Wansheng Shares have entered the electrolyte additive industry 95,500 tons yield planning.

Wansheng Shares have entered the electrolyte additive industry 95,500 tons yield planning.

Fin Federation (Hangzhou, Reporter Luo Yuchen) news, in the double help of lithium battery and capital sought after, a group of new companies in the industry is coming. In November 10 nights, flame retardant faucet Wansheng shares (603010.sh) Notice will enter the electrolyte additive industry, the standard company proposed project size of 95,500 tons, of which 250,500 tons are expected to invest 450 million yuan.

. This will enter the electrolyte additive, Wansheng shares funded from 104.5 billion yuan to enter the share of Fujian Zhongzhou New Material Technology Co.

, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fujian Zhongzhou), the latter implemented an additive project. It is worth noting that Founded in China in China, in August this year, in addition to Wansheng’s shares, its important shareholders were natural people Zhou Jian and two construction projects.

. Relevant project technical reserves, Fin Federation, reporters call Wansheng shares, no one answers. It is only in the notice that the company has related experience related experience in additives such as phosphorus flame retardants, and the Fujian Zhongzhou team will also accelerate the introduction of talents.

. It is reported that the technical barriers of electrolyte additives are high, but also facing larger EIA pressure. Xinxiang (300037.

sz) emphasized in production expansion notice, the technique used by lithium electrical additives is independently developed by the company and Jiangsu, the product has applied for and has obtained a number of patents, and lithium electrical additives in Huai’an, Nantong, Huizhou has a factory or similar production line, and the process technology is mature and stable.. Investment Securities Research Report pointed out that the use of chlorine gas in the mainstream additive VC production process, so environmental protection requirements, the production difficulty is large, and the number of VC companies that have been discontinued before the production is not smooth, and they do not exclude the industrial company’s expansion and investment.

The transport continues to be lower than expected. The lithium ion battery electrolyte is important consisting of electrolytes, organic solvents, and additives..

Fin Federation reporters learned that the strength of the additive track is not obvious. It is an important option in recent years, and at the same time, the Tianci Materials in the electrolyte track (002709.SZ), Xinxiang, Organic solvent match The stone big victory (603026.

sh), etc., also expands the business to the additive track..

In the electrolytic solution additive track, Yongtai Technology (002326.sz) and the expansion momentum of the new union is most fierce, the former is in fluorine chemical, there is a layout in electrolyte and additive tracks, existing additive production is 5,000 tons, and 25,000 tons of yield is in the construction stage. The new union has an existing additive production of 2,000 tons, and further 59,000 tons of new production is in the construction stage.

. The investment in China Merchants Securities is pointed out that with the high demand of lithium battery, the supply of electrolyte additives is intensified, and has become a bottleneck that restricts the development of the industry..

Under the stimulation of rich profits, it is expected that important additive VC supplies will relieve, industry competition or steering additives in the second half of 2022.. Wansheng Shares announced that this project contains 15 products for additives and new materials.

. Additives, except for mainstream VC products, FEC, DTD, VEC, TMSP, TMSB, etc. also have layout.


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