Two-headed dynamic lithium battery company

Two-headed dynamic lithium battery company

As the subsidy resurgent began, the subsidy amount of new energy vehicles decline sharply, bringing huge cost pressure to relevant new energy car companies.. The relevant new energy car companies have put forward new requirements for the power lithium battery company in order to transfer the cost of the cost, that is, the power lithium battery should be lowered.

. However, it is, however, at the same time, at the same time, the price of the upstream material has increased by the price of the power lithium battery company..

Therefore, under the double pressure of the upper pricing price of the upstream material, the power lithium battery company can be described as a gas. “Cost” has become a problem that the power lithium battery company needs to be solved. Price encountering four pressure is affected by the new version of the subsidy to the energy density of the power lithium battery group, the advantages of the three-yuan battery have been favored by major powered lithium batteries.

. At the end of last year, major batteries have begun to seize the ternary battery market..

Including BYD, CATL, Watma, China AV-based lithium iron phosphate ion battery-dominated companies, have formulated the 2017 new three-yuan battery production plan. However, the price of cobalt materials suddenly skyrocketing but lets “dig” a lot of power lithium battery companies continue to expand the determination of three yuan lithium-ion battery. Data show that the current electrolytic cobalt domestic market offer 37-38 million yuan / ton, the quarterly carbon dioxide market offer 38-400,000 yuan / ton.

Among them, 4.35V cobaltate market price is as high as 40-415,000 yuan / ton, compared with the same period last year, it has been close to 100%..

Since the cost of cobalt materials in lithium cobalt-cobalt acid and the ternary material is relatively high, the prices of upstream raw materials continue to rise and manufacturers sell, resulting in lithium cobalt and three-yuan material prices in a state of swinging.. Thus, the positive material company can only “pass” the pressure of raw materials “pass” to the downstream power lithium battery company, which extends to a certain extent of the cost pressure of the ternary battery company.

. In this regard, Yang Qi, director of the market departing department of CATL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

, said, “Since the cylindrical battery is weak, the differentiation is small, the yield is relatively, so the pressure of the cylindrical battery is the largest.. “But fortunately, the current price of electrolyte, diaphragm and other materials have begun to fall, can partially cancel the pressure of the three yuan positive price increase.

Industry insiders said that if cobalt materials have been at a high price, while other materials prices cannot guarantee continuous decision, the survival pressure of the ternary batteries will become large.. On the other hand, since the subsidized saver, the new energy automobile company has already begun to negotiate with the battery manufacturer.

From the current situation, 20% of the demands have become the collective appeal of the vehicle company, and the car is from the market. Battery Factory Sanyuan Battery proposes 1.4 yuan / WH requirements, and this is far exceeding the price of battery companies.

. Both the target price is too large, the battery company cannot withstand such a large cost pressure. “In fact, the pressure of battery manufacturers is not only derived from cost, and the technology route adjustment of policy adjustment is also very huge.

The battery manufacturers must adjust the battery specifications, Pack methods and even material formulations according to policy standards.. Yang Qi pointed out that the current battery company has affected four pressure from the upstream materials, the vehicle compaction, the technical route and the overcapacity of the production, and the profit space of the battery company has been obviously squeezed.

. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of a vehicle company said how to reduce the cost is an important dilemma facing the new energy vehicle. In fact, most of the cost pressure is in the vehicle company, and the vehicle company is also actively Want to digest cost pressure.

At the same time, he also called for the new energy vehicle industry chain to jointly digest cost, so that the healthy development of the industry can prevent “lip tooth cold”. “There are two ways to effectively reduce costs in the most, one is to cultivate internal strength, research and development of new materials, new products, and improve product qualification; another is an external combination, strengthen supply chain collaboration, and new energy cars Enterprises and Materials companies reach a strategic cooperation model. “Zhuo Neng New Energy (Guangxi) General Manager Deng Lun Hao said that new energy vehicles should reduce costs and must mobilize all aspects of the industrial chain.

. At the same time, according to Dundao Hao, Zhuolong’s current should be important in three aspects, one is to carry out raw material prices in advance; the second is to improve production efficiency and pass rate; third is to promote technical progress, short-rate energy products. The company shuffling or puts a comprehensive upgrade, the industry expert said, compared to the increasing production line qualified rate more time and advantage.

It is understood that the current line qualification rate of the three-yuan 18650 battery is about 90%, and the passage of the PACK production is reduced to 60% -70%.. It can be seen that the qualified space of the PACK production line is still very large.

. In the upstream raw materials, the subsidy is sluggish. The downstream vehicle factory requires a large pressure price such as the battery, and the power lithium battery company has fallen into the dilemma of the upper pressure.

In the face of phased losses and risks, the industry shuffling movement is about to upgrade. Due to the direct hooks of the subsidy and the energy density, plus all the five batch of new energy vehicles promotion models directory all re-examinations, the battery company needs to pay the battery system energy density test report, and the increase in energy density has become a problem that the battery company needs to solve..

At the same time, the subsidies of the vehicle company have declined, and the price reduction requirements for the power lithium battery company will become a foregone, the shuffling activities are about to open.. Industry thinks.

Battery companies want to survive in the “high pressure” environment, must improve energy density, realize 120Wh / ㎏, this is also the largest pressure of the power lithium battery company.. It is understood that last year, the entire powered lithium battery package is 2,200 ~ 2500 yuan, and the electric vehicle in assembly 40 kW is calculated.

The total cost of the battery pack is about 88,000 to 100,000 yuan.. Therefore, it is necessary to make up for this reduction of 44,000 yuan subsidy, in addition to reducing cost by new production, the whole vehicle factory also needs to reduce costs from electric vehicles three parts (batteries, motors, electric controls).

Battery that occupies 30 to 40% of the whole vehicle costs becomes the most important goal. According to industry insiders, the current battery company is in the ‘Phase II’ overlay: First: Policy Digestion, the continuous revision of new policies, and put forward higher indicator requirements for energy density of battery system, directly leading to battery products and The modification of the technical route; the second is: the game period of the material company and the vehicle factory, because the price of lithium-ion battery materials is high, the battery company is in a state of viewing, and almost all the vehicle factory wants to pass the cost pressure to the battery company. It can be said that the battery company “abdominal attache” is the situation; the third is: Washing period, under policies, market, technology, funds, etc.

, many battery companies are facing the dishwrapping situation.. “Battery should have a big price reduction, it is not struggling.

It hits many companies. The power lithium battery has become relatively profitable into reasonable profits, but its investment is huge, the potential risk is very high, and there is no financial strength, technical strength and production scale. The company is eliminated, and the industry will be inevitable.

. “Dunlon Hao believes that the shuffle is coming soon, but it is a good thing to the industry, which is better to develop healthily..

At present, new energy vehicles are still in the promotion stage. The battery quality has not been stable. If the speed of speed reduction, it is very likely that the quality has caused a big negative impact.

. Therefore, the industry suggested that the cost is necessary, but it is necessary to drop in a reasonable range, give a smooth transition period..

“Although battery costs have become an irreversible trend, it is still the most important thing about batteries, security and consistency. “Dunuhao proposed that if other companies on the industry chain are reluctant to reduce costs, future battery companies will become bigger and bigger, under such market environment, the market about battery companies is extremely strong. From the entire industry, rational price fluctuations and is not conducive to the healthy development of the entire lithium-industrial industry, how to build a good development environment and improve the competitiveness and concentration of my country’s lithium industry, and the height cooperation of the entire industrial chain has become Consensus of the entire industry.


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