Upstream and downstream, internal and foreign game power lithium battery staged “multi-country kill”

Upstream and downstream, internal and foreign game power lithium battery staged

There is a strong enemy before, there is a chasing troops, the powerful lithium battery company is in the abdomen, the industry is playing a new round of “fire”. Recently, Geely Automobile Holdings Co., Ltd.

(hereinafter referred to as “Geely Automobile”, 00175.HK) announced that there is an indirect Shanghai Huapu National Run and LG chemistry establishment of 99% equity, and both parties agree to establish a joint venture company. Production and sales of electric car batteries.

In an interview with a reporter, Geely Automobile said that with the “post-subsidy era”, it will give a higher demand for new energy vehicle life, power lithium battery energy density, and grasp the battery. Car industrialization “pulse”. This is not the first time in Geely Automobile to set up a joint venture company.

. However, behind the “marriage” of Geely LG chemistry, it is more worth noting that the strong “spray” of Japan and South Korea’s power lithium battery companies..

Up to now, Samsung SDI, LG Chemical, SK Group, Panasonic is a “giant”, “giant” has returned to my country’s market. In the face of the double-sided feet of the vehicle factory and overseas competitors, Guoxuan Gaoke Co., Ltd.

(hereinafter referred to as “Guoxuan Gao”, responded to the reporter that foreign companies will not change the current domestic The market’s pattern, the company is currently actively expanding customers, including Geely, Hezhong, Bosch, etc..

Zhejiang Southern Power Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Nandu Power”, 300068.

SZ) The relevant person in charge said: “Regardless of the policy, how the industry changes, how to accelerate foreign investment, about us, the key is to do product and technology This is the foundation. “The whole vehicle factory bet with the continued rapid development of my country’s new energy vehicle market, as the” heart “of the new energy vehicle, the power lithium battery industry in the new energy car is also increasingly attached to the vehicle enterprises, and they have chosen to bet, self-built or Joint venture set up battery factory. According to the Geely Car Notice Content, the company’s Shanghai Huapu and LG chemistry plans to set up a joint venture company.

The joint venture has a registered capital of $ 188 million, and the two parties have funded 50% respectively, and each hold 50% stake.. Geely Automobile said to reporters, the reason for establishing a joint venture is that my country’s new energy auto market has entered the key stage of growth development from the import period, and the explosive rise will be achieved within 2 to 3 years.

. The power lithium battery is a “heart” of new energy and electrified models, grasping the battery to grasp the “pulse” of electric vehicles industrialization..

In fact, in December last year, Geely Automobile Zhejiang Jiun Automobile Co., Ltd. has reached an agreement with CATL to jointly establish a joint venture company, an important part of the production of lithium-ion batteries, fuel power batteries, large-capacity energy storage batteries.

Sale. The joint venture company registered capital is RMB 1 billion, of which Zhejiang Jiun has funded 490 million yuan, accounting for 49%. In addition to Geely Motors, the reporter combined found that in September 2018, Dongfeng Auto Co.

, Ltd. and Beijing Habibi Co. The company will import new energy automotive battery packs, battery management systems, vehicle operations, battery traders, and services.

. In 2017, SAIC Group also passed its wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Automobile Group Investment Management Co., Ltd.

, and CATL joint venture, the era of SAIC’s Sports Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. and SAIC Times Power Lithium Battery System Co.

, Ltd.. Time SAIC is responsible for the development, production and sales and after-sales service of lithium-ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries, and the development, production and sales of Qiqi Battery modules and systems in SAIC’s development.

. Zhao Xiaoma, executive director in burning consultation, as one of the core components of the new energy car, the sufficient stable supply capacity of the power lithium battery affects the core production power of the vehicle factory. However, the supply requirements of the power lithium battery simultaneously meet the technical and production capacity, and the independent self-construction plant is difficult to meet yield and technical requirements in a short period of time.

. Therefore, most of the company’s choices and high-quality battery production companies can also disperse certain risks..

“The joint venture between the vehicle factory and the battery factory is important to ensure battery supply.. The operation is specialized, battery core production is a more professional, and the vehicle factory is more difficult, so it is generally used to use the joint venture, handed over to the battery factory.

