Titanic acid charging lithium battery power application: Is ‘Cottage Cake’ or ‘Blueprint’?

Titanic acid charging lithium battery power application: Is 'Cottage Cake' or 'Blueprint'?

Since 2017, the price of power lithium battery raw materials has risen, and the price of cobalt is singing, and titanium white powder will be stationed.. Recently, the high-end titanium powder prices have continued to go up, and some people believe that high-end titanium powder prices are important and the “disaster” of titanate lithium-acid ion batteries.

. Yes, yes, that is, that has not been optimistic in the industry, but is a lithium-acid ion battery that is mainly held by Dong Mingzhu! From the rising price of titanium powder, we may be able to draw the conclusion of “lithium titanate ion batteries” , But if the truth is the case, the lithium titanate ion battery is a “painting cake” or a “blue picture”, which is waiting for us to find evidence..

Senior and inferior Dong Mingshu technology exceptional and inferior Dong Mingzhu is unscientific for “Yinlong Titanium”, so that the silver-tannedate ion battery is not noisy, and it is made from a cold battery code to a controversial entertainment topic.. The public has greatly improved the awareness of lithium-acid ion batteries, and Dong Mingzhu is not.

Fast charge and discharge is the core advantage of the lithium titanium titanium titanium titanate, charging magnification 6c, is full of 6 minutes, and the circulation is 20,000 times.. In addition, the lithium titanate ion battery of Yinlong titanate is normal in the environment of minus 50 ¡ã C to 60 ¡ã C, and the relative general lithium-ion battery has problems in minus 10 ¡ã C, which is more durable.

. It is reported that the fourth generation of silver titanium developed by Yinlong has a 50% lower than the third generation cost, and the energy density is increased by 60%..

However, the energy density is still a short sheet of a lithium titanate ion battery. The micro-macro power of lithium lithium-layout titanate is the first in 2011 to put fast charging technology into commercial operations. After experiencing LPCO (2003 development) and PLTO (2009 development) ion battery technology, micro-macro The third generation of Thinpack batteries and fast charging systems have been promoted to my country.

However, on the recent second batch of new energy vehicle promotion catalogs, micro-macro power supporting new energy vehicle power lithium battery is a lithium-manganese acid ion battery. It is probably due to the technical short board for lithium titanate, let the microavailable power do not dare to put the eggs in the basket in titanate..

In addition, in February this year, the Jingwei Shares and the Positive Group of 2 billion yuan “Incoming” ion battery, but also cause a new round of arguments in the industry’s lithium-acid lithium-ion battery.. Due to its research and development, the titanate ion battery technology is not known for the outside world, the operational effect is to be observed, in the end, the “sprayer” of the lithium-acid ion battery is still “breakthrough”, it is not known.

The market performance of the lithium titanate ion battery is in the premise of technology that there is no large extent, and the application of the lithium titanate ion battery market is still a bit.. According to the statistics of my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association, 44 sets of powerful lithium-ion batteries in 2016 have produced 46666.

68 billion watts of dynamic lithium-ion batteries. When they sell 43.354 billion watts, they achieved sales revenue of 7.

8631 billion yuan.. Among them, the sales of lithium-ion batteries sold 893 million watts, accounting for 2%.

Not as much as the lithium manganese acid lithium-ion battery, if there is a place in the battery industry, the lithium titanate ion battery companies still need to work hard.. In addition, in my country’s Chemistry and Physical Power Industry Association, “2016 my country’s powered lithium-ion battery sales volume 20 strong company” and “2016 my country’s powered lithium-ion battery sales revenue 20 strong company”, focus on lithium titanate ion battery Yinlong New Energy Parts of Production, R & D and Sales, Five, the results are still worthy of affirmation.

Since the lithium titanate battery is fast, the safety is high, the position is important in the new energy passenger car field.. In the 293th batch of “Road Motor Vehicle Company and Product Notice”, 140 new energy passenger cars, including 3 models of lithium-ion battery models, accounting for 2.

14%, and the 294th batch of roads released in 14 days. In the vehicle company and product notice, the model of the carbonate ion battery has a large increase in quantity..

The passenger car model has a total of 16, which not only has the increase in the number of special models. The supply manufacturers of the lithium titanate ion batteries have also added a new family. Battery production company named “Sichuan Jianxing Lithium Ion Battery Co.

, Ltd.”. From the above data analysis, we can also see that although it is still possible to have a battery such as iron phosphate, but the application trend of lithium titanate ion batteries in power is good.

. Recently, Li Haijun, Vice President, Lithium-ion Battery, Yinlong New Energy Battery, said in November 2016, through several years of development, Yinlong 600 million ion battery production in Yinlong has not been able to meet market demand, Zhuhai Yinlong will continue to expand the scale, which is expected to reach 2.2 billion security by June 2017.

. Hong Kong stock companies are in China to step up the layout of lithium-ion battery market in China..

At the end of 2016, the Positive Pharmacy Group and Anhui Tiankang settled a titanate ion battery joint venture company, introduced the US titanate and ion battery technology and production technology to China, and registered capital of 360 million yuan.. The Sichuan Jianxing Lithium Ion Battery Co.

, Ltd. mentioned above, relying on the research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Completely developed anneurotropal titanate electrode material batch production technology, and produce lithium titanate ion battery series products. With the introduction of new workshops in the second phase of the company, the company’s annual output will increase from current 50 million times to 250 million times.

. In addition, CITIC Guoan Sub-Company Legli has achieved sales of lithium titanate ion battery packs..

And the “Incoming Council” of the new company such as Jingwei Shares, the industry analysts believe that “focusing on a certain segment may have a certain foreground, but the total amount of lithium titanate ion battery in the entire lithium-ion battery market occupies a small part Therefore, two, three big companies can almost divide the market, and they will be crowded too much. “. The company’s continuous addition code of lithium titanate, whether it is with the wind, seizes the market, from the recent market performance, the temperature of the lithium titanate is a trend, the power application of the lithium titanate ion battery is accelerating its business Process, this process can not only promote the development of lithium titanate ion battery technology, but also likely to make the industry shufflin.

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