Wang Jigang: The electric car in the next decade is only suitable for the city

Wang Jigang: The electric car in the next decade is only suitable for the city

“It is expected that in the next decade or longer, electric vehicles are only suitable for urban transportation, while fuel vehicles will still play an important role in traffic travel.. “At relevant meetings, Wang Bing, director of the expert group of the national cleaning car action coordination leadership group.

Single energy density is expected to be 300Wh / kg electric vehicle development and power lithium battery is closely related. The world’s electric vehicles develop several times, while the emergence of lithium-ion batteries makes electric vehicles to successfully enter the market..

Battery technology is constantly progressing. Wang Binggang pointed out that from a short period of time, by 2020, the battery cell energy density is expected to exceed 300Wh / kg; from the medium term, 2025 ~ 2030, energy density may break through 400Wh / kg, but currently this value is still staying In the laboratory stage, industrialization in 2025 is not expected; in the long run, there is 2030 years later, the development of new technologies such as lithium sulfur batteries, lithium air batteries is expected to push the energy density to 500Wh / kg, but the present is not known. There are too many factors, industrialization prospects.

“In the next 10 years, it is based on battery, higher energy density, new dynamic lithium battery technology, industrialization prospects.. “Wang Binggang said.

Electric cars are temporarily unsuitable for urban transportation Wang Binggang said that the number A and following passenger cars in single energy density 300Wh / kg and system cost 1 yuan / WH have been able to meet the internal travel needs of the city, from comprehensive economy Look, it is already competing with the fuel truck. However, electric vehicle renewal mileage will significantly decline under high-speed driving conditions, in order to meet the traffic demand between urban inter-city. As for the fast charge, Wang Binggang pointed out that the current high-than-energy battery is not suitable for fast charge.

. First, the battery cycle life and charging magnification have a significant relationship. The fast charge will result in high than energy battery life; secondly, the battery temperature is rapid in the fast charge process, bringing safety hazards.

Therefore, Wang Binggang believes that in the next decade, electric vehicles apply to urban internal transportation, can replace some fuel functions, and use inter-city traffic.. Regarding the previous rumors, Wang Binggang does not agree, thinking that my country is not necessary to do this.

. Develop non-subsidized policies September this year, my country’s Automotive Engineering Society organized the first car “life cycle greenhouse gas and atmospheric pollutant emission evaluation method” and 2018 evaluation report. According to 2017, my country’s gasoline passenger car consumption of 6.

7L / 100km, the average power consumption of pure electric passenger vehicles 16.2kWh / 100km, the average greenhouse gas emission of pure electric passenger cars in the fuel cycle is lower than the gasoline passenger vehicle 35%, there is a significant effect on reducing carbon emissions. With the new emission transformation of the coal-fired power plant and the proportion of renewable energy power generation, the use of electric vehicles to the atmospheric governance will be more.

How can new energy cars develop healthily after subsidizing? In this regard, Wang Bing has put forward a series of recommendations, such as technology innovation project support; develop new automotive industrial investment management methods; will promote new energy vehicles and blue sky defending warfare warfare; urban development Table, expand the implementation of new energy vehicles do not limit the unlimited purchase policy; give appropriate subsidies for infrastructure construction, construction zero emission demonstration zone, etc.. “The power of electric vehicles in the public domain has tended, including bus, taxi, logistics car, shared car rental, sanitation car, etc.

. Governance atmospheric environment, public domain vehicles are responsible for. “Wang Binggang said.


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