. “The Chief Analyst Chief Analyst for Zhen Lithium” said to the reporter. Geely Automobile also said that choosing a joint venture plant, one is to achieve reasonable layout in three electricity and core components; the second is to adopt the joint venture of LG chemistry, can further protect high performance core components stable supply, and the resources integration of both parties, Advantage complementation, improve scale effect; third is that there is no future, Geely is willing to cooperate with all excellent companies, seek more extensive cooperation opportunities in the premise of compliance, fair and transparent, and integrate various partners.

. The “food” of the outside is worth noting, in the country, although there have been CATL, BYD, Guoxuan High-class dynamic lithium battery “leader” company, but from this time, Geely “hand in hand” LG chemistry is not difficult to see, Japan and South Korea Power lithium battery company’s strong attack attitude is not to be underestimated. In the announcement of LG chemistry, the two parties will start construction in my country at the end of this year.

It is expected to be completed at the end of 2021.. At that time, the plant will have 10GWH expected annual production.

. LG chemistry also stated that in the future, in the context of guaranteeing its own technology, actively carry out joint ventures and all-round cooperation between my country’s vehicle company..

At the same day of Geely Automobile announced the “marriage” LG chemistry, at the invitation of Cui Taoyuan, Chairman of South Korea, Xujiaying, Chairman of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Evergrande Group, visited the SK Group, and the two sides explored the new energy vehicles, power lithium batteries and other fields. Possibility of in-depth cooperation. In addition, Samsung SDI also revealed in its earnings, will make further planning for future layouts in our market.

. Four years ago, Samsung SDI has been with Anqing Ring New and High-class Group joint venture with power lithium battery production base, base settled in Xi’an. In November 29, 2018, in order to expand the output, Samsung SDI will start, and 5 60AH lithium ion power lithium battery production line will be formed after the project is completed.

. In addition, June 24, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that the “Conditional Conditions” (hereinafter referred to as “Conditions”) (hereinafter referred to as “Conditions”) (the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology “) (the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology”) No. 22, first, second, third, fourth batch meet the standard Condition Corporate Catalog at the same time.

This means that my country’s powered lithium battery companies have a formal “hunting of” protection policy against foreign “invaders”.. “If you compete, if you are competing, you should quickly improve product quality in a short time to compete with Japan and South Korea.

. The wolf comes in is not a bad thing, and the results of the wolf dance will make our outstanding company very likely to become a wolf..

“Mo Ca said. Accelerate the shuffle face the double-sided clavles of the vehicle factory and the outside person, the pressure of domestic power lithium battery manufacturing company is self-evident, especially some small and medium-sized battery companies. According to data, in 2018, the top five companies in China have occupied 73.

72% of the national market, and the top ten have won 82.83% of the market..

Wang Yao, deputy secretary-general of my country’s Automobile Power Lithium Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, publicly said that in 2018, there were 93 power lithium batteries in my country’s new energy vehicle market realized loading support (according to the group company), which was 9 in 2017.. After the number of companies reached the peak in 2016, the power lithium battery industry entered the washing period after the early policy subsidies, the product quality was not met, and the company was difficult to achieve profitable, and the industry has been eliminated by the market.

The development of the industry is “large” Quality “transformation, future market competition will further exacerbate. The reporter noted that even if “surviving” power lithium battery companies also face a variety of difficulties. For example, from the 2018 annual report published by many batteries, in addition to a small number of double rises in revenue and profits, including super-power (00951.

HK), Chengfei integrated (002190.SZ), rich in Seiko ( 300432.SZ), Rilevo (300116.

sz), the company in Nandu power, there is a decline in net profit and even losses. According to disclosed information, the gross profit margin of the 200th lithium battery company in 2018 has declined sharply, and some companies have gross profit margins and even less than 10%..

“Subsidy is affected, this year’s competition will be more intense. First, the subsidy is serious, and the vehicle enterprise will compose battery manufacturers. The profits of battery manufacturers will decrease; second, the account may deteriorate, the company is not strong, it is difficult to support for a long time.

“Mo Ke pointed out that the lithium battery industry is already in the shuffling stage, this year will be more. About the small and medium-sized battery factory, the best way is to open up other lithium-saving markets outside the electric car..

“Overseas electric car market is only a four or five battery plants, and the domestic market is similar, and eventually only left 10 people.. “In the face of the current situation, the relevant person in charge of Guoxuan’s high-tech said that the company is constantly strengthening its hard strength, and it is also actively expanding new customers.

. According to the South Power supply, subsidizing resorts is the problem facing the current industry. The company will work hard to digest these issues, and the most important thing is to do product and technology.

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