This phosphate rechargeable lithium battery company welcomes turning? Power lithium battery technology route

This phosphate rechargeable lithium battery company welcomes turning? Power lithium battery technology route

Watma has passed the leading tap of lithium iron phosphate dynamic lithium battery, and the focus of lithium iron phosphate makes Watma’s technology in the art, but the Dangou Dangou in Watma’s large-scale expansion and new energy automotive industry policy changes , Watma has fallen into the capital turnish, entangled. Recently, Watma’s parent company Rare Wo can be announced that it will introduce partners Jiangsu Hua Control Investment Management Co., Ltd.

to help it resume production in Hunan Watma, Hunan, Hunan, Hunan, Hunan, Watma. However, Jiangsu Hua control has not visible hematophosphate as a dynamic lithium battery, but is hoped in Watma, Hunan Province..

Due to the low energy density of lithium iron phosphate ion battery, the technical route between lithium iron phosphate and three-yuan materials has never stopped. Does investors have the turn to the lithium iron phosphate that means lithium iron phosphate’s loss on the dynamic lithium battery? In fact, the reporter noted that with the neighboring new energy car is approaching, the brokerage has begun to invest in lithium iron phosphate. prospect.

Watma reproduces the vitality? Denui Vo in the crisis can usher in the first-line Shuguang, Denui Voy can recently announce, to help the wholly-owned subsidiary Waterma’s subsidiary of Watma resume production, company and Jiangsu Hua Hua The control has signed the “Investment Cooperation Framework Agreement”, intended to jointly establish a joint venture company, affected by this news, Rilevo can limit the daily limit of the share price on April 19. From the perspective of the agreement, Rilevo and Jiangsu Hua control jointly invest in the establishment of Hunan Anding New Energy Co., Ltd.

(hereinafter referred to as Dingxin Energy), the joint venture company’s registered capital is 200 million yuan, Denui Wo or its designated The three-party proposed to pay a capital share of 110 million yuan, accounting for 55% of the registered capital, and the third party under Jiangsu Hua control or its control has been contributed to $ 190 million, accounting for 45% of the registered capital.. The action of establishing a joint venture company is deemed to be the self-rescue of Rilevo.

Since Waterma, Denui Wo can have repeatedly rescued. In February last year, Rare Wo can disclose the payment of Cash and Jiayutang. Asset’s framework agreement, and the ALTURAMININGLIMITED framework agreement, but in the end, due to the termination of the major asset restructuring of the Rilevo, these two framework agreements will also terminate accordingly.

. In addition, Rilevo will also disclose the new energy partnership (limited partnership) partnership (limited partnership) partnership (limited partnership) in Shaanxi, in October last year..

At present, the partnership has handled business registration, and has been awarded a business license. The partner funds have been 2.35 million yuan.

. Of course, the signing framework agreement is just the first step. After this, Rare Wo, Jiangsu China control will jointly discuss investment cooperation with the local government.

Under the premise of obtaining government recognition and agree, both sides sign formal investment cooperation Agreement, and performing the implementation of the company registration, fund implementation, factory and equipment, etc. after the respective approval procedures. Industrial and commercial information shows that the shareholders of Jiangsu Hua control include Lu Yun and Hua Jun.

The ratio of the two shareholdings is 70%, 30%, and Lu Zhongli also serves as Jiangsu Hua Control Chairman.. Jiangsu Hua controlled in July 2008 to raise a company-based RMB Venture Investment Fund-Jiangsu Hua Control Entrepreneurship Investment Co.

, Ltd., registered capital of 200 million yuan in July 2008. In an interview with E company reporters, the cooperation between the two parties will be carried out in cash funding to ensure the normal production and operation of joint ventures.

. He told reporters that the joint venture will still use the existing factory and equipment of Watma, Hunan, but the joint venture is a clean new company, which will not involve the dispute in Waterma..

