Trend | Dynamic Lithium Battery Industry Decisions

Trend | Dynamic Lithium Battery Industry Decisions

Entering 2020, the world has opened a witness history mode, except for the new crown, US stocks fuse, TSLA market value exceed Toyota …

The power lithium battery industry is staged, not only involving power lithium battery suppliers, major cars Manufacturers have also rushed to the official to announce the battery industry, so that the pattern of the entire industry is more turbulent.. The new crown epidemic has not stopped the pace of electric transformation of the automotive industry, in March, General Motors announced a new modular drive system in the cloud and the third-generation global electric motor vehicle platform equipped with Ultium special batteries, and announced universal electrification Strategy, technical path and future investment plan; at the end of May, Volkswagen announced that it will invest 986 million euros, purchase 50% of the Jianghuai Automobile Group in a way of increasing capital, and increase the joint venture car, Jianghuai Volkswagen Shares to 75% .

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. As we all know, the power lithium battery is the largest “parts” in electric vehicles, accounting for 40% of the cost of the entire vehicle BOM cost. At present, the magnitude of the lithium iron phosphate ion battery is about 600 yuan / kWh, three yuan lithium The cost of the ion battery is 1000 yuan -1200 yuan / kWh, calculated by electric vehicle 60KWH, and lithium iron phosphate cost is about 36,000 yuan, and the three yuan lithium battery is 6-72,000 yuan, so the battery cost is controlled.

Car manufacturer’s head and other matters. At present, the powerful lithium battery is important from battery providers, such as CATL, LG chemistry, and the total pattern is inquiishing. For example, in Europe, there are only two large-scale power lithium battery factories, Mercedes-Benz EQC, Audi Etron, Volkswagen electric car Are waiting in line with other batteries, production is subject to people.

There are not many cars, such as BYD, such as BYD.. Who will take the battery, whoever strides to take the initiative in the entire industrial chain, the future electricity strategy can really land.

Unlike the situation of “Xiqiang, weak” in the automotive industry, in the world, the core power lithium battery of electricization is controlled by China and Japan. Calculation with lithium-ion batteries, the first ten companies in the 2019 global power lithium battery shipments are CATL, Panasonic, LG Chemical, BYD, Samsung SDI, Vision AESC, Guoxuan, Peve, Life Battery and SK, Among them, there are 5 countries, 3 South Korea, 2 Japan. Of course, this pattern has many changes in more than half a year, plus all kinds of mothers of each car company, let us combate one by one.

. 1 In order to lithium iron phosphate ion batteries, Tsla and CATL together in fact TSLA have always been used in Panasonic batteries, and both parties have built a battery factory in Nevada, USA..

Ideal is very full, the realistic is very bone, the pine cautious business philosophy and TSLA have conflicts, plus the pine battery production does not meet the needs of Tslamodel3, Mask finally didn’t have a sinking, actually pushing the pines and dragging the legs, the relationship between the two sides Cool down. In 2019, TSLA’s investment in Shanghai, the battery of domestic model3, re-use LG chemical lithium-ion batteries, LG production plants in Nanjing, near water. This is still not finished, in order to further reduce the cost of domestic model3, “Iron Man” Mask does not hesitate to enable the lithium iron phosphate ion battery (Model3 standard life “, and suppliers are not BYD, but CATL.

Tsla “Technology Return” god operation, let the three-dimensional iron ion battery occupy the mainstream power lithium battery circle is shocked. It is mentioned that the lithium phosphate ion battery is mentioned in the old impression of low density and low temperature. In fact, the technology development of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries has been in the past, and it can fully meet the product needs of Tslamodel3.

. This is also explained, even if it is a lead electric vehicle company like TSLA, it cannot completely get rid of the battery provider’s constraint. If you want to completely liberate, you must have your own battery factory.

. Recently, Masque has also pushed claims that “TSLA Battery Day” will be held in California, USA, visit Tsla’s own battery factory is one of the activities..

It seems that TSLA and Panasonic are completely ignorant, this is an enviable partner that no longer has future. It is said that the product of the TSLA new battery plant is actually a cobalt-free lithium-ion battery, whether it is a life-saving mileage or the useful life, there will be new breakthroughs..

2 GM Hands in LG chemistry, just like TSLA and Panasonic About General Motors, 2019 is very special year, in close a few overseas plants, after shrinking overseas market territory, General Motors finally tailored. In December and LG chemistry signed a cooperation agreement, both parties jointly funded $ 2.3 billion to form a new battery company, with 50% of shares.

. It is reported that the new factory is located in Lordstown, Northeast, Ohio, and the factory output is 30GWH, which can meet an electric car of 15.0,000 50kWh battery capacity.

The battery cell will use a low cobalt content patent chemical formulation. The factory will also apply new technologies and production processes, and can control the cost of the battery within $ 100 / kWh. This price will greatly improve the competitiveness of universal electric vehicles.

. In 2020, in March in the epidemic, General Motors sacrificed the “big trick” on the Evweek event, and the first time to show the public to the public and equipped with the third generation of Ultium exclusive batteries. Global electric vehicle platform, and publish general electrification strategies, technical paths, and future investment planning.

