The world’s largest oil giant announced an electric motor industry

The world's largest oil giant announced an electric motor industry

Recent electric car is not generally fierce. Not only my country announced to formulate a ban on fuel truck schedule, but also the most organized oil companies in the world – Shell Oil (Shell) recently said that the first electric vehicle charging station of Shell will be established! As a famous oil The giant, shell is actually “betrayed” oil, is the fuel truck really going? In September this year, the Senior Superior Superior Superior Supervisor of Shell Petroleum announced that the first electric car charging station will be officially installed at the end of September..

Shell has been planned to build a charging station in the UK, Switzerland, USA. Johnabbott also said that “Shell will become one of the leaders of energy low carbonization transformation. We must accept this world trend.

“Shell is the world’s largest international oil company, with nearly 43,000 refueling (气) stations worldwide, is the world’s largest oil and gas retailer.. As the leader of the global oil industry, this action is that this is impossible for this fuel-saving era? Shell: Petroleum consumption peak will come to Shell oil has more than 150 years of history.

In the early 20th century, Shell is the only oil group in the world.. In 2016, the revenue of Shell oil was second only to Sinopec and PetroChydrate, ranked first in the international oil company, and there is a pivotive position in the oil industry, the stone industry’s wind direction.

However, it is a little mismatch with its oil giants. The attitude of Shell is not generally active..

Although I have not passed the international oil price in recent years, it is difficult for you to find a company such as Shell oil in stone industry. It is such a big enthusiasm for non-oil energy..

In November 2016, Shell CEO Fan Bunden said to the public that the peak of global oil demand will arrive in the next 5 to 15 years.. This speech once triggered the hot discussion of the global energy industry.

Compared with other peers, the argument of Shell can be described as a radical abnormality.. Exxon Mobil predicts that oil demand will increase by 20% compared with 2014, and BP predicts that oil demand is at least 2040, while Saudi Amei said that there is no peak of oil demand at all.

. It is the theory of new energy such as oil competition, wind power, etc..

The average person is hard to imagine that this radical prediction has come from the famous shell. And in the support of non-fossil energy, Shell is also repeatedly served..

Shell CEO: I want to buy electric cars in July this year, Shell CEO Fan Bunden said, “The next car I purchased will be an electric car.. “The spokesperson of the previous Shell have said that Fan Boden will purchase an Mercedes-Benz S500E electric car in September this year, and the CFOJESSICAUHL of Shell has purchased the BMW I3 electric car.

. Fan Ben said that “the economy is electrified, in the northwestern Europe, the United States, my country, China, China, China, China, this is a good thing..

If you want to control the global temperature rise within 2 ° C, we want more electric vehicles, hydrogen energy vehicles or natural gas cars.. “And the hug of Shell’s non-oil energy, not only staying oral, but a very vigorous measure.

Fan Bunden said in the World Petrole Festival speech held in July this year that Shell plans to invest $ 1 billion in its new energy department in its new energy department to promote the transformation of renewable electricity and electric vehicles each year.. Shell said that the opportunity is seen in a hydrogen fuel power cell, liquefied natural gas and next-generation biofuels in transportation, such as shipping and heavy-duty freight.

. At the beginning of this year, Shell has established its first hydrogen fuel gas stations in the UK..

The hydrogen fuel power battery vehicle is considered to be after electric cars, another new car that replaces traditional fuel cars. In 2017, Shell also established a hydrogen fuel gas station in California in California in 2017..

Shell also plans to supply liquefied hydrogen fuel vehicles at 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Shell is currently cooperating with BMW to design future hydrogenation stations, will establish a hydrogen fuel gas station in Germany in the future..

This is actively embraced emerging energy, is she prepared to let go of oil? The incapacity of energy transformation of energy transformation is a low-carbon transformation in the future, which is a distinctive attitude of Shell.. On the other hand, shell is also emphasized that this transformation has gacure, oil is not possible to be replaced overnight.

. Shell said that in 2025, low carbon energy can account for 20% of the shell refueling (gas, electric) station energy supply, including biofuel, electric vehicle charging pile, LNG. It will also be apparent from this ratio, although low carbon energy has developed, but oil is still unseailed in a medium short period of time.

. Shell CEO Fan Bo Bunden also pointed out that after the peak demand reached the peak, it would not immediately decrease, but will be in a stable stage in a period of time..

While hugging emerging energy, shell has not abandoned the investment of traditional oil energy.. For example, the Shell announced in the report released in September, and it is planned to open more gas stations in Mexico in the next decade.

It is expected that investment will be as high as 1 billion dollars.. In terms of oil exploration and mining, Shell oil signed an agreement with Brazilian oil companies in September 11, and will establish long-term bilateral cooperation in the exploitation of oil and gas fields in Brazil.

. Brazilian salt deep water oil, is known as one of the world’s most potential oil resources. Industry forecasting, future global unconventional petroleum production, imports from US shale oil, Braziline oil, Canadian oil sand.

This action has also fully demonstrated its attitude about oil: Although the clean energy is very beautiful, it is still a lot of oil in a long period of time.. First, Shell is indicated that oil and coal such as steelmaking, plastics and chemicals, oil, coal such fossil energy is still difficult to replace.

For example, the daily necessities made of the oil-based, detergent, with the rise of the population and the development of the economy, there is a large rise in space. Second, regarding low carbon energy transformation, Shell did not give up fossil energy. In the process of energy transformation, the Shell attaches great importance to the gradient of this process and regards natural gas as the most important excessive energy source.

. And natural gas mining utilization, this is also a business that the oil company is working..

Shell was completed in the British Natural Gas Group (BG) to acquire the British Natural Gas Group (BG) in early 2016, which is the world’s largest LNG supplier.. In 2016, shell natural gas production has accounted for 50% of its total oil and gas production.

. Shell’s super LNG floating device Prelude In July this year, the Hased Super float LNG production ship preelude arrived in Australia, starting working. This huge giant body is 488 meters long.

According to the Energy Consulting Company Wood Madzz estimates, the construction of this project can cost up to $ 14 billion.. The Prelude floating LNG boat can be described as the ace of the natural gas industry, fully highlighting the huge confidence of this energy giant about future natural gas industries.

. What does the game of oil and new energy mean? In fact, the dispute between the two is not for who and fight for a short time..

Stone industry is worried that the impact from new energy can be understood, but some people have neglected the gradient and long-term sexuality of this process.. Ignoring the importance of oil in the middle and short time is not for.

As a petroleum company, although the overall rise of new energy is still far, it cannot ignore the inevitable energy transformation.. Neither resist the development of new energy, nor giving up the continued investment in the oil industry, Shell is clearly explored in this special environment.

For any large oil company, it is necessary to do strategic plans for long-term energy transitions to prevent passive positions in the future competition in the energy industry.

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