Three major anxiety ‘blocking the road of electric vehicle industry

Three major anxiety 'blocking the road of electric vehicle industry

Looking around the entire car market, electric vehicle activity and attractive have exceeded the traditional fuel car, and at the same time, the future of electric vehicles is also continuing to ferment.. In order to promote the high-quality development of the new energy automobile industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently organized “New Energy Automotive Industry Development Plan (2021 – 2035)”.

The electric car is still a high-speed expansion industry, but as the first batch of life cycles are close to the end, the industry has entered the bottleneck. At least three major anxiety is troubled by the industry. Mileage anxiety “I dare not open the wind in winter, I have to watch the electricity quantity because I have time to observe the electricity quantity.

I don’t have to say the far gate.. “This Beijing owner’s words, the most difficult psychological obstacle – mileage.

Factors affecting the row mileage Important include batteries, electrical controls, motors, body weight, etc.. Among them, the power lithium battery is used as the power core of electric vehicles, and the mileage is responsible for the mileage.

Simply, the battery capacity is naturally available.. From the perspective of the vehicle space, the electric car in the current market is basically installed as much as possible within the operating range of the respective vehicle sizes to ensure the balance of life and volume.

. However, in addition to volume, weight is also a battery capacity is constrained by an important reason..

This is also why the major powered lithium battery manufacturers are tightening batteries that study energy density than higher.. Because of the increase in energy density, it means that the battery capacity has been added to the battery capacity under the condition of volume and weight.

. However, the higher the energy density, it means that the higher the cost of the battery..

“Simple pursuit of energy density is a very risky,” Northern Professor Lu Zeng publicly pointed out, “. “Under the trade-off, in order to seek the balance between mileage, the body, the price, safety, the manufacturer will naturally have a compromise, in short, the technology is not in place. In addition to the performance and quality of the battery itself, electric control is equally important, how to ensure that the battery works in the best state, improves battery efficiency, reliability and prolonging life is an important function.

The most critical is that the temperature, too high or too low will make the power lithium battery discharge, directly affect the endless mileage.. The latest research on the US authority has found that low temperature will attenuate electric vehicle battery, especially when using car warm air, the battery will temporarily reduce 40%.

. This means that an endless 300 kilometers of pure electric cars, under low temperature in winter, there may be less than 180 kilometers. Some people tested the first model ES8 of the car, although the endurance mileage can reach 355 kilometers under the NEDC synthesis, but the car’s winter life is about 150 kilometers, and in the manufacturer’s suggestion, there is “suggestion can be as appropriate Reduce the air conditioner in the car.

“Well-known manufacturer, often announced” experimental data “that is not close to the actual driving, or performs no sound of critical information, but reflects not only the asymmetry of the information of the market, but also the defects of technology. Bottle neck. Industry with anxiety that can make money is not lacking in gong and funds, electric cars are also the same.

At present, there are about 250 domestic electric vehicle registration companies, with a large number of large numbers and uneven quality, which has created surplus and waste of waste.. In 2018, my country’s new energy auto production was completed by 12.

70,000, 12.56 million, rising 59.9% and 61.

7% compared to the same period of the previous year, according to the plan, 2020 goals needed to complete 200,000. According to statistics, as of June 2018, the annual output of new energy production bases completed by 16 car companies was over 3 million..

Moreover, the output will continue to be released, and the annual output of 29 car companies in the construction of new energy automobile production bases exceeded 8 million, will be put into production in 2018-2020.. Summarket data can be briefly known, by 2020, my country only has a total of 11 million vehicles / year, and 2018 my country’s new energy vehicle production is still at 1 million levels.

. On December 18, 2018, the National Development and Reform Commission officially announced the “Regulations on Investment Management of Automotive Industry”, which will include the management authority of automobile overall investment projects, including new pure electric company projects, and put them from the central government. And change management by approved system to the filing system.

It seems to reduce the threshold, the facts increase supervision, put forward higher requirements for the project, the qualifications will face a variety of tests, and the extent to which the output of the electric vehicle market is alleviated, curb investment bubble. Battery recycling anxiety begins in the size of electric vehicles in 2014. After experiencing the life cycle of 5-8 years, in 2018 – 2019 began to enter a large-scale scrap period.

According to the forecast of my country’s Automotive Technology Research Center, 2018 – 2020, the national accumulated scrap dynamic lithium battery will reach 120,000 to now to 2025 or more than 350,000 tons.. Relevant institutions predict that the scale of power lithium battery recycling will reach around 6.

5 billion yuan in 2020, including about 4.1 billion in the scale of the rails, and the market size of 2.4 billion yuan.

. By 2023, the scale of the market will reach 15 billion yuan, of which the market size of steps is about 5.7 billion yuan, and the renewable use market size is about 9.

3 billion yuan.. In order to promote the recovery of the power-based battery recovery, the “Interim Measures for the Recycling Management of the New Energy Automobile Power Battery” is clearly pointed out that as a responsible subject, the automobile production company should establish a dynamic lithium battery recycling channel, responsible for recycling new Waste power battery that can use and scrapped after a scrap.

From the way of use, one is to use the retired battery ladder to make a waste of heat in the field of low-speed electric vehicles, distributed photovoltaics, and energy storage; the second is the waste battery resource treatment, but the power lithium battery has a wide variety of structures, and demolition. Experience, environmental protection, safe risk. This seems to have a huge blue sea in profitable space, perhaps will also overunderstand.

According to industry, the technical threshold for the recycling of the power lithium battery is high, the funds are huge, the recycling channel is not smooth, there is no effective market profit model, so many companies have more than enough strengths. “. In addition to these three major anxiety, the development of electric automotive industry is also restricted by other factors, such as infrastructure short boards.

. The number of electric vehicles continues to rise, resulting in continuous increase in the demand for charging infrastructure, however, reflecting the short board in infrastructure is not as simple as new. Charging pile utilization is low to become difficult to overcome.

According to research, my country’s public charging infrastructure utilization rate is only 12%. Beijing’s charging pile facilities are much higher than the national average, but due to the seriousness of fuel cart, some piles have been occupied by fuel cars after installation, the utilization is equally worrying..

Operational costs have become a problem that investors have to overcome. As the battery life is improved, the charging demand is also changing, and the dependent frequency of charging pile is lowered, and the rechargeable pile company will adjust the layout..

The complicity of the approval process also limits the development of the charging pile industry. It is reported that the approval of the Zhuzhang charging station is generally 5-6 months, long or even more than 1 year, human, energy is not said, missed the market profit period is posing The company is the most uncomfortable point in front of. In addition, the martyrdom from the property company has also intensified the contradiction between infrastructure.

. The most typical is that the charging pile is imposed on “entering the fees or management fees”, and the demanding division is proposed, otherwise, it will force the company to force the company by power down, destroying equipment..

In addition to the charging pile, the non-uniform charging standard system is equally constrained by the industrial health development.. Different models, inequal battery technology, to make adaptation facilities in time, resulting in waste and delay utilization.

In addition to the fast charge, another route – power transmission mode, the same surface to the infrastructure. 蔚 来, Beiqi New Energy and other companies are exploring the development path of the power-saving mode, but the first face-to-face problem is the problem of vehicle base and land cost.

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