Two major ‘angle of the power lithium battery market debut: solid state batteries and titanic acid charging lithium batteries

Two major 'angle of the power lithium battery market debut: solid state batteries and titanic acid charging lithium batteries

After the tannal-based ion battery is talies, the power lithium battery market is also transmitted: the solid battery is also sought after.. Recently, Jamesdyson, British Regal, said that it will invest $ 1.

4 billion, build a battery factory, which will be a gamble in him and the company named by him.. In 2015, Dyson acquired Sakti3, Solid State Battery Company, and Dai Sen said that it will invest nearly $ 1 billion in mass production of solid state batteries.

. Therefore, the outside world believes that the above plants will bear the responsibility of the mass-produced solid battery..

Mask’s Lecture Battery King Passing the blessing of a lithium-ion battery and an electric vehicle commonly used lithium-ion battery compared to the electrolyte in the solid state battery, but instead of a “sandwich” device, it can act as an electrolyte and guaranteed electricity Normal transmission between ions, but also prevent positive and negative contact reactions, reduce battery explosion accidents. The electrolyte of the lithium-ion battery is an organic liquid, which is prone to oxidation decomposition and combustion in high temperatures, and there is no such problem in the solid battery, so that the battery is guaranteed..

By reasoning, the above advantages should be sought after by the solid-state battery, but the solid-state battery also faces the development bottleneck of the production process, cost-to-decline, so it failed to become the mainstream product of the power lithium battery. Tslaceo Elonmusk has expressed the prospects of solid state batteries. He believes that solid-state batteries are difficult to drop to the current level of lithium-ion batteries.

. Coincidentally, BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu has also expressed his negative attitude to lithium titanate. Wang Chuanfu believes that the lithium titanate ion battery may obtain the market in local area, especially at very low temperatures, but it also wants to “hard practice”.

Mask Wang Chuanfu has a “selfish” power lithium battery more might to point out, Mask and Wang Chuanfu are a firm “advocator” of the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery and lithium iron phosphate, so solid batteries and titanate The ion battery is seen, although there is a reason why it is insufficient, but also related to Mask and Wang Chuanfu. The two major “angles of the power” and the lithium-ion battery of the power lithium battery market are currently powered by the power lithium battery market, the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery and the lithium iron battery, but the two batteries also develop bottlenecks..

For example, a three-dimensional lithium-ion battery, it has a high advantage of the TSLA, the electric car of TSLA is equipped with a ternary lithium-ion battery, and the endless mileage can reach more than 500 kilometers, but the three-dimensional lithium-ion battery has poor stability, extremely high battery management. System technology, otherwise it is easy to spike or even explode in a fierce collision. The advantage of lithium iron phosphate ion battery is stable, but its disadvantage is low energy density, and the battery life is poor.

. The energy density of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is 100 ~ 120WH / kg, while NCA (nickel-cobalt aluminum) and NCM (nickel-cobalt) three-dimensional material battery energy density is 50% higher than the phosphate, which is generally generally in 150 -180WH / kg, TSLA’s NCA ternary material battery energy density is reported to reach 200Wh / kg. Battery life and battery safety are not compatible, is the current situation of current power lithium battery development.

The company is in the “private” right, there is “selfish” is unambiguous, but the development of the power lithium battery industry will put down “selfish” and embrace more possible. The lithium titanate ion battery has a long life, safe, and achieving fast charge, a wide temperature, but its energy density is close to lithium iron-free battery, and the future has increased with battery energy, such batteries will be large..

The biggest advantage of solid state batteries is safety and high-end. Safety above has been expressed, and the battery is reported, according to the energy density of solid-state lithium-ion batteries developed by Sakti3, it has been doubled than the current best traditional lithium-ion battery..

In the future, the solid-state battery is applied to the electric car, and the battery life beats TSLA will not be a dream.. These, solid state batteries and titanate lithium-ion batteries are prepared to stir the power lithium battery market, Masque and Wang Chuanfu, I want to pick it up?.

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