Use Mask ‘First Principle’ Interpretation of Power Lithium Battery

Use Mask 'First Principle' Interpretation of Power Lithium Battery

Everyone may heard the word “first principle”, recently in the entrepreneurial market.. This word has long been, recently fire is because Ilons Mask often uses this word to explain his entrepreneurial ideas.

. There is an investor friend to tell me, he now goes to the Silicon Valley to talk about the project, and those who investors asked the first sentence. Your project is very good, but what is its “first principle”? Let’s go back to Ilon Mask, about the “first principle”, he said this: We use the “first principle” thinking rather than “comparative thinking” to think.

We always tend to compare in life – others have already done or do this, we will do it.. Such a result is that only fine iterative development.

The thinking way of “first principle” is to treat the world’s way to use physical perspective, that is, the appearance of a layer of peeling things, seeing the essence inside, then walking from the essence. Listening is a little dizzy, I will give two episodes to Masks to explain. Everyone knows that Mask’s entrepreneurial project is an electric car TSLA, but many people think that electric cars cannot be made because the battery cost can’t fall.

. It was about $ 600 / kWh, and it was so expensive in the past, and the improvement and price cuts of something were always very slow, so it won’t be more cheaper in the future..

Good, the “first principle” of Ilon Mask debut. He said that I have no expensive battery now, I will return to the essence asking a question, what is the hard cost of the battery? What is the cost that can’t be reduced? It is nothing more than iron, nickel, aluminum these metals. In addition to buying these metals, the cost is absolutely reduced, and the remaining costs are in the process of human collaboration, then there is an optimized space.

. For example, in the United States, it may be high, then do not produce it in the United States; it may be a technical route it is more expensive, which can be reduced with its large-scale popularization, this price can be lowered; maybe some The module design itself has a problem, then change the design. In short, look back to the physics perspective, he is a combination of metal, we may have the price of these metal itself with unlimited price.

. The same idea, another entrepreneurial project in Ilon Mask is the retrieval. This matter has only only a national financial, but Ilon Mask said it is not right, I have a rocket: a rocket, its raw material costs only 2% of the total cost of the rocket, even if there is any other cost, It can be optimized.

So, let’s talk, you can reduce the cost of the current rocket, reducing only 10% of the current. These two examples you can still have a little virtual. In fact, “first principle” is to let us take the gaze from those who do things doing, no matter what choice, all with the most fundamental principle, constantly correcting that reference point for themselves.

It is important not to “first principle” itself, but in the process of running to the target, it is not affected by other factors.. This is nothing to sinking yesterday, I don’t pay attention to the cost, doing independent decisions at every point, is it very similar? So the problem is coming, except for the fundamental principle and goals, why do other reference points have problems? Because our human civilization is accumulated in a long time.

. In the process of accumulation, although there is a lot of progress, those stocks have many unreasonable, low efficiency, and even ridiculous things..

If you can’t get back at any time, it is easy to turn relevant experience into your burden.. For example, I have heard such a story.

During the World War, the British Air Force had a provision that the fighter’s leather seats should be scrub with camels.. The British Air Force of the British Air Force has been doing this for many years, but no one knows why.

Later, some people felt strange, specialized to investigate. It turned out that when the British army was transported in the desert area, it was a camel transport. The leather goods that can be robbed, the taste camel smells very uncomfortable, reliable, there is no way, there is no way to use camels to be dung, cover the leather taste.

As a result, this provision has been taken as the Jinke Yushu followed, waiting until the camel became a plane.. In fact, everyone thinks, in your own industry, how many things are because of habits and prejudice, because of the perseverance of the vested interest, from the “first principle”, it is actually cut off a knife.

. Take me this time, put the “Luo Tie thinking” program from the whole network into the “Get”, from the video to audio, many people do various analysis, analyze five flowers eight. In fact, returning to “First Principles”, it is two – first, a startup of a boutique content and knowledge services, only for our users, what is strange? Second, from the video to the audio, from a long time, change to a short day, this change is also to better respect the user’s time and their use, this is also a chapter.

But everyone thinks about us, we do this decision, it is also very difficult. Why? Because I will encounter a lot of resistance. First, the company’s internal collaboration is changed, and many colleagues who have been used to some things should be re-learned; the external partners should also adjust and renegate; there are people who are used to there will be some grievances.