Rilevo can disclose in the notice, Jiangsu Hua Control and many well-known domestic and foreign investment agencies are strategic partnerships, the company’s strength and operation capacity. Lu Zhongyi told reporters that Jiangsu Hua control has previously investing in new energy, lithium-ion batteries related projects..

From the perspective of the stock price, the market has responded to the self-rescue behavior of Rare Wo.. Denorvo said that due to the large-scale expectations of Waterma, the production and operation is seriously affected.

Although the hand orders are not possible, the company is actively self-rescued, but in the Watma level, the relevant salvation work is slow, set up a joint venture The company helps company resume production. This lithium phosphate ion battery company welcomes turns? Power lithium battery technology route, sappuetment (Rilevo can this year’s share price trend) power lithium battery route to fight again “If we don’t pay attention to this direction of lithium iron phosphate, because of its energy The density is relatively low, and it is competitive as a power lithium battery in a ternary battery..

Lu Zhongli said to reporters that Watma cooperation is due to the explosion of lithium iron phosphate ion batteries in the energy storage market.. Lu Zhun said to the reporter.

Requirements are not high. “From this, the use of lithium iron phosphate will be degraded in the power lithium battery? The strength of the technical route of the power lithium battery has been long, and the competitive advantage of ferrite on small vehicles such as passenger cars is not large. In large vehicles such as bus and logistics cars, although the battery volume and quality requirements are relaxed, the industry’s understanding is also worried about the limited space of this market.

. However, the reporter noted that the recent market is optimistic about the sound of lithium iron phosphate in the dynamic lithium battery. For example, Oriental securities pointed out that this year’s new energy car subsidy policy and industrial development direction adjustment, plugging mixing models and partial The low-end pure tram type will turn to the lithium iron phosphate ion battery, and the lithium iron phosphate recovery has been in the string.

Specifically, the current phosphate ion battery system energy density can reach 140Wh / kg, the cost is 10% -15% of the cost, and the low-end model has obtained 0.3-0.6 million yuan in cost by replacing the lithium iron phosphate ion battery.

. Recently, the Beiqi New Energy EC220 Standard Edition and the two models of Jianghuai IEV7L adopt a lithium iron phosphate ion battery. In addition, two plug-in mixing models 2019 change will also use lithium iron phosphate.

. Eastern Securities have been expected that the amount of lithium iron phosphate ion battery is 24.24GWH this year.

This number is 5% lithium iron phosphate to 5% in the passenger car; however, considering partial passenger battery supported by three yuan steering Lithium lithium phosphate, this shift will drive iron phosphate ion battery installed increments 13.26GWH, in whole, this year, the amount of lithium iron phosphate ion battery will rise by 73.85% year-on-year.

. However, according to the data of the truth, the total amount of power lithium battery has reached 12.57 GWH this year, which rises by 180% year-on-year, of which 2.

94GWH is 2.94GWH, accounting for 23.34%.

. Compared with the same period last year, the amount of lithium iron-ion battery has increased by 125%, but the market share has fallen by 6 percentage points..

From the market share, this year, there is no signs of lithium iron phosphate ion battery recovery. What is the reason? Oriental securities believe that the supplement advantage of lithium iron phosphate ion battery needs to wait until new After the end of the transition period of the energy car, it can be reflected in the end of the transition period. At that time, with more models to replace the lithium-phosphate ion battery, its installed accounts will increase.

Take a look at the ternary battery, in the first largest promotion catalog in the new energy car in 2019, CATL’s ternary battery energy density has a high innovation, reaching 182.44WH / kg, and 13 batch promotion catalogs, iron phosphate The energy density of lithium ion battery is up to 153.59WH / kg, and the former is nearly 20% higher than the latter.

. The reporter learned that in recent new energy automotive promotion catalogs, the signs of the three-yuan battery and lithium iron phosphate ion battery melons are more and more clear, in which the three-yuan battery with high energy density further covers the battery life. High passenger car market, while the low energy density is low, the lithium iron phosphate is covered with a high safety and cost-effective bus market and some special models.

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