Titanic acid charging lithium battery will become the most shining star in the future energy storage market

Titanic acid charging lithium battery will become the most shining star in the future energy storage market

In recent years, my country’s energy storage new technology route has emerged, and the technical difficulty has gradually improved, and the economic value is taken from the power generation side, the power supply side, and the user side.. The lithium titanate ion battery is applied to power generation, power supply, and user side with high safety, fast response, long life, low-cost characteristics.

. Today, a lithium-lithium-energy storage ecotropic circle in an architecture is clearly visible..

Lithium titanate ion battery, in 2015, in the domestic lithium-ion battery market, in the middle of the two years, it is very high in powerful lithium battery sectors. In 2016, the national titanate ion battery achieved approximately 933 million watts of yield, and the output continued to rise substantially, and the production layout continued to expand..

Some people blame the success of lithium titanate on the guidance and demand of my country’s electric vehicle policy. As everyone knows, this is only the horn of the iceberg in the future energy ecotropic circle..

Low-cost long life has become a new meaning in March, and many of the largest car order, the world’s largest lithium-acid ion battery, electric vehicle power assembly, vehicle manufacturing, smart grid storage system, new, production, sales integrated new Energy closed circular industry chain supplier Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Yinlong New Energy”) also hosted a heavy honor.

With my country Electric Power Research Institute, my country Institute of Physics, China Institute of Physics. In order to accumulate the construction technology of large-scale long-lived lithium-ion battery energy storage systems, the project team conducts installation, commissioning and maintenance of lithium titanate lithium titanate-based battery energy storage systems in Zhangbei storage experimental base..

“As a national scenery reservoir process, the first style of wind-scale distribution scheduling model is a breakthrough attempt to effectively solve the world’s large-scale supply of new energy, and the project has become technological and innovative technical means, including implementation. Wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage, power storage system, and smart grid transmission, friendly interaction and intelligent scheduling system, in order to crack large-scale renewable energy grid technology bottlenecks, improve the power grid, supply of reliable support, promoted new energy grids Equipment production technology. “my country’s Canned University of China, the deputy general manager of North China New Energy Engineering Department, Tian Jingkui”.

It is understood that the project has achieved wind power configuration 500 megawatts, photovoltaic 100 MW, storage system 70 MW. High security, fast response, long life, low-cost titanate ion battery and lithium-acid lithium-acid lithium-based battery energy storage system to get grid verification is not the first time. As early as the beginning of the year, the “large-capacity battery energy storage system key technology research and development and application” project won the first prize of my country’s Southern Power Grid Corporation Science and Technology Progress, Guangdong Science and Technology Awards Second Prize.

It is well known that the power network-level demonstration project verification is demanding in the safety, reliability, advancement, and economical requirements of the project selection technology.. Energy security, energy utilization efficiency becomes the primary goal of project demonstration.

Excellent performance of lithium titanate ion battery and energy storage system integration technology is a model for energy storage technology under the latest application scenario.. “It is because of the high stability and long life characteristics of lithium titanate ion battery materials, the new meaning of energy storage applications is highly safe and long life in future energy ecotropic circles.

. At the same time, the characteristics of the fast charge and discharge of the lithium titanate ion battery have greatly exhibited the energy fluctuation of the power supply power station to the grid, reduce the load peak valley, and the use of spare capacity..

Sun Fan, the person in charge of Yinlong New Energy Reservoir Charging Division. It is understood that the lithium titanate ion battery at 6C charging, 6C discharge, 100% DOD, the cycle life of lithium titanate LPTO unit cells more than 25,000 times. Applying to Shenzhen Baqing Battery Storage Station, the lithium titanate energy storage system response time is not more than 10 milliseconds, the comprehensive efficiency can reach 90%.

Applying for pure electric cars, the lithium titanate ion battery DOD can reach 10C, while ordinary lithium ion batteries can only reach 2C, 1C. Application scenarios is the advancement of materials and technologies, making the energy storage from power supply side, power generation side, and user side in energy reform..

Side of the power generation, the lithium titanate ion battery quick response characteristics for randomness, fluctuations, and gap resistance of wind power and photovoltaic power generation, its energy storage system can smooth intermittent power supply power fluctuations in power grid; supply side, lithium titanate ion battery and Long life and high stability characteristics of the energy storage system can be filled in the grid. High efficiency improves power quality; user side, with low cost and rapid charge and discharge characteristics of full life cycle, sufficiently distributed system, electric Cars, home energy storage, etc..

After a pure electric vehicle, charging pile, grid / power storage design, manufacturing capability, Yinlong’s new energy has a more majestic planning.. Sun Fan said: “At present, Yinlong’s new energy has mastered absolute advantages in the energy storage core technology.

Next, the next step will be combined with a multi-scene application of lithium titanate to build the city level clean energy city.. At present, the project is initially planned in the western city of Panzhihua, Jiuquan, Yinchuan.

. “Master the advancement of technology, the lithium titanate ion battery is also not slowed down during its technical economy..

In 2016, Yinlong’s new energy sources have increased the energy density of lithium titanate and ion batteries by continuously increased technology. The energy density of titanate is effective, and the manufacturing cost is reduced from 18 yuan / watt to 7 yuan / watt..

Sun Fan said: “With the continuous expansion of the market demand of lithium titanate, its yield benefits will continue to release. It can predict that in the next three to five years, the lithium titanate ion battery technology will become the most worthwhile hotspot in the energy storage demand market..


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