-8 meters.. According to the national motor vehicle certificate statistics, Jun, Ji, Jimsi uploaded, 23, 0 and 2, the number of electric vehicles uploaded in Jimsi is only 25, and the outbreak of the electric vehicle is increased in the first half of the year.

In December, 2905 final pass, the total output of 3,686, based on March 25, 2016 CCTV report and verification team verification report. Overall, the way to pass the certificate, deliberately “deceive” approximately three steps: First, manufacturers fake and transfer vehicle certificate. The second is the final user material fake.

For example, 5 operating leasing companies in Jimsi vehicles, the number of vehicles in the application materials and actual serious do not match, these five companies should have 209 new energy vehicles, but there are only 20 vehicles, and the rest of the vehicles are still produced in Jimxi.. The third is that manufacturers and related customers are planned to purchase contracts, deliver a small number of vehicles to related customers, and apply to the government, vehicle driving licenses, and purchase subsidies, etc.

. According to the rough estimate of CCTV report, Jimsi submitted 2905 certificate calculations in December, and if they can receive government subsidies, the subsidy will exceed 100 million yuan..

(2) There is a problem with the existence of production consistency, and the promotion of some of the products of some vehicles is not consistent with the “Notice” parameters. Some corporate products performance virtual standards, individual vehicles and even missing batteries, where some of the vehicles are still electricity Can be obtained in accordance with the “Notice” information to obtain central and local financial subsidies. Verification found that the specific consistency issues are important for three aspects.

. First, the vehicle does not press “Notice” to install the battery and key components, some of the company’s partial vehicles are not installed by components..

For example, some of the registered registered vehicles in the Pearl River Delta region has not completed the production of the line, some vehicles are not installed, and the seat and other equipment.. Second, the battery and “notice” parameters are inconsistent, and some battery manufacturers’ battery packs “are less pacted”.

Such as a passenger car factory in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, the number of 30 pure electric passenger batteries in 2015 and the “Notice” parameter is inconsistent, the “Notice” parameter should be equipped with 7 batteries per car, and actually assembled only 5 groups per car.. In the Yangtze River Delta region, there are companies that have individual vehicle power lithium battery models and “notification” parameters inconsistent.

. Third, some vehicles have illegally modified phenomena such as “oil exchange”. According to media reports, after obtaining the vehicle subsidy, individual companies will transfer the key components of the purchased vehicle battery, motor, or sell the vehicle into the rural market after traditional fuel cars (about 30,000 yuan.

50,000 yuan). According to a company introduction, there is also an individual dealer to obtain subsidy funds, and the vehicle is modified as a lead-acid model, and the removal lithium ion battery. (3) Some vehicles are idle, basically not actually operated some models (such as 6 ~ 8 meters bus, logistics car, small pure electric passenger car, etc.

) based on subsidies, 2016 subsidy policy adjustment, charging infrastructure construction lag, waiting For a variety of reasons such as operating operations, all local public service fields have different degrees of concentrated buying cars, and then the end users are, and some have been sold for registration vehicles, especially some of the vehicles promoted by the end of 2015. Some vehicles are basically not entered the actual operation..

The verification found that the vehicle idle not actually operation is important for the following four situations.. First, some models (such as 6 ~ 8 meters passenger cars) are large and the slope is significant, and some companies concentrate on batch purchase, leading to idle not put into use.

. For example, a county-level city in the Northeast China has not officially issued a large number of pure electric bus before the local subsidies have not officially issued..

A small-scale private company in the southern region, purchased 100 6m pure electric buses at the end of 2015, and the actual demand is only 50, and only half a day per birl, two cars are used in a car.. The second is that some rental vehicles have not found the ultimate use of users, leading to vehicle idle.

For example, an electric car purchased by a company at the end of the southeastern region, only a small number of registration registration is completed, resulting in a large number of vehicles idle.. The third is why some companies are based on operational delays such as operations.

. Such as pure electric bus, taxi, small logistics car, etc. in a city, a taxi, small logistics car, etc.

in a city in the Yangtze River Delta. The fourth is that the plug-in hybrid model is more economical because of electricity, so the vehicle is not actually used..

For example, a provincial bus company purchased in the middle of the batch plug-in air electricity mixing power bus. During the operation, due to gas, it is more economical, basically not rechargeable..

(4) The charging infrastructure lag has been promoted to the use of vehicle usage, and the General Office of the State Council announced the “Guidance of Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicles” to accelerate the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.. But at present, the pace of construction of charging facilities in my country still needs further acceleration.

