There is a lithium mine but difficult to make batteries, Australia faces new problems in manufacturing

There is a lithium mine but difficult to make batteries, Australia faces new problems in manufacturing

According to a study of foreign media, there have been many batteries such as electric vehicles and solar power stations in recent years soared. Some market people expect the lithium production of Washington, Australia, will be twisted two times in the next decade, which will greatly help our West Australian mining, however, although the mining is very prosperous, it is less likely to bring new manufacturing opportunities. The report is announced by the Mechaniology and Mining Energy Chamber of Commerce, reporting that Western Australia should strive to enter the lithium electronic battery industry through raw material mineral advantages.

. At the same time, the report also urges the Government to consider reducing patent rates and calling on the federal government to revoke the recent R & D tax preferential policy restrictions on small companies. At the same time, Western Australia’s battery industry may not be able to meet fierce competition from my country and elsewhere.

. Western Australia has appealed that not only to improve the production of primary mines, but also invested in the manufacture of batteries, as a way of local diversified economies..

However, it is reported that small markets such as Australia have a huge risks, because these markets must compete with North Asia companies with decades-related experience.. It also said that local battery life will also compete with state-owned companies, and these state-owned companies may directly benefit from government subsidies.

. Christiano, CEO, said that the development of lithium-ion batteries can learn from the iron ore industry, although Western Australia is the largest sea iron ore exporter in the world, but does not mean that Western Australia is It is competitive as steel. It is reported that due to the rich lithium-ore resources, Western Australia plans to build a battery industry cooperation research center in the future.

. CEO of the Chicago Commodity Exchange, Paul Eisingam, said that Western Australia is positioned to make lithium ion batteries in the production of lithium hydroxide, nickel sulfate, cobalt sulfate.

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