Be uncomfortable. If we scruples these factors, it is the “comparative thinking” that Ilon Mask said, then any change should not think. Why do we think about the problem with “first principle”? Because this is a technology crazy iteration, the era of rapid explosive.

The advantage is that we have the opportunity to break the original habits and prejudice, re-plan, because technology has supplied rich possibilities, let this matter restore to our own essence. The disadvantage is that there are too many choices, there are too many possibilities, we are like from land to the ocean, uncertainty is too big..

So, find a goal, find an navigation light, is especially important. All collaborators remember the only goal in their hearts, correcting habits and prejudice at any time, at any time to remove redundancy, can grasp themselves in this uncertainty. I used to listen to Mr.

Wu Bo Fan speaking a truth. I saw that others saw that others opened the tractor. I felt very bad, but when I opened it, I didn’t turn straight, and I was twisted.

. Later, he asked the old driver, people told him that you always stare at your own hand, you certainly open it straight..

If you want to open it very simple, you have a tree in the distance, you will run this tree, don’t think about it, naturally it.. Yes, people we drive now know that the old driver will not stare at your own hand, and you will naturally go straight.

. In this story, the hand is “comparative thinking”, the tree in the distance is “first principle”. This “first principle” is actually not so tall, not only from entrepreneurship.

. Entrepreneurs in Ilon Masks can be used, and our ordinary people can also use it in daily life..

For example, I am coming to watch movies to find fun, this is the “first principle” I do this.. Therefore, if I see my rotten film, I will get together, I don’t have a lot of money with the movie ticket.

. For example, I am a company to grow up, let myself become more worthless in the workplace, this is my “first principle”..

So, take the boss, hit the game, and you can save the province.. For example, I am a football player, every feet I played on the court, every run, it is to make myself more valuable on the whole ball, build my position in the history of football, this is my “First principle”.

So, do a good job with the relationship between coach and other players, it is for this purpose, not let others praise me is a good person.. In these two days, we repeatedly mentioned the Xie Xi, he said in an article that he found a minimal formula, according to this formula, anyone can do not rely on IQ, background and luck, find a widely available Solution.

Listening to a bragging, but according to my life experience, this formula is really very sense, this formula is: Your achievement = core algorithm ¡Á A large number of repetitive action 2 The so-called “core algorithm” is your “first principle”. It is what you always live in something that doesn’t relax. Do anything is to use this “core algorithm”.

At any choice, no matter what others say, how to see, use this principle to make decisions. The so-called “a lot of repetitive action” is once started to repeat it, and the stupid persistence. Every time you do it, you will accumulate more advantages than others, and this advantage is an index level accumulation.

. For example, Google’s street view map. Its “core algorithm” is very simple, that is to digitize all the maps of human beings, open the car with the camera, turn in various cities.

This project is started, very slow, the amount of engineering is very stupid, but as long as the company is constant, other companies will look like. Moreover, I have to go to Yachang print and find out that they sent a 4-person group to take all the murals of the Tibet Potala Palace, and shoot with the highest definition camera..

The entire project lasts for four or five years, but once it is made, the world wants to use the mural artwork of the Potala Palace, can only go to Yachang to buy copyrights, and it is unlikely to shoot again.. A very stupid thing, very smart from the final result.

For example, we own, “Core Algorithm” is the knowledge service of supply under new technical conditions, and the previous human knowledge is re-produced with new technologies and new carriers.. Although we are now doing very little, the level has to be improved, but as long as it starts slowly, the advantage of long-term accumulation is very considerable.

. In fact, this formula is not invented, Buffett said a word: “Investment is a snowball. “Investment is like a person standing on the top of the mountain, as long as there is enough long slope, and enough wet snow, a small snowball is sloppy, you can get bigger more.

In contrast, “Slope” is the core algorithm, “wet snow” is a large number of repeatable movements, “rolling snowball” is effective, repeatable, sustainable intensive learning. For three days, this kind of thinking of us, in fact, we are stupid, but not afraid of suffering, people who have dreams, in this era of survival. Please remember three words: probability rights in the past, the first principle they are just from different angles, say the same truth.

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