“There is no pile of cars” constitutes the enthusiasm of consumers to buy and use electric vehicles, which also leads to a lower use of vehicles.. The survey found that some companies sold average pure electric mileage totaled only more than 100 kilometers.

. At present, my country has built 124,000 sets of charging piles, and nearly 500,000 new energy vehicles have gaps, and the pile ratio is only 4: 1. The number of charging piles in Guangdong Province is close to 30,000, the number of buildings is the highest, but it is still difficult to meet 64,535 new energy vehicles.

. The construction land and grid access is difficult, the site selection is unreasonable, the power property rights point is not clear, the service charge is high, it is difficult to recover costs in a short period of time. Important reason.

At the same time, problems such as charging pile capacitance is also the cause of the lag of charging facilities, such as a company in the southern region, due to problems such as charging facilities, charging piles are difficult to build, and they cannot meet the vehicle charging needs.. (5) Wanzhong innovation model is in full swing, but there are some company fishing companies to actively innovate models or means to sell new energy vehicles, but there are also some company fish tolerance.

First, “left hand down right” self-produced self-sales model. Whole-owned or housing car rental company, through “self-produced, self-produced”, to obtain national and local subsidies. At the end of 2015, some companies signed a large number of orders, and the transaction form has internal reciprocal transactions, some companies’ orders are actually coming from the same company, and the relationship between capital relationship belongs to wholly-owned or controlled subsidiaries.

. Such as Suzhou Jimsi and Suzhou Sol, Suzhou Zhixi car and other companies have the relationship of asset interests, of which Suzhou Sol is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzhou Jimxi Battery suppliers, Suzhou Zhizhi car is Suzhou Jimishi wholly-owned subsidiary. Suzhou Jimsi, Suzhou Sol, Suzhou Zhizhou Car, Suzhou Gaochu, Suzhou Jade, Suzhou Yin 6 companies have an attempt to defraud new energy car subsidy funds.

The second is the way the battery is purchased.. According to media reports, a industrial park management committee in the south purchase 10 new energy passengers, after completing subsidies, car companies to repurchase the core parts of automotive batteries, and divide the “lie” before the good client.

Whether the issues in the new energy vehicle promotion application are “fraudulent” behavior, there are different understandings in the industry. We have initially analyzed that “deception” behavior is important for three aspects, which are inconsistent, product and “Notice”, and reuse the application subsidies after battery disassembly, basically as follows. (1) Unproductive Vehicles are not produced according to the management of motor vehicle production, the vehicle needs to have a unique vehicle identification code before registration, and should have a certificate.

Article 9 of the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China”: “Apply for motor vehicle registration, the following proof should be submitted, the certificate: the identification of the motor vehicle owner; the motor vehicle certificate; the motor vehicle factory certificate certificate or importer EMU import credentials; vehicle purchase tax payment or tax evolution; law, administrative regulations stipulate other certificates, vouchers. Article 10 stipulates: “The motor vehicle registered should be in line with the national safety technical standards of motor vehicles..

When applying for a motor vehicle registration, the safety technical inspection of the motor vehicle should be accepted.. However, through the national motor vehicle product authorities, based on motor vehicles produced by the company’s national security technology standards, the new car of the model is in line with the national safety technical standards of the motor vehicle, and the inspection certificate is issued.

Technical test. “Some companies have passed the false report vehicle certificate, the false report production, and even on the license, apply for subsidies. It does not meet the relevant national regulations on the process.

It belongs to the non-production vehicle to apply for registration to the country, and apply for financial subsidies.. This kind of behavior belongs to “deception” behavior.

The judgment is based on whether the vehicle has completed production manufacturing before the new car board That is, if there is no car, the sales and application subsidies are completed.. Such as Suzhou Jimsi vehicle sales (registration) is greater than the production volume, no production subsidies have been subsidized; more than 100 registered registered registered vehicles have not completed the production under South China.

(2) The key parameters of the products and “Notice” are inconsistent in June 2010. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has formulated “Vehicle Production Co., Ltd.

and” Vehicle Production Co., Ltd. “according to the State Council’s decision to set the administrative examination and approval project for administrative examination and approval projects in the administrative examination and approval project,” Product production consistency supervision and management Measures, supervise and management of vehicle production companies and product production consistency in “Notice”.

