Want to take the wind of European electric car, Panasonic will build battery factory in Norwegian

Want to take the wind of European electric car, Panasonic will build battery factory in Norwegian

Recently, according to the news, Japanese company Panasonic company plans to establish a battery manufacturer in Norway, layout into the European market business. Panasonic as a top 500 electronic equipment manufacturer, its products covers multiple fields such as aerospace, automotive, energy, home appliances, daily electronic consumer goods..

At the same time, as a supplier, Panasonic also supplies high-end electronic product accessories for major companies worldwide.. According to analysis, this Panasonic plans to establish a battery factory in Norway, important and European car companies in the future market demand brought about by the strategic layout of electric vehicles.

. As the world’s four major cars producers announced early this year, due to the significant increase in the expectations of the sales of electric vehicles, 1 million electric vehicle production objectives completed in 2025 will be completed in advance to 2023..

By 2025, the annual output of Volkswagen Electric vehicles is expected to reach 1.5 million vehicles..

In November, according to foreign media news, the Mass Group said that in order to streamline the business, important resources are used for large-scale production electric vehicles, which is considering stripping super sports car brand Lamborghini and motorcycle brand Dukadi. In recent years, the old-type car enterprise high-profile layout electric vehicle sector has launched new electric automotive types, and the research and development applied to electric vehicles, electronic systems. The large number of large-scale downstream companies will drive a large number of business development, such as their demand for energy storage, will bring a lot of orders for battery manufacturing companies.

. In addition to the European regional car companies in the future, some policies in the relevant countries will also bring boosting factors to the Panasonic establishing battery manufacturers..

Some countries in Europe have developed strict carbon dioxide emissions regulations in recent years. Some countries have even promulgated decrees. They will be fully banned from selling fuel vehicles by 2035.

. Germany, France, etc., in order to promote the promotion of new energy vehicles represented by electric vehicles, it has developed a large amount of subsidy policies to support.

Panasonic and Norwegian oil giants Equinor and Aluminum company Norskhydro cooperated to establish a battery factory in Norway, it is necessary to set up a supply advantage in the European car enterprise, establish a supply advantage early, and take a big electric electric Automotive battery supply order preparation. .

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