Wang Jiagang: New Energy Automobile Development on the Expectation of Power Lithium Battery

Wang Jiagang: New Energy Automobile Development on the Expectation of Power Lithium Battery

my country’s new energy automotive industry has made important progress. From 2011 to the first half of this year, more than 1 million new energy vehicles have been accumulated, from 2016 World New Energy Vehicle sales can be seen, in the number of my country, far more than Europe’s total Quantity, more than the total of the US. Today is important to talk about the results and problems of the power lithium battery.

my country’s dynamic lithium battery technology has achieved important progress. According to statistics, in 2016, my country’s lithium-powered lithium battery company shipping totaled 30.5GWH, up 79.

4% year-on-year, and gratifying is a good concentration, head two companies, BYD’s market with CATL. The rate reached 48%, the top 12 accounted for 80%. We have already had a very good company, leading companies have ranked among the world’s powered lithium batteries regardless of sales or technical levels.

. However, it should be seen that the current technical level, production capacity and cost control of my country’s powered lithium battery industry and the international advanced level are also a considerable distance from the requirements of the whole vehicle..

A few history of the world electric car tell us that the power lithium battery technology determines the fate of the new energy vehicle. I hereby incorporated the electric motor industry’s expectation of the power lithium battery. It is important to have high security, high performance, long life, low cost, high quality, recycling, from the perspective of the industry, should have It has the size of the development of new energy vehicles to build a powerful industrial chain, and there must be sustainable innovation and international competitiveness.

. First talk about security. At present, the problem of new energy car safety is quite severe.

The safety accident of new energy vehicles is a fire. From time to time, we will hear the news of new energy cars, according to this, there are more accidents, it will inevitably have some major casualties. The consequences will be unimaginable and must be highly valued.

. Without security, there is no high performance, and there is no way to talk about large-scale production applications..

How to solve safety problems? Security is to start from R & D design, first solve the security of the battery design, and then the safety of the battery system, and finally the safety of use and maintenance.. Looking forward to relying on complex expensive system technology to use unsafe cells, it is not advisable.

Security should start from the foundation, and the most safe battery is the battery that does not catch fire.. In that case, the battery system design will be greatly simplified, cost, and weight can be greatly reduced.

. Safety is designed, it is manufactured, it is not monitored. Although the monitoring is important, it is just an auxiliary means.

Therefore, the counterparters in the battery industry are to strive to design high-security battery products, this is our primary task.. Second, to continuously innovate battery performance, meet the development of new energy vehicles.

I have already said a lot, I will not repeat.. The energy-type battery should increase the energy density while taking into account power density to meet the consumer’s fast charge.

. Power battery, to work hard to increase its energy density, make the battery light, low cost. What kind of level can the new energy vehicle ultimately develop, depending on what the battery is made, so it should be continuously innovated, and the performance of the battery should continue to improve the performance of the battery.

. Third, talk about my life of battery life. I think the battery life is very important, it is also one of the key factors that the electric vehicle can eventually succeed.

. A view on the life of the power lithium battery, a view is the same life, about 2,000 times. I don’t agree with this meaning.

First, you can’t just consider the life of 100,000 kilometers. This is the minimum promise to consumers, (BYD committed to the powerful lithium battery for lifetime warranty), a traditional car is used to two or 130,000 kilometers of technical status or Very good, a life of a engine reaches several hundred thousand kilometers is a very common thing, but also considering the difference in car usage, battery life is a probabilistic distribution, and the battery system is combined by many monomers. Therefore, there is enough margin; two, when the battery is retired from the car, there is still about 80% of the capacity, if the intrinsic quality is excellent, it can be used to use other uses such as energy storage, and one can be used again The cycle, improve the value of its reuse, is equal to the cost of the full life cycle.

That is, when the car is scrapped, the battery has its second life, which should be the goal we pursue.. Fourth, we must adopt lean production concept efforts to reduce costs.

Now the cost of the battery is very high, the cost of the whole vehicle is also very high. In the past few years, the high subsidies of the country have been supported, but this subsidy is temporarily. By 2020, buy a car subsidy must be exited, the subsidies of the vehicle factory Nothing, it is impossible to buy a battery to buy a battery, otherwise everyone will not make.

So cost problems are a very big problem that should be carefully considered now.. I went to Guangqi research in the previous paragraph.

They think that the battery system can do 0.6 yuan per watt, electric cars have the competitiveness of traditional cars without subsidies..

I passed 0.6 yuan / WW information to a friend of a battery industry. They feel that it is incredible, it is difficult to do.

We can’t determine 0.6 yuan / watt movable, but here is an important message, the current battery cost must be greatly reduced, in order to meet the requirements of new energy auto industry development. To understand the high quality, low cost is the result of the unremitting efforts of the automotive industry, is an important feature of the automotive industry.

. Ford’s production method created, the first large reduction of manufacturing costs, making the car from a luxury that has only only a few aristocrats becomes a commercially available goods. Toyota has created the lean production method, once again changed the automotive industry, allowing consumers to enjoy cheap and high quality automotive products.

. We often amazed a complicated and exquisite car product, and the reliability of life is so good. This is the crystallization of human wisdom and century-old efforts.

. Therefore, it is a great challenge that the cost is a great challenge that the battery company should change the concept..

Fifth, to change the appearance of the quality of the battery industry, let the quality of the battery industry reach the quality level of the automotive industry. At present, quite the quality level of multi-battery companies is not high, and the worst approach is “screening”, “screening” from a large number of products “full products”. Are you thinking of filtering in products is a good product? no.

Because the quality of the whole batch is not good, just because its parameters present a certain probability distribution, let the parameters of some products fall in the qualified area, you can come from the middle “screening”, but never Indicates that these “qualified” products have good quality, they will have problems in the future use, they are not used to check, it is already unqualified, and the discrete is more serious, in this kind Is the system made by the monomer, can the car can be used? What kind of system balance technology is meaningless. The unqualified product of “screening” has also caused a lot of waste, adding costs..

The second method is “sorting”, which is also the same as “hidden eyes”, the reason is the same, because the quality of the product is inherently, because the quality of the product is inherently. Subselect “to achieve essential improvement. These methods are not used in modern auto parts production.

. In the automotive industry, the “process capacity index” CPK value is used to measure the quality level of the product, requiring this value to reach 1.67, and most battery company’s CPK value does not reach this requirement, this should be diverted.

Sixth, speed up the process of battery specifications. Although recently introduced the battery module size standard, I think this standard is too much, almost column in the market, I think such a standard standard, it is equal to no standard..

The purpose of this standard is to reduce the quantity of specifications. Now this specification standard is a specifications of “old good people”, what is the use of this specification? So I suggest that again, it should greatly reduce the quantity of specifications..

Because it is necessary to recover and use, if the specification is eight, how to do it again? Second, from the battery industry itself, your equipment specifications, tooling specifications are also varied, how can I help reduce costs? Can’t talk about the possibility of universal interchange. So I feel that from the interest of the entire industry, we must work hard to reduce specifications..

Seventh, to establish a powerful industrial chain and industrial cluster. Our concentration has already shown a good trend, but to understand, our current new energy car is only 500,000 years, if it goes to 5 million units, 10 million, can the power lithium battery industry meet demand? If my country’s battery industry wants to be a strong person around the world, every large battery factory has a very strong upstream industrial chain, including positive material, negative material, diaphragm, electrolyte, manufacturing equipment, etc..

I think it is necessary to have a coordinating plan, I hope that you can form a few giant industrial clusters and bases from 2020 to 2025, so we should now spend planning and layout around the construction of powerful industrial clusters.. Eighth, battery companies should establish a closely alliance with the vehicle company, and speed up the pace.

Currently a very important period, excellent battery companies are growing rapidly. Battery companies should step up the establishment of an industrial league and the vehicle factory. This is also a suggestion that I have given a lot of battery factories.

If the city in front of you may temporarily, foreign excellent battery factory enters the morning and evening, so we have to prepare at any time. Strong competitor. The battery factory should also consider the reasonable layout of the production base, build the manufacturer to the vicinity of the vehicle factory, which can greatly reduce the cost of logistics, while meeting the requirements of the automotive industrial lean production method, realizing timely supply, zero inventory, low cost.

At the same time, I also call on the vehicle company should have an obligation to support the local battery factory, jointly strive to establish a strong new energy automotive industry system, change the traditional car core components dependence on abroad, prevent the mistakes of the technical hollow. Ninth, the recycling of power lithium batteries has been imagined. According to relevant agencies, by 2020, there will be approximately 200,000 tons of power lithium batteries in my country to retire, and will rise each year in the future.

If the arrangement is not good, it is possible to be a new environmental disaster. Everyone is in verbal. It is important to recover the battery, but it is very small to implement this matter, so I hope that the powerful lithium battery recovery is not just oral, it should be implemented, on the one hand, it is necessary to clear the responsibility system, on the one hand, consider the coordination of the car scrap management system.

Recently, I learned that some urban governments have already set up relevant systems, institutional and layout related industries.. Only when you need to recycle, you can finally realize the goal of green green environmental protection for new energy vehicles.

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