Among them, Article 3 stipulates: “Vehicle production company is the responsible subject of production consistent management, should establish and improve the production consistency management system to ensure the consistency of vehicle products, that is, the relevant technical parameters of vehicle products that actually produce and sell, configuration And performance indicators, and “Notice”, vehicle products approved, used for vehicle samples, product “certificate” and the relevant technical parameters, configuration and performance indicators of the factory vehicle upload information. Article 8 stipulates: “Vehicle production company can take the initiative to apply for production consistency supervision and inspection to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and check the vehicle production company that meets the production consistency requirements, and its products are handled after the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Apply for safe technical testing when registering.

Article 10: “Regarding the vehicle production company, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which cannot guarantee the production consistency, adopting a non-reporting, deadline, suspended or revoked the ‘excessive safety technical inspection, respectively, and suspended the safety technical inspection by law Or revoke its related products “Notice” and other measures. The “Notice of the” four ministries jointly announced “Notice on continuing new energy vehicles” clearly stipulates that subsidies are determined according to new energy vehicles and similar traditional cars..

Among them, the pure electric passenger car, plug-in hybrid passenger car is based on pure electric mileage, regarding pure electric passenger cars and plug-in hybrid (including increased range) passengers, according to their car heads. In April 2016, the “Notice on the 2016-2020 new energy vehicle promotion and application finance support policy” was clearly strengthened, and the supervision and verification of the new energy vehicle promotion. Regarding the supply of false technical parameters defraud product subsidy; supply false promotion information defrauds financial subsidies; the key components of sales products, battery capacity, technical parameters, etc.

, and “Notice” are inconsistent, will be reported to circulate criticism. Debut subsidies, cancel new energy vehicle subsidies, suspend or eliminate “recommended models” related products related to products. If the company’s related promotion application models actual technical parameters, configuration and performance indicators, and “Notice” approval related indicators are not maintained, the company is gaining higher subsidies, through false reporting, battery parameters, vehicle length (passenger car), etc.

The indicator information is applied for financial subsidies, and it belongs to the relevant provisions of the “Notice” management of the country. The financial subsidy funds obtained by the company are illegal income, which belongs to the “fraud” behavior..

(3) Repeated use of application subsidies after battery disassembly, in the new energy vehicle “lie”, the battery’s battery is a key carrier of “lie”. On the new energy car, due to the body, seat, power lithium battery, the important components such as the vehicle, the important components such as the vehicle, etc., there is a space that is unscrupulous by disassembling, and selling these components.

. Among them, the battery serial number and the frame number are not strong, it is difficult to correspond to one, of which a plurality of cars can use the same set of batteries, leading to part of the company to disassemble and reuse the application of financial subsidies..

Re-use after new energy automobile battery, according to the “Notice of the Vehicle Production Company and Product Production Consistent Supervision and Administration” and “Notice on the Application of Financial Support Policy for 2016-2020 New Energy Automobile”, the product does not meet the product Sexual requirements, violate the national “notice” management related regulations, and the company applies for financial subsidies also violates subsidies policy requirements, and the financial subsidies obtained are illegal income.. The new energy automotive industry has actively promoted economic and social development as a strategic emerging industry.

. The new energy car “deceived” phenomenon is the phased problem of the development of the industry. It is neither therefore denying the effectiveness of national development strategies and support policies.

It cannot ignore the negative impact of “fraudulent” behavior on the healthy development of the industry. The reason for the emergence, subject to the disease, eradicate “deception” behavior. Cannot be able to negate the new energy car strategy and financial subsidy policy, the current subsidy policy rapidly promotes the rapid development of the new energy auto industry, and the subsidy is the general practice of pulling new energy vehicles.

. It is difficult to make a comprehensive evaluation of the “fraud” situation of the overall industry, but in general, the new energy car “fraud” behavior is only in some areas, some companies, some models. According to the author’s participation and verification and supervision, deliberately defrauding the national subsidy is only for individual companies.

. From the perspective of the model, the commercial vehicle “fraudulent” is more than the passenger car; from the perspective, most of the “fraud” behavior is concentrated in the region according to the national 1: 1 standard; from the company, mainstream companies actively invest Develop new energy vehicles, and the lack of technical strength companies “deceived” may be larger; from users. The achievements of my country’s new energy vehicles development are national support, company efforts, and social concerns, the results can be described as difficult, neither only see development achievements and relax vigilance, ignoring the outstanding problems in the development of industrial development, nor Because individual companies “deceived” denies results.

my country’s auto industry’s transformation and upgrading tasks are arduous, and the industrial development still needs to work together.. Therefore, it is necessary to face the problems, and don’t have a waste of waste, it should be fully affirmed to promote the significant results of the application, solve related problems, and continue to promote the healthy and sustainable development of new energy automotive industries.

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