Vision CEO Zhang Lei: Deep Tillage Power Lithium Battery Industry Promotion Formulate Safety Standards

Vision CEO Zhang Lei: Deep Tillage Power Lithium Battery Industry Promotion Formulate Safety Standards

The vision of the power lithium battery industry is not only stopped in the new prospects AESC power lithium battery.. In the power lithium battery industry, the advantage of vision is to have many years of management related experience on energy systems and power systems.

. “Our target company is a company like TSLA, because Tsla really understands electricity and energy. “Yesterday evening, Zhang Lei, who participated in the” Energy “reporter in the” Energy “reporter in the” Energy “reporter,” Your company, what kind of company, what kind of company? “.

“Founded in 2007, Vision Group has become a leader in the wind power industry.. According to the 2018 new plus, the 2018 new-added machine is estimated, and the vision is estimated to reach 25% in the 2018 new-winding electric power supply market.

. And as the CEO of the Vision Group, the blueprint set by the vision is not limited to wind power..

At the moment, Zhang Lei is a new power point for the Yuanjing circle is the power lithium battery industry.. “When the Times floods, you must see the direction of the times.

After watching this direction, you must dare to got the standard.. “Zhang Lei said.

The original intention of entering the power lithium battery industry August 2018, the Vision Group announced the acquisition of Nissan AESC power lithium battery. In November 2018, the Vision AESC (Envisionaesc) announced that it will build the world’s most advanced 811 three-yuan lithium ion battery production line in Wuxi investment..

On February 19, 2019, Yuanjing AESC my country is officially started in Jiangsu Wuxi Jiangyin. Can this company from wisdom wind power? Can companies do a good powered lithium battery industry? “There are many people asked similar problems when we started to engage in wind power industries..

Say we don’t understand wind power, our industry background and wind power have nothing to do, how to do wind power? “In the face of the external question, Zhang Lei replied,” We have a big relationship with our challenges we have in resolving the industry.. Today’s electric car industry is very like a wind power industry before ten years.

This is a long run. Some companies have running a hundred meters, and the vision ran 50 meters, but we have to see the long-term development..

“About the prospects and potential of the dynamic lithium battery industry, Zhang Lei said that the industry’s big development period is far from the beginning, and it is still in the beginning stage.. Many standards have not come out, many innovations have not yet come out, the technical route is also a thousand variables, and the future uncertainty is still existed.

. Dynamic lithium battery safety, grid fusion, artificial intelligence, etc., only started starting.

Vision AESC my country Phase III Planned to build a total annual output of 20GWH, the layout is currently the world’s most advanced three-yuan lithium ion battery (NCM811) production line. According to the planning of Zhang Lei, the first phase of the Vision AESC Wuxi Plant will be completed and put into production in November this year..

After all of the three phases are completed, it is expected that high security, high-energy density, high durability and cost-effective power lithium batteries can be supplied to more than 400,000 new energy vehicles worldwide.. Zhang Lei said that Vision AESC is one of the most international power lithium batteries.

There are three plants in Japan, the United States, and the UK, as well as the upcoming Jiangyin Plant.. “We started to position international standards, international market and international customers.

“The deep-cultivation of lithium battery industry vision acquisition AESC is not strategic investment, but deep ginseng and production and management. Zhang Lei said: “We have to participate in the product design of AESC and the entire production process to ensure the landing of the process..

AESC originally used battery manufacturers in a vehicle factory, it can get closed-loop data. “Vision can also use our own Tonglian technology to use the AESC’s product production and operation..

Vision Construction Intelligent Federation Work System ENOS? Currently connected to more than 100GW energy terminals and 50 million smart devices around the world. Zhang Lei said: “Vision can make data play. Our smart network can make each battery module have a chip, so that the chip can have a sense, it can prevent dangerous happening.

. In the past, our battery has been 8 years 430,000 car 0 serious accidents, and it will do better in the future..

“In addition to the production of power lithium batteries, the vision is also considering the recovery of the waste battery of the power lithium battery. “This is a question that has a social responsibility company must consider..

“Zhang Lei said that battery recycling is one of the vision ecosystems, and we must have to meet and solve this problem together with you.. “On the other hand, there is a key issue in the big development of the power lithium battery industry, namely how battery energy is improved.

. In this regard, Zhang Lei said that the product line and technical reserves of improving battery energy density have, but there is currently no market, which is related to models, and the input of production lines..

Improve battery life is just a time problem, and it will be realized in the future.. Vision AESC power lithium battery is a greatly reduced positive and negative concentration fluid and isolation film thickness using patented technology to improve energy density.

. Promote the development of the power-lithium battery safety standard 2018, the world’s new energy car sales totaled 2 million (1.05 million vehicles in my country), according to Deloity analysis, 2020 new energy sales will reach 4 million, 2025 Received 12 million units, reaching 21 million in 2030 (Deloitte, 2019).

Electric cars will soon exceed the number of trillion market size. However, while electric vehicles have developed rapidly, there have also been a lot of safety accidents..

According to the incomplete statistics of public reports, more than 20 electric vehicles have fired incidents in 2018, which seriously endangered the industry image and the confidence of the electric car.. As a member of the National People’s Congress, Zhang Lei, who prepared to submit the “Strengthening the Safety Standards, High Quality Development Electric Automobile Industry” during the two sessions.

. Zhang Lei said: First, we must establish a strong relationship between industry norms and regulations and power lithium battery safety, allowing automotive industry safety scoring indicators to increase the presentation of electric vehicle safety characteristics (especially dynamic lithium batteries)..

In addition, my country’s electric vehicles and power lithium battery industries should be in line with international standards.. Third, we must encourage the industry to fully apply the Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and to achieve prediction and active safety management of dynamic lithium battery health.

. Rapidly developed Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence technology can help electric automotive industries analyze the relationship between electric vehicles, power lithium battery related data and driving behavior and environment, and achieve battery health based on the analysis and comparison of large data. Prediction and active safety management.

Regarding actively promoting the safety standards for the safety standards for power lithium batteries, Zhang Lei said that safety standards, from a sense, like an intangible hand, can point out a direction to the industry. But at the same time is an open ecology and system. Companies can do things around this direction.

Safety standards and innovation are non-contradictory, in the catering industry, no matter what Western food is good, the meal is good, the meal is also good, there is certainly a general basic safety standard.

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