And the battery factory for LG chemical joint ventures will supply batteries to the universal group, including Cadillac Lyriq, GMC pickup, electric version of Hummer, etc., can be said that by integrating upstream industrial chains, General Motors are expected to master the initiative of fate , And LG chemical joint venture factory is an important one of its electric circuit maps..

3 Toyota and Panasonic strongly join hands, and the power lithium battery industry will then use “a lover to finally become a genus” to describe Toyota Auto and Panasonic Battery. This is just right, early 1996, Panasonic Electric, Panasonic Battery, Toyota car established a Panasonic Electric Automotive Energy Company to produce nickel-hydrogen batteries for Toyota Mixed Motors..

Until the rise of electric cars, the links have not been broken. In February this year, Toyota and Panasonic relationship finally had substantive progress, and the two parties jointly announced a “Thai Star Energy Solution Co., Ltd.

” dynamic lithium battery R & D manufacturing company, “Thai Star Energy” is a family 5,5100 employees have 5,100 employees, 1500-2000 are from Panasonic, all of which come from Toyota’s battery R & D and manufacturing department, including 51% of Toyota, Panasonic 49%. This incident is a big thing in the car or the power lithium battery circle. Toyota has become the world except BYD, and the second family has reality, which can scale the production of powered lithium batteries, which is Toyota.

The automobile realizes the electrified transformation and laid a solid foundation.. 4 Buy directly to buy, Volkswagen 1.

1 billion euros invested Guoxuan high-tech Volkswagen should be the first traditional automobile manufacturer to propose electrical transformation. In 2016, the public car proposed “2025 strategy”, according to the 600 issued by Volkswagen Billion euro investment plan, 40% of investments will be used in electric travel and digital transformation. In our market, Volkswagen Group plans to achieve 1.

5 million new energy vehicles in 2025. In order to achieve the above objectives, the Volkswagen has built two MeB plants through the Nort-North Volkswagen, and this year announced that the investment of 986 million euros will increase the shares of Jianghuai Automobile Group, and set the public new energy vehicle headquarters and bases. Hefei.

Such a huge new energy model production, only relying on the third-party dynamic lithium battery provider such as CATL is not cost-effective. Volkswagen chooses the practice of entering the battery industry, which can quickly obtain the existing production of the power lithium battery, and save the time of self-built factories..

Volkswagen seems to have the third national high school in China’s power lithium battery shipments. On March 28, the Volkswagen Group and Guoxuan Qualiaco held a grand cooperation ceremony in Beijing. Volkswagen will invest 1.

1 billion euros. 26.47% of the National High-tech Shares and become its shareholders.

Guoxuan’s high school will become a certified supplier of Volkswagen Group, supply battery to the pure electric car of Volkswagen in our market.. 5 After many years, after many years, BYD’s “blade battery” commented on history, BYD is the pioneer of self-built battery model model.

. Double identity of domestic automakers and power lithium battery suppliers, BYD’s prophet, complete the layout of the power lithium battery early. In the past few years, the electric vehicles in many car companies have begun to adopt a three-dimensional ion battery, and the lithium iron phosphate and ion battery before BYD has been refined, which makes Wang Chuanfu are sortless.

. At the end of March, BYD finally shot, BYD high-profile announced the long-awaited blade battery, and released the “acupuncture experiment” to kill, directly hit the three yuan lithium battery self-burning. The blade battery is a newly designed lithium ion battery, which is in shape, which is directly stacked together, and can remove the module to increase the space utilization of the battery to 60%, thereby achieving the same energy density of lithium electrical.

. BYD has just listed in the Han EV model is the blade battery. BYD vote for more than 10 billion Furti Battery Co.

, Ltd. is the urgent front of the blade battery business. The first blade battery manufacturer has been put into production in Chongqing, the output is 20GWH, it seems that BYD wants to kill the ring.

6 wolves, honeycomb energy technology high-profile announced cobalt battery on May 18, honeycomb energy technology hosted a received product announcement, which has announced the world’s first cobalt power lithium battery.. As we all know, cobalt is an expensive rare metal.

It has set a high price of 690,000 yuan / ton. The global cobalt mineral distribution is quite concentrated, and there is a phenomenon of hiring child labor during the mining process..

According to Yang Hong, the general manager of Honeycomb, the model of the cobalt battery, the NEDC battery life can reach 880 kilometers, higher than the lithium phosphate ion battery; in the life life, the cobalt battery can reach 2500-3000 times, the vehicle full life cycle The total use of the total mileage can reach 1.2 million kilometers, far super three yuan lithium battery. Safety is another highlight of the cobalt battery, and the honeycomb energy technology has hit ordinary ternary power lithium batteries through the “hot box experiment”.

. There is no warning of the cobalt-free battery, and it is another major strike after the BYD blade battery. In addition, TSLA also announced that there will be a cobalt battery in September’s “battery day”.

It is reported The cobalt battery of Honeycomb energy technology will be mass production in June 2021. The above incident occurred in the battery power industry basically concentrated in the first half of 2020, in the industry, the industry is a giant earth, just in the days of the editor, Mercedes-Benz announced the stock of universal technology, holding There is approximately 3% of the shares; Honda Motors also signed a full-scale strategic cooperation agreement, including the shares of CATL ..

. All of this marks the real power lithium battery industry has entered the top night, no matter Is the development direction of future new technologies, or the intensity of the power camp, will be staged a series of big dramas, let us wait and